How to Master Picking Up Girls- Priming and Fighting Ablation

Okay, becoming a magnetic, super-attractive superhero that girls drool over and chase down.

Achieving mastery in game.

Where you can spot any girl and just handle the situation, like that.

Talk to her.

Get her attracted to you.

Be confident and cocky.

Lead her right to your bedroom…

And do it all on the very most desirable, in-demand girls…

Over, and over again…consistency.

Almost like you are a professional sports athlete of getting laid with the 8s, 9s, and 10s, with the girls every guy wants to meet.

And living a lifestyle of sexual abundance that the average dude can’t even fathom.

That is the holy grail of game.

That is the promise of game.

Yet… it’s a promise that only a few guys in the world ever live up to.

And if you want to become one of those handful of guys that has the world of women right at his fingertips…

If you want to achieve mastery in game…

Then this right here is the best advice you’re ever gonna hear.

Let’s crack into it.

Your aim- to become a machine

So, achieving mastery in game means that that you are able to overall execute as close to 100% as possible. and as close to 100% of the time as possible.

This means you can open a girl in almost any scenario.

You can get her feeling attracted to you in almost any scenario.

You feel “on” and “ready” and “in state” at almost any time of the day or night.

You can turn any interaction into a flirty one and build sexual tension into a kiss, into a pull in almost any scenario.

And importantly, you can execute the process over and over, and over again.

Achieving mastery in pickup you’re not so much a “pickup superhero” as much as you become a *machine*.

You become a greased machine.

You pound out the best emotions from the girls and from yourself. You pound out top-level game.

And nothing shakes you.

You make proper eye contact. You’re smiling. You have the words right at your fingertips…

You handle all of the possibilities and obstacles right on the spot.

You do it all without thinking. You could do it in your sleep.

And you have loads of fun and it’s epic.

THAT my friend…that is game mastery.

That is when you get the real flood of hot-hot-hotties rolling into your life.

So how do you accomplish that, for real?

That’s what I’m going to show you here.

You need consistency

Now if you want to have a lot of success at a mastery level, there’s a rather boring secret to the game: CONSISTENCY.

Because, look, you only have so many opportunities in any given day to run into real stunners.

There’s only so many instances in a day you’ll run into an 8, or a 9, or a 10.

So you need to *consistently* be able to turn those opportunities into great interactions and turn those interactions into crazy, wild sex in your bed.

And consistency means you have a high level of control of where things are going.

And repeatability and regularity.

You see a hot girl, and you can *consistently* bring her through a particular process you direct.

And you can do that repeatedly and regularly with any girl you meet, in any situation.

ANY top level field is like that

And consistency and repeatability is how you get ANY top level success, in ANY field….

Whether it’s in sports, or playing an instrument, or a career.

It’s grinding it out…being consistent… getting consistent results…

And being able to repeat the results regularly and having control over the direction.

That’s what brings you massive levels of success and gives you choices in your lifestyle, whether that’s become a world-class piano player…

Or becoming a world-class sports athlete…

Or making a seven-figure salary…

Or having a high hit rate with girls and having lots of choice and options of who to date.

It all comes down to consistent, repeatable performance.

Preparation makes you a master

Achieving mastery thus comes down to having good SYSTEMS in place.

Achieving mastery comes to down to having good daily HABITS in place.

And preparing and grinding it out…

Day after day after day.

Having epic moments like landing a threesome can be a byproduct of that.

But having an epic moment doesn’t make you a master.

Like when you watch a professional football player in the NFL make an epic, insane play, you tend to think that the epic play is what makes him a master at the game.

But, no! it’s the consistency, and it’s the preparation and the daily grind and practice that made him a master of his game.

It’s the nuanced understandings he has that make all the basic moves automatic to him…

That frees up his brain to get creative.

That frees up his brain to seize on insane, edge-case opportunities anyone else would miss…

And make the epic play.

Problem #1- too much to learn

All right, now I want you to keep those concepts I just gave you right over here for a second because we’re going to come back to them in a moment.

All right, now you face three big, BIG problems to achieving mastery with beautiful women.

The first big problem you face is that there’s simply a LOT to learn to reach mastery level like just on the open alone, when you first approach a girl.

Is your eye contact good?

Are you smiling wide?

Are you smiling with your eyes?

Are you giving off the right kind  of energy?

Are you closing the space properly?

Are you projecting your voice loudly enough?

And some TWENTY plus other factors to be considered.

And that’s just body language on the open.

It’s almost all too much to learn.

How realistically are you ever gonna learn all that and execute it well?

Problem #2- ablation

The second BIG problem with achieving mastery is…

You keep losing what you learn. You keep reverting BACK.

Maybe you pull off a great opener with great body language.

But a week later, you’ll be all rusty again.

You’ll forget 80% of what you’re supposed to do.

You’re constantly losing what you learn.

So there’s just a LOT you need to learn… and you’re constantly losing it and getting rusty.

Problem #3- can’t stay in state

The third big problem with achieving mastery is you can’t “stay in state.”

How you FEEL also gets rusty real fast.

So most of the time, you just feel kind of, “Eh, whatever.”

Or you feel “blah.”

Or you feel unmotivated.

You feel not cool. You don’t feel like your best self.

So there’s TONS to learn.

You keep LOSING what you learn.

And most of the time, you can’t even feel that good about it or yourself, and you’re in a bit of a shitty state.

These three problems sink 99.999% of guys who try to learn this stuff.

