How to “Instant Date” Girls for Same-Day Lays

Isn’t that the dream…

You’re just walking along. It’s a normal day.

Your normal, everyday routine when something truly magical happens.

You spot a pretty girl over there.

She catches your eye. You walk up to her to say hello.

And she’s even more stunning closer, With a beautiful smile.

Yet you make such an impression on her that she drops everything she was doing.

Take her straight away on a date right then and there.

And she ends up going back to your place for wild sex in your bed with you that very same day.

The same. Day. Lay. Daytime.

Not a skeevy drunk girl from a bar, but same day laying that nice, sweet, good girl right off the street.

Right out of the grocery store.

Right off the college campus.

That’s what this video is about today.

The INSTANT daytime DATE.


And in this video, I’m going to show you HOW to make an instant date actually work for you, have it lead to fast sex, even with good girls.

And I’m going to explain the pros and the cons of doing an instant date that very same day versus meeting up with a girl later in the future on a normal first date…

As well as cover WHAT to say on an instant date and what NEVER to do on an instant date.

That BIG mistake you have to watch out for that will cause the girl to flake on you and not return your calls.

So if that all sounds good to you, let’s crack right into.

What is an instant date

Now sometimes, rather than just get a girl’s phone number to meet up with her later…

You can instead just take her out on a first date immediately, right then and there.

You meet a girl. You two hit it off.

And you simply walk her over to a nearby coffee shop…

Or a park bench.

Or just window shopping in the mall even if you’re in a big box store like Target or Walmart…

There’s usually a Starbucks or a Subway you can take her to right inside the store.

I mean why not?

You just met her and the girl IS in front of you right now.

You ARE together.

Why NOT take her out right then and there?

Why wait to get her number, call her up, meet her out later?

Why do that? Maybe she’ll flake on you!

Take her out right now!

And in pickup, that’s what is known as an “instant date.”

The argument FOR instant dates

And the logic is this:

You’ve just opened her.

You hit- hit- hit- her with energy to create charged excitement.

You create sexual tension with her.

She likes you now. She’s intrigued. She’s excited.

She feels that sexual connection you two have together.

Well NOW if you get her phone number and leave her…

With the intention to call her and meet up again with her another day…

There’s a good chance you could lose her. After all, her emotions are fleeting.

You disengage with that girl, and she’ll lose all those good feelings. She’ll forget.

If she’s a pretty girl, then other guys in her life are hitting on her.

She’s gonna get distracted. She’s got other things to do.

The memory of you fades. The next day, other things in her life come up.

Stop flaking

So especially with pretty girls, you CAN get a very high FLAKE RATE.

She may have LOVED your approach And loved you in that moment you met…

But then you call her up the next day and nothing.

Or she doesn’t come out to meet you.

And in game, this is an important general principle: whenever you disengage from a girl, there’s a good chance you’ll lose her *forever.*

So you always want to hoard engagement like it’s a treasure chest of precious diamonds.

General rule is: Do NOT break engagement on purpose with a girl, if you’ve got her there in front of you.

So, since you approached her, and you’ve got her right there…

Take advantage of that opportunity.

You do NOT break engagement.

Rather, take her out on instant date right then and there, assuming she’s up for it.

And you can greatly reduce flaking that way. That’s the argument for going on an instant date.

And it’s a strong argument.

Why NOT do instant dates

However, it gets a little tricky.

There’s compelling arguments as well NOT to take a girl out on an instant date.

But instead, get her number… het her social media…

BREAK engagement…

And meet up with her another day, on a regular date.

 Argument #1: meet with better logistics

First reason is you keep the initial interaction short…

And you meet her at a time and at a place that’s more conducive to the seduction.

Like meet her out at a bar in the evening hours, somewhere nearby your place.

That makes it EASY to bounce her back to your bed at the end of the date.

Argument #2: too sexual

The second reason against instant dates is that…

When you physically escalate on a girl on an instant date, she gets turned on.

She gets all horny and excited.

But say after 30 minutes, she has to go home.

Now back at home, she’ll start thinking how absolutely crazy her day was.

After all, she met this random guy during the day, and out of the blue, she went on a date with him which NEVER happens to her.

He’s touching her and she’s getting all aroused by him…

And how sexual it turned so quickly.

How absolutely crazy was that!

And she thinks, if she meets up with you ever again and it got THAT sexual after just meeting up in the street…

Any future date will almost certainly lead to having sex or have an expectation of sex, which feels like a lot of uncomfortable pressure to her.

So then, her anti-slut defense kicks in, and she just doesn’t return your phone calls.

You never see the girl again.

So, it would have been better just to have kept the initial interaction short…

Gotten her number…

And escalate instead on the first date, where you have better logistics…

And you can pull her home to your bed.

Argument #3: kills mystery

Th third argument against the instant date is that…

It kills all the mystery.

When you meet a girl for 5 to 15 minutes during the day and you get her phone number…

She feels anticipation and feeling like “she wants to see what happens next.”

Where is this gonna go?

Who is this mystery man who swept me off my feet for 10 minutes?

So she’ll be eager to meet up on with you on that first date.

Whereas when you go on instant date with her right then and there and you spend an hour or two hours with her right- away, chatting during the day.

Suddenly she knows a lot about you and you become that “interesting guy she spent the afternoon with”…

RATHER than that guy she met up with in the evening on first date and went home with to have sex with.

