How to Tempt Girls Just By LOOKING At Them- 7 covert attraction signals

Today, I’m going to show you how to tempt girls to magically open up to you, steal their hearts in fact, just by looking at them.

Just with a particular look, you can even have the prettiest girls catch their breath even if you’re not the best-looking guy.

I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to just walk up to any girl and have her heart skip a beat, just be the way you look at her, regardless of what you say?

Like even if you said, “Hey, name is John…durr…I’m a retard.”

And regardless, she’s like that, wanting you to talk to her more.

I know it sounds crazy, but it can be done with the right look.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying it’s easy to pull off ‘cause it isn’t.

You do need to practice this.

But once you get the hang of this, you’ll have every girl you ever meet feeling tempted and eating out of your hand like a little kitten that’s in love.

You can even use this on girls you’re crushing on to make them crush on you.

And if that sounds interesting to you, let’s crack into it.

Tip #1. Make eye contact

All right, so when you first go up to a girl to meet her…

Whether that’s on cold approach or in social situation…

Here’s the first you want to do:

First, most importantly, make solid eye contact with her.

I know you’ve heard that before, but it’s so easy to forget. It’s so easy to underestimate its power.

Eye contact is simply the single most important factor in stopping a girl and grabbing her attention.

Girls are spellbound by good eye contact.

Girls have a desire to submit to that greater testosterone and that’s all conveyed through your eyes.

Your eyes are your power, so you want to pour that into her. It shows real confidence.

Right on the opener, you want lock eyes with her and look deeply into her soul.

Look deeply into the woman behind the eyes, behind the face.

Do NOT look at her face.

Look THROUGH her eyes to the person behind.

More on deep eye contact

What should happen is that, you see her eyes…

And everything else around her blurs out.

Everything else around her should fade.

No breaking the connection. No interrupting it.

No muddying it. No watering it down.

Zeroed into her where you cut through where it sparks something.

You see, women get HORNY with displayed aggression including eye aggression.

So don’t just see “a girl.”

But look deep into her eyes at the human being and stop seeing anything else.

You’re just connecting with her, complete engagement with the eyes.

Something so intimate, a thing that no one ever experiences.

This is literally one of the easiest things to forget…

And yet it’s by FAR the most critical thing in all of game.

Tip #2. Smile on the open

Now next, when you open a girl, when you first go up to a girl…

For the first few seconds at least, you want to give her a big, celebrity smile just like you’re a Hollywood celebrity on the red carpet.

You’re Tom Cruise.

How would Tom Cruise greet you?

Well, he’d give you that big Tom Cruise smile.

And this is important because the first thing you want to convey to the girl is that you’re feeling good inside.

You’re positive. You’re not a threat. You’re fun.

Go in with the big smile right off the bat.

Or you can go in starting off with a smirk…

And let that big, huge smile just break across your face in the first few seconds, like this:

As if you see her and that’s what caused you to smile big.

Go in with a big smile or break into a big smile.

Either way.

Tone it down

Now, you don’t have to keep on smiling huge.

As you talk with her, you can transition into a closed smile…

BUT, as if you might break out into a big smile at any moment. It’s just on the open.

When you first open, give her that big celebrity smile.

And girls love it because it’s hard to fake that.

If you’re giving her a huge smile right off the moment…

That means you’re in a good place, that you’re relaxed, that you’re confident.

You can’t fake that easily.

So it’s a very strong signal that you are magnetic.

And then, you can of course, as you talk to her, you can pull it back a bit.

Just a regular smile after that, periodically breaking into big smiles.

Tip #3. Square up

Now this is key to having a great opener:

Rather quickly, square up with the girl, shoulder to shoulder.

So what happens is, guy goes in, he starts talking to the girl.

And he’s at an angle to her.

He has one shoulder toward hers, his other shoulder turned away…

His head somewhat turned toward her.


That’s okay in the first moment.

But you want to as quickly as you can, step in and face the girl, face-to-face.

Square up with her shoulder to shoulder.

It’s a subtle effect on the vibe, but it’s essential in creating that sexual spark and magnetic impression.

And women get HORNY with displayed aggression.

The other reason you want to do it, goes back to the eye contact.

If you want to lock eyes on the girl, really focused, really connecting, really diving deep into her soul through her eyes…

Then squaring up shoulder to shoulder makes that way easier and more natural feeling.

So do it!

Tip #4. Speak loudly

Next thing to have a great opener is speak LOUDLY and project your voice through.

Picture it like this:

Your voice should be a couple levels louder than the surrounding ambient noise.

So, say you’re in a coffee café and you talk to a girl.

Well, you want to project your voice such that cuts OVER all the other people speaking around you.

Essentially, drawing everyone’s attention onto you.

You want to be THAT loud. So loud.

Again, women get HORNY with displayed aggression.

Girls respond to that predator masculinity.

And whereas you’d think being LOUD that would make the girl feel LESS comfortable, that’s not the case!

Being loud actually makes her feel MORE comfortable with you.

Because not making a scene like feel you need to whisper to her communicates that you’re doing something wrong or creepy.

So. Be. LOUD.

Be fucking LOUD! Even when other people are around.

The trick to speaking loudly is project your voice outward.

Project your voice not at her face but rather right through her body as if you’re speaking to someone standing BEHIND her. Project your voice right past the girl, almost to the other end of the room.

That’s how loud you want to be. Louder than you think.

