How to Touch a Girl in the Daytime so she LOVES it- Get Physical Fast

I’ve got a little trick you can use to go up to a girl, approach her, even a very beautiful woman, and get physically intimate with her right away, where you can touch her and it feels completely natural to her, flies underneath the radar, and she actually likes it.

You can also use this little trick on women that you already know, so perhaps she’s a female friend and you don’t feel like she notices you. You’re kind of invisible to her. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get instantly physical with her and have her enjoy it?

You see, where conversations go all wrong is we just have these nice chitchats about nice guy topics, small talk, but we never get physical with the girl. We never touch her, and eventually at some point, you have to get physical with that girl if you’re ever going to make her your girlfriend or you’re ever going to get her into bed at some point, if she’s going to go to back to your place and be in your bed, and do the horizontal mambo with you, you’ve got to get physical with her.

It’s better to do that early on at the very beginning because the longer you wait getting physical with a girl, the more awkward it gets. If you’re talking with a girl for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and suddenly you make your move to touch her, that can be really weird and creepy feeling to her because it’s like you just changed your personality.

At first, you were this nice guy. You didn’t get physical with her at all, and then suddenly, you break out the move and it just feels awkward to do so. It’s much better to get physical with the girl, some light little touch within that very first minute or two.

Just about all those men make either one of two mistakes: either we don’t get physical with the girl at all, we just keep our hands to ourselves down by our sides, and then she sees you as just a friend and you are quickly shoved into that friend zone.

Or the guy does try to touch her but he’s so damn clumsy about it that she gets creeped out and wants to have nothing to do with him.

So, right now in this video, I’m going to give you a quick trick you can to get physical with the girl right away, right in that first minute or two of conversation and have it feel completely natural to her, have it fly underneath her radar, so that she likes it and enjoys it.

So what I typically see with a client when he’s talking to a girl especially if it’s a very beautiful girl is that he has this very tight closed off, body language where his hands are down by his sides, even inside his pockets, or he’s standing like this with his arms crossed, and he’s not moving.

He’s talking. His mouth is moving, but his arms aren’t moving. His hands aren’t moving. His hands, his arms,  his shoulders are very tight, they’re stuck against his body like he’s been frozen in carbonite. Instead, you want to keep your hands, your arms and your shoulders nice and loose.

When you’re talking to a girl, you can use one hand to gesture with. For example, you get into a conversation with a young lady and you tell her, “You know, what I noticed about you is, is that you look very I’m going to say Mediterranean or Italian because you’ve got that mocha skin, and you’ve got that long black hair, and you’ve got those crazy wild eyes. Am I right? I think you’re Italian, right?”

You notice how I’m being expressive with my physical gestures, how I’m being expressive with my hand and I’m not afraid to point, point, point. This, that, this. I noticed this about you. Expressive gestures the hand goes out toward the girl.

When I’m talking to a girl, I typically use one hand to gesture instead of two, simply because one hand in my opinion it looks more masculine. It looks more dominant whereas two hands look kind of gay. It’s little more feminine, or it looks like you are an Italian, “Mama mia!”

Now there’s three benefits to using gestures when you talk to a woman.

The first is expressiveness. More expressiveness is more engaging to a woman, whether that’s expressiveness with your smile or expressiveness with your eye contact, or expressiveness with your facial expressions, and expressiveness with your gestures.

It just ropes the girl in, makes her feel engaged with you. Just like when I shoot these videos for you, I’m very expressive with my voice, with my eyes, with my face. I’m expressive with my hands as well.

Now imagine if you did none of that. You weren’t expressive with your hands. You weren’t expressive with your voice. You weren’t expressive with your eyes.

It was just like, “What I noticed about you is that you look like you are from the Mediterranean, or you are Italian because of your dark mocha skin and your black hair and those wild eyes. Am I right? Is that correct?”

See that lack of expression makes you sound like a robot, makes you sound really boring and if your hands are down by your side or your very stiff, that makes you seem like a robot physically as well.

The second plus to using hand gestures when you’re talking to a woman is that it makes you feel more confident on the inside. It makes you feel more dominant because your emotions, how you feel on the inside follow your physical actions on the outside.

So if you did like 10 jumping jacks and 10 push-ups, you’re going to suddenly feel on the inside a lot more energetic.

When you speak with passion, when you  are expressive with your face, when you are expressive with your hand gestures, that’s going to make you feel more alive and more confident on the inside. Using these dominant hand gestures has this really nice effect of making you feel yourself more like a badass.

Now we get to the third benefit of using hand gestures when you’re talking to a girl. This is the big one: when you’re using hand gestures, as you talk it feels a lot more natural and a lot easier to just reach out and lightly touch her.

What most guys do is their hands are up their chests, down by their sides, or even inside their pockets and they’re very stiff and they never make a move and they just get thrown into the friend zone.

Or if they do try to make a move, because they were so stiff that our arms are back, here behind them when they finally want to go touch a girl, it’s such a big movement. It feels awkward. It feels like it’s coming out of nowhere. It feels like a lot of thinking went into it because your hand has to go from way back here all the way over to the girl.

But if since the beginning of the conversation, you’ve been gesturing with one hand, it’s very easy to just reach out and give her a light little touch or a light little poke because your hand has far less travel to do. It’s already up here it’s already near the girl’s body, so it might only have to move a couple of inches to make that first contact, to do that first touch of the girl to start that physical escalation with her.

So imagine you keep your hands to yourself. They’re down here by your side. You’re very stiff, and you say to a girl, “What I noticed about you is that you look like you are…Mediterranean or Italian. I think it’s because of that skin of yours, that mocha skin and you’ve got that big black hair.”

You reach out, you touch her hair. It’s weird, right, because it’s such a big movement. It’s kind of creepy. She’s going to feel uncomfortable, and she might jump back when you do that.

But if since the beginning of the interaction, you’ve got your hand out in front of you. You’re using it to gesture, and you tell her, “You know, what I noticed about you is, I think you are Mediterranean right or Italian because of that mocha skin you’ve got and that black hair.”

You just give her a small little touch and now your hand only had to travel a couple of inches, so it feels very natural to her, it feels normal. It’s not like you’re making this giant jump to go over and give her a touch.

Another little tip to make that first touch feel even more natural and put her at ease and make her feel comfortable is to touch her first when her emotions are going up typically when she laughs at first time. You tell her, “I think you’re Italian. Mocha skin, right?”

If she giggles right then, that’s when you know you’re going to start touching her, do that first touch when the emotions are going up and she’s got that little bit of laughter.

The genius of these hand gestures is that right away immediately, it allows your conversations to get physical with the girl, which is awesome because you imprint in her mind from the very beginning that you are a physical guy, that you touch everybody, that touching is normal. It sets her off with a precedent of feeling comfortable with your touches.

That way when you meet her out on that first date, you can even greet her with a little hug, you can even be bold and pick her up and spin her around. You can take her hand. You can play with our shoulder. You can give her a little pokes and she’ll feel comfortable with all of it because from that very first conversation, from the very beginning you set that precedent that touch is normal and natural.

When you combine that easy, open natural looseness of your hands and your shoulders and your arms, that expressiveness of your body language with the expressiveness of your voice and vocal projection and the expressiveness of your eye contact, the expressiveness of your smile and your facial expressions, that creates a devastating effect on women.

It engages them and ropes them in. It pulls them into your reality and it changes the whole game for you.

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