The idea behind this argument is that…

The girl needs some space away to feel mystery and curiosity and longing for you.

And the instant date right on the spot essentially kills all that mystery and curiosity and longing.

She spends an hour or two with you, she got validated. She knows what you’re all about.

So after the instant date, she just flakes on you.

And would have been better to have instead gotten her phone number.

More reasons NOT to do instant dates

So the argument goes…

Keep that initial interaction when you first approach her short and sweet 5 to 15 minutes long about.

And when it’s short, she leaves feeling excited and intrigued.

She’s experienced her Disney-princess movie moment with a mysterious stranger that she absolutely NEEDS to know more about.

And you meet up with her in the evening when the sun is going down…

Then she’s more likely to go home with you to have sex.

Also, if she agrees to meet up with you on a first date, she now sees you as a serious prospect.

She sees you as bona fide lover potential.

She’s made a micro-commitment to meet up with you and invested.

So when she meets up with you on a normal first date, it’s a green light.

It’s a big “Yes” to escalate with her quickly and bounce her back to your place.

 Problem with instant date

Whereas with the instant date during the daytime…

She hasn’t made that commitment in her mind to you.

The sun is out. It’s bright outside.

She’s not in the mood for having sex yet.

You don’t have as much permission to escalate as fast or as much.

Your logistics are generally not as good because you have to instant date her, wherever you met her, which could be FAR AWAY from your place.

Or no alcohol is around.

So the argument goes: do NOT do the instant date.

She’ll just as likely flake on you after an instant date as compared to simply getting her phone number and social media details.

My solution

However, I differ here.

I *do* recommend that you ALWAYS try for the instant date with a girl…

As opposed to getting her phone number and purposely breaking off engagement.

And here’s why.

As long as you follow a few particular principles I’m about to lay right now…

You can always make the instant date work in your favor.

And you eliminate some of these problems of the instant date.

This is good stuff.  So listen up.

#1. Don’t get overly physical

First rule is…

Do NOT get overly physical with a girl on an instant date.

You can kiss her. In fact, kissing her is good.

But don’t make out with her and don’t get overly handsy and touchy with her.

Yes, do light, flirtatious touches here and there on her arm just to show her that you’re a physical kind of guy.

But don’t get into heavy sexual petting.

Instead, you want to create thick sexual tension purely with your eyes, and vocal tempo, and sexual innuendo.

That prevents her anti-slut defense from kicking in later.

Because if you make-out with her longer than a few seconds during the daytime or get very grabby and touching with your hands…

Even if she liked it and let you do it, she’ll feel too much pressure about having sex with you…

And she’ll flake.

So generally, keep your hands OFF her aside from light touches to her hands, arms, and shoulders here and there.

 #2. Additive vs non additive emotions

Second rule is…

On an instant date, you want to focus on additive emotions and this takes a little explaining.

So you’ve got additive emotions on the one hand, and non-additive emotions on the other.

Additive emotions are making her invest, for example, getting her to talk, talk, and talk.

Additive emotions are making her chase you.

And sexual tension, that desire in her for having sexual release but not getting what she wants, and hence the tension.

Those are the three things you want to focus on making her do and feel in an instant date.

If she’s investing a lot…

If she’s chasing you…

If she’s feeling sexual tension…

If those 3 things are happening…

Then you CAN have an instant date…

And you’ll still have all the mystery…

And she won’t feel like a slut later on.

In fact, if she’s investing, chasing, and feeling sexual tension…

If she has those THREE things…

Then you could spend an hour or two hours with her on instant date.

And still, that night…

She’ll be thinking about you ALL night long…

And be jumping at the first opportunity to meet up with you again.

And the MORE time you spend with her the better.

The more time you spend with her… the less likely she’ll flake on you.

Non-additive emotions

Then you have all the non-additive emotions.

Like she laughs at your jokes. You’re funny.

She’s impressed that you’ve travelled to different cities or countries.

She’s impressed that you did X, Y, and Z.

You entertain her with cool stories. You build a “connection” with her.

You show that you’re a high value guy with DHVs.

You teach her something cool. She thinks you’re really interesting.

You get really handsy with her, and stroke her thighs, and turn her on.

You read her palm. Those all lead generally to non-additive emotions.

Meaning, she laughs. She’s entertained. She feels good.

Those are all good feelings for her.

But they’re FLEETING good feelings.

She has them one moment, but when you’re gone, those feelings are gone too.

You were kind of like watching television for her.

Although she may think you’re a cool person, she’ll still maybe flake on you and not return your calls.

Especially with really hot girls with a lot of options of guys.


But, if instead on your instant date…

One…you make her invest.

Two… you make her chase.

And three… you build sexual tension…

THEN she’ll want more.

She’ll want to see you again. And she’ll do whatever she can to meet up with you again later.

If you focus on those things, those additive emotions…

Then always DO the instant date! THEN the instant date suddenly makes sense.

NEVER break off engagement on purpose.

You have her there, so do NOT purposely break off engagement with her.

Whenever you have engagement, hoard that engagement like a bag of hold.

Do not purposely let it go.

Make her invest…make her chase… and make her feel sexual tension.

Focus on those three things…

And the instant date will ALWAYS work in your favor.

Either you can pull her back to your place right off the instant date…

OR the instant date WILL reduce your flake rate where girls are FAR more eager to return your calls.

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