And that will hypnotize and mesmerize her instantly.

Tip #5. Slow down your voice

Next tip for opening a girl is don’t talk so fast.

Slow it down.

Sloooooow your words down.

Good vocal tone is slow and good vocal tone is patient.

You see, there’s a deeply hardwired way of attractive, sexy talking that creates sexual tension.

And that is speaking slowly and clearly.

Don’t be in a rush to get your words out it all in one sentence.


Give the girl a moment to soak it all in.

Pause for dramatic effect.  Pretend that you don’t do this 5 times a day.

Kind of like this:

“Heeeeeeey…. what’s up….”

“Look.  I just say you from across the room…”

“Standing here…”

“And I couldn’t help… but notice…”

“Something really… um… SPECIAL… about you.”

See how many pauses, and how slow I’m going?

That’s how you want to open.

At that speed.

Besides, in your rush to keep saying things and fill in the “void,” you’re not giving your brain the moment it needs to be creative and say good things.

The slower you talk…the more you slow down…the more pauses you leave…

Then, the more your creative brain has time and the better of a conversationalist you’ll become.

You just sound WAAAAY sexier.

So speak…Slowly!

Tip #6. The LONG pause

Okay next tip to have a great opener that’s magnetic and knocks her socks off…

Throw in what I call…“the LOOOOONG pause.”

LONG pause.

It works like this:

You’re doing your opener and right somewhere in the middle…

You just look her in the eye…

Crack open into a big smile…

And pause. And hold the pause for a few beats.

Just let that tension simmer and then continue on.

So here’s an example.

Imagine you walk up to a girl, and you tell her:

“So…heeeey there… how are you…”

“I couldn’t help but notice those shoes you’re wearing.”

“Very different, very unique. I like it.”

Now here comes the LONG pause and smile.

“You know…”

“There’s something I noticed about you annnnd…”

*** PAUSE ***

“It may surprise you a bit… but I promise you’re gonna like it.”

See the LONG pause?

What that LONG pause does is it creates massive sexual tension.

Because you’re confident to play with the space.

It shows confidence.

It shows sexiness.

So use it.

Tip #7. What’s going through your head

Next for having a great opener to make her feel those tingles just by the look is…

What’s in your head largely determines how you come across in all this nonverbal body language I’m describing.

So imagine you’re really nervous.

Imagine you’re really hung up on impressing a girl and having it go perfectly.

Well, are you really going to be able to make that deep, intimate eye contact and hold it while giving her a big celebrity smile???

AND speak loudly? AND slow down?

Probably not!

You’ll end up looking away, forgetting to smile…

Talk too slowly and talk too fast.

If you’re thinking, “Oh my god, oh my god! I gotta talk to this chick!  Oh my god..”

Then it’s going to be damn hard to hold deep eye contact with her. It’s going to be a challenge to genuinely give her a big smile.

So what’s going through beforehand largely determines whether you can pull all this off or not.

In my opinion, there’s  not a set rule for what should be in your head.

But you could be just feeling good, outside your head, in the moment, in that FLOW state.

OR you could be thinking real cocky and relaxed like, “I’m the man. Every chicks wants it. I’m a gift to her.”

You could be thinking very sexually, looking at her and wanting to rip her clothes off.

You could imagine that you recognize her and you’re pleasantly surprised to see her.

Any of those can work as “the sweet spot.”

Summary List

So there you go! Imagine this:

You spot a cute girl:

You want to tempt her just by looking at her off the open:

So you walk up to her.

Say, “Heeey…”

Make eye contact with her.

Lock on the eyes. Pour your eyes right into her.

Look into her soul. Everything else around her eyes just fades away.

You cut through to her essence, in an intimate way she’s never felt before.



Give her that huge celebrity smile, as if Tom Cruise, which shows that you’re positive, friendly, fun, feeling good inside which you can eventually tone down into a more regular smile.



Square up your shoulders with her.

If not right away, do so as quickly as is practical.



Speak loudly.  Project your voice…

As if you’re speaking right past her, as if you’re speaking to a person behind her.

Be okay with making a scene and having everyone around hear you as well.

Draw everyone’s attention onto you as you speak.



Slooooow down your words.

Slow and patient.

Employ lots of pauses.



Use the LONG pause where you stop in the middle of a sentence…

Long pause held for a few beats…

Give her a smile before you continue on.


And seven.

Good nonverbal body language is largely driven by what’s going on inside your head.

It’ll be a lot easier if what’s in your head lends itself to fueling good body language.

Don’t back down!

And finally this:

Remember, sexuality comes through your eye contact, your presence, your voice, your smile, your facial expression…

Done in a way that’s almost aggressive in a sense.

And women get HORNY with displayed aggression.

Girls respond to that predator masculinity.

But, your natural tendency will be to back down from doing all this.

To want to hide. To want to blend in.

To mute that smile. To break eye contact.

To quiet down your voice. Your body will scream at you to pull back and just give it 20% rather than 100%.

That, my friend, that is giving your power away.

That’s taking all the punch and effect out of the opener.

So at first, yes, doing all this will feel uncomfortable.

So push your comfort zone a little bit every time.

And climb and claw your way out of the pit, and into the light whatever it takes…

To get yourself to the peak where you can pull all this off.

And then, my friend, just by a look…

Just by a smile, just by a word…

You can have every pretty girl literally falling for you hard.

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