How to Touch a Female Friend- Drive 99.9% Girls WILD for you with This

Now, you might have a female friend and she’s a very beautiful woman and you just want to be more than friends with her.

You want to get out of that friendzone and you want to start getting physical with the girl, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. You don’t want to ruin that friendship. You don’t want to creep her out or do something weird. You’re kind of nervous about how to proceed with it.

Or perhaps you’ve met a girl out. You’re on that first date with her, but it’s going on that road to nowhere.

You can feel yourself slipping into that friendzone. The conversation is just too friendly, and you want to take it up a notch. You want to turn up that heat. You want to start getting physical with the girl, but you’re not quite sure what to do.

Well then, I have got the routine for you that’s going to you to get physical with that girl very, very quickly even if you’re already deep in that friend zone.

Or say you’re not the best-looking guy, it doesn’t matter. You run this little routine, which is very easy to learn by the way and you’re going to get that girl feeling aroused for you, thinking about you, and best of all you can go completely under the radar.

You can do this covertly, so she doesn’t quite know what you’re doing so you don’t come across as awkward and you don’t come across as creepy.

Now you’re in luck because I also created for you a free little guide, How to Touch a Female Friend, and you’re going to find a link for that down in the description below and here on the screen.

You’re going to want to grab that because it has all the steps listed out for you verbatim, so you can more easily follow along, as well as some extra special bonus tips on touching a girl that you’re not going to find in this video. So just hit that pause button, go grab that free guide, and then come right on back here.

All right you sly dog, you want to get physical with that girl.

Well of course, it’s going to start with some light incidental touching, little touch on her shoulder, little touch on her arm, often usually typically when her emotions are going upward like when she laughs. That’s your chance when you say something to give her a small little touch. But if you want to get even more physical, if you want to take things to the next level, if you want to get those intimate touches in, it’s going to require a little more than a soft little incidental touch.

But typically, you can’t just come in too aggressive and too handsy. It can’t be like, “Nice boobs, babe! Nice butt!” and just go in for the grope. That’s not going to work. That’s going to creep her out or turn her off.

But this little routine, it’s bold, it’s commanding, and it’s going to turn her on fast without you looking awkward or creepy so let’s crack right into it.

So I call this the “hair touch routine” and I typically use this when I’m on a first date with a girl or at least you need to have some good rapport with her for this to work.

You want to start off with the command. So, you tell the girl, “Come here just for a second, girl. Come right here.”

The whole idea is you want the girl to be stepping in real close to you and you want her to initiate that step herself, so she’s taking the step so she’s very close to you.

Then you’re going to take your hands and you’re just going to wrap her hands around the back of your waist.

So her hands are almost like hugging you, and she has to step in even closer so your body is right up against hers, your face is right up against hers. You’re in that intimate space with her where it’s more than just friends. That’s typically six to twelve inches away from you.

And if she doesn’t wrap her hands around your waist, if she pulls them back or she drops them down by her side, that’s okay, too. It’s still going to work.

Then you’re going to tell her, So, I’m curious. Where’s the longest you’ve ever had your hair?” And you’re going to wrap your hand around her waist, so you’re touching her lower back right where it meets the top of her butt.

And you’re going to ask her, “Have you ever had it down to here?” when you touch her.

So the vast majority of girls are going to tell you no.

So now you’re going to lift your hand a couple of inches higher and touch her a second time in her lower back above or butt, a couple inches higher on this second touch.

You’re going to ask her a second time, “Well, have you ever had your hair down to here?”

And of course usually most girls are going to tell you no.

Then you’re going to say to her, “Well, I’m telling you, you should grow your hair a little bit longer. You know why?”

And she’s going to be like, “No. Tell me why.”

“Well, it’s real simple. It’s just that when it’s a little bit longer, it’s a lot easier to pull on them,” and you’re going to lift your hand up to the back of her neck to grab a little tuft of hair, right where her hair meets her neckline and you’re going to give it a very gentle tug, just enough force to pull her head back an inch. Just enough force for her to feel it but it’s real gentle.

You’re mimicking the action where you two are in the bedroom. You got her doggy style. She’s there in front of you and you grab her hair and you roughly pull it back a very dominant move, very sexual, a big turn-on for a girl.

But you’re giving her just a taste of it, a very gentle tug on the back of her hair just so she gets an idea of what kind of man you are.

Now this whole time up until now, it’s all been pull the girl into you. Pull the girl in you. Pull her in.

First, you commanded her to take a step in towards you.

Then you took her hands and you wrap them around your waist. Then you reached around yourself, and you touch the small of her back.

Then you gave her a second touch a little bit higher up.

then you reached up and you grab the tuft of her hair and you kind of yanked it back very gently, just not an inch or so, but this whole time you’ve been pulling her into you.

The thing is every pull needs to be accompanied by a push away.

You got to give the girl a slight push to create that space for her to chase you back.

Because the whole point of the seduction is you’re not the one doing all the chasing. You want to get the girl chasing you.

So now you want to flip the script and accuse that girl of seducing you.

It’s important to keep in mind, you two are very close to each other. She’s right up against you.

You can almost feel her breath. She can feel yours.

You’ve got those tiger eyes going right into her eyes. You want to be looking deep into her soul and thinking those sexual thoughts, to give her those hungry animal eyes.

That’s what you’re doing to her, but you need to accuse her of doing it as well, so you’re going to tell her, “Girl, why are you looking at like that? Yeah, with your eyes like that. What are you doing ‘cause you are looking at me like a fat kid looks a cheeseburger?”

“You are a temptation, girl. You are dangerous. My mother warned me about girls like you. Are you trying to make me fall in love with you. Is that what you’re doing with your eyes right now because I’m not going to fall for it.”

“You need to be spanked. You need to be punished.”

Then, what you want to do is physically give her a little push as well. So assuming her hands are still around your waist, you’re just going to take your hands by the wrists, kind of push those hands off of yourself and take a step back.

Or assuming she’s just standing there, you could either just take a step back or just kind of give her like a little mock push where you’re not really pushing her but just a tiny bit of pressure like you’re pushing yourself back away from her.

You’re creating that space.

You need to give that push, you need to create that space to give the girl a chance to chase after you because it’s not about you just chasing, chasing, chasing the girl.

She’s got to chase you as well. It’s very, very key. It’s very important

So there you go. That is the hair touch routine.

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