They maybe get a 6 or 7 as a girlfriend, and they quit, because it’s all too overwhelming for them.

Example- practicing nonverbals

Let me give you an example of how under typical circumstances, it’s just impossible to keep up to achieve mastery level results.

Imagine, for example, you realize that you’re not smiling enough.

Your face is a bit flat and expressionless, which, believe it or not, that alone will severely cripple and hamper your results with women.

So you go out to talk to girls to practice on smiling.

Then you realize, well, you’re not holding eye contact well either.

Again, another mistake that severely cripples your results.

So you go out to meet girls, focusing this time on making good eye, strong contact.

Now you realize…

Your voice projection is rather weak. You’re just too quiet.

So you go out to meet girls, this time paying close attention to projecting your voice more LOUDLY.

You keep focusing on what you were doing wrong the last time you went out, wanting to improve.

And you fix that one thing.

The problem- ablation

But now the BIG problem is…

Whatever else that you’re NOT focused on…

Now THAT starts to fall off.

Now your smiling and facial expression starts to fall off because you’re not focused on it.

So you focus on your smiling again to bring that back up to8 speed.

But then, your eye contact starts to fall off again.

And it gets even worse.

There’s a hundred different little things you could be focusing on that all matter and are important.

And it’s like playing whack-a-mole trying to staying sharp in all of them, so you end up chasing your tail around in circles for YEARS…

Hoping that eventually, you’ll improve each thing to the point where they all work regularly and consistently which, I can tell you will NEVER happen!

You’ll ONLY stay sharp if you’re going out 7 days a week…

For HOURS. Every. Single. Day.

Then, you can reach consistency, doing everything you’re supposed to do to get high level results.

But for the most part, anything you aren’t actively paying attention to will quickly get rusty and fall apart and go horribly wrong for you.

Making it *impossible* to reach a competent level, let alone a mastery level.

The glaciers analogy

Take an ice glacier for example.

A glacier is constantly deteriorating.

A glacier constantly loses its ice and mass.

In the warm summer months, it’s melting down. Even in the winter, the sun beats down on the glacier and melts its surface.

Snow is ripped off the surface by the wind. Rocks beneath the glacier grind at it and strip away ice.

All that continual, constant, gradual loss is called “ablation.”

So how does a glacier form and get big in the first place?

Well, in the winter, snow falls on the glacier, building it back up.

And for the glacier to grow larger, the accumulation of new ice has to happen faster than the ablation process.

You just have to keep adding snow faster every year than the glacier can lose it.

And a glacier typically adds an inch or two each year. But after 10,000 years, adding a few inches per year more than it loses. That glacier can be a mile thick!!!  It can be HUGE!

And that’s EXACTLY how our brains work too.

As you learn, and practice, and improve…

The problem is, you’re constantly LOSING everything you learned through ablation.

Your brain constantly lets it go. Your brain constantly gets rusty, very fast.

And you can seem to NEVER keep anything well-practiced, hot and fresh, right at your fingertips, or at peak state.

So HOW do you remain at your peak performance?

How do you remain at your very best and continually get better if your brain is constantly ablating, constantly losing what you need most?

What’s the answer to keep building up your mind and your knowledge until it’s a mile thick glacier?

Thus, You need the right habits

Well the solution is you have to constantly put back just a little bit more into your brain faster than it can slip out.

That’s where having the right set of consistent habits comes in.

You want a set of habits that reinforce the information you need the most. You want a set of habits that reinforce the information you lose the fastest.

And you habitually put that information back in, so that it constantly accumulates in your brain faster than it can ablate away where you habitually practice and study.

THAT right there IS *the* secret to getting to CONSISTENT mastery level in getting hot girls.

Solution: priming your brain

So, how do you reinforce and put in each day more than you lose from ablation?

Well, you need to do priming exercises that quickly PRIME your brain…

Warm it up…

And do those exercises every single day as a habit, so that you can quickly rehearse, immerse yourself, and warmup…

The one thousand micro-aspects of game you need to stay on top of and to reach and stay at mastery level.

And of course, over time, everything becomes ingrained as well.

But it will never become fully ingrained 100%, so you need to continually prime your brain every single day, or it will ablate and lose everything.

Why you must prime

You know, in the military there’s a saying…

“You don’t rise to the occasion, you FALL to your training.”

In other words, when you’re under stress…

Like when you approach girl, and you’re talking to her, you do NOT do what you’re supposed to do.

Instead, your mind just falls back on what it’s most accustomed to.

For example, in sports, you need to train your brain to do the right things over and over again but without the stress.

Like running up to the ball and taking shots at the net…

Over and over…as a drill…

Without the stress of being in a competitive game against another team.

You need to practice and repeat the basic actions over and over again to get consistent.

If you don’t prime

And if you don’t prime your brain every day through practice…

You’re going to ablate away what you know.

And you’ll just hit a plateau, and basically stay at that mediocre skill level forever.

Sure, you talk to a girl, yeah, you’ll do a few things right here and there.

But your brain will always fall back onto old patterns that don’t work for you and aren’t ideal.

And sure, you’ll get 10% of it right but you’ll get 90% of it wrong.

Even if you know all the correct game theory in existence on the planet, of exactly what to do…

You’ll still end up executing only 10% of it at best if you don’t exercise your brain every day.

If you don’t prime your brain, your progress will be super slow…

And you’ll waste YEARS when you could have experienced far better results.

It’s that important.

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