How to Touch a Girl’s HOT Spots- Drive 99.9% of Women Wild

today, I have for you a very special routine to physically touch all of a girl’s “hotspots” all over her body that will get her feeling aroused and horny for you.

And yet still giver the plausible deniability so that she puts up no resistance to it whatsoever.

I’ve found it works on 99% of women.

It works even if you’re not the best-looking guy. It works even if the girl is drop-dead gorgeous.

And at the end, I’m going to share with you a bonus power move that instantly gets the girl thinking about doing the horizontal mambo with you under the covers with her clothes thrown off on your floor and jumping into your bed.

And if that all sounds good to you, let’s crack into it.

The Hotspots routine

All right, a girl’s “hotspots.”

The secret spots on her skin where she has bundles of sensitive nerve-endings that trigger feelings of arousal in her when touched.

But you can’t just clumsily grope her all over that would cause her to freak out and slap you across the face.

So what you need to do is frame your touching her in the context of showing her something about herself in a scientific framework, so that it has plausible deniability.

Her brain has to think to itself, “Oh… it’s okay. He’s touching me all over. He’s showing me something interesting.”

What to say

So here’s how you start:

Imagine you’re on a first date with a girl, or you’re at a bar, or a nightclub, even a social party.

And you tell her, “You want to know something I find interesting?”

You’re roping her in with curiosity here.

So she’ll reply, “What is it? What do you find interesting.”

“Did you know that you have special ‘hotspots’ all over your body?”

“Yeah, any place where your body bends, twists, or folds like the back of your elbow, or your knee…”

“There are millions of sensitive little nerve endings called exterocepters that release endorphins.”

See? Now those big words make it sound like you’re saying something legit.

And you tell her, “And some people respond differently to others. I wonder which ones would be your favorite.”

So you’re stoking, curiosity here. Mystery.

And by the way, deep eye contact, deep eye contact through the whole routine.

What you speak with your eyes.

That’s what amps up the thick, molasses-like, sticky sexual tension.

 Touch Elbow

Now you’re going to tell her,

“You see, you have a lot of exterocepters on the back of your wrist. Let me show you.”

And you can take her hand, and just lightly stroke her wrist.

Almost like a whisper of a touch.

And you ask her, “How does that feel?”

Because you want her to participate, too.

You want her to get involved and ratify the good feelings.

You want her saying out loud, “Yes, yes, yes” to verbally confirm her compliance.

You touch her wrist, she lets you do it, she complied.

NOW get her verbally acknowledging the compliance.

So you ask her, “How does that feel? Feels good right?”

And she’ll say, “Yes.”

Touch wrist

Her next hotspot is the inside of her elbow.

You tell her, “The inside of your elbow is another hotspot.”

And you just run your finger lightly down from her wrist, down her forearm to her elbow.

And if she’s wearing a tight shirt that covers up the skin, you can even call that out.

Tell her, “You have a lot of exterocepters right here. Your shirt sleeve is covering the skin, so you won’t feel it as much.”

And then have her ratify the feeling.

“But it still feels good doesn’t it.”

And she’ll say, “Yes.”

Touch clavicle

Notice: Touching her wrist.

Least amount of compliance from her required. Kind of like a handshake.

Touching her elbow, requires more compliance.

We’re baby-stepping, continually calibrating to how she reacts.

So if she gets tense, we can always pull back and hit the brakes.

But if she’s liking it. We always keep our foot on the gas pedal and keep moving forward.

So her next hotspot is here at the clavicle, which is a bone that runs along here below the neck.

Tell her, “You know here, your clavicle. That’s another hotspot with millions of exteroceptors.”

And you lightly stroke her clavicle with your fingers, very lightly, a whisper of a touch.

Get her to ratify the good feeling.

“How does that feel? Even better, right?”

She’ll say, “Yes.”

And again, if she gets tense or pulls back, you’re always calibrating.

You can always back off if necessary.

Touch back of her neck

All right , so now things get hotter, and we’re going to deepen that sexual tension even further.

The next hotspot after her clavicle is the back of her neck.

You tell her, “Well, the back of your neck is also a hotspot, full of all these nerve endings.”

As always, get her to ratify the feeling. “From 1 to 10, how does that feel?”

Her thigh

Now, we move on to even more intimate places.

The next hotspot is the inside of her thigh, near her crotch.

You tell her, “And this is also a hotspot.”

And you start just lightly stroking her thigh here.

Now if she’s been enthusiastically responding up to this point, you can go really far up her thigh.

If she’s been a little on the fence, you can lightly touch her a little bit lower down.

It’s all about calibration to the specific car.

Out your foot hard on the gas pedal the whole time, but lighten up if the girl throws you a stop sign, right?

And tell her, “You like that hotspot, don’t you?”

The order to do it

So that’s the order you want to go.

First, her wrist, which requires the least amount of compliance.

Then trace down her forearm the inside of her elbow.

Move up to her clavicle, the bone beneath her neck that runs along here.

Then, the back of her neck.

And finally, the inside of her thigh.

And you can remember that sequence generally being from the least of intimate places to the most of intimate places…

Requiring ever greater levels of compliance from her.

But it works!

Because it’s like climbing a ladder here, one step at a time, gradually.

Like boiling a live frog in a pot of hot water.

Put the frog in already hot water and the frog will freak out and jump away.

But if you put the frog in cold water, and just gradually turn up the heat, the frog will just sit there until it boils.

Same with a girl.

As long as you progressively rise the sexual tension gradually, as long as you physically escalate in steps smoothly…

A girl will be perfectly happy to go along for the ride, because it feels good to her.

Gently pull her hair

All right, we have one more “hotspot” here, are you ready?

Now tell her, “There’s one more hotspot. You ready to see it?”

“All right, there’s a hotspot right HERE.”

And you put your hand on the back of her neck, here, which should be easy because you’ve already done this once before to her.

So you place your hand on the back of her neck and tell her.”

“There’s a hotspot here where I gently pull the back of your hair.”

And you grab a tuft of her hair down at the very bottom and just very gently tug on it, a very gentle tug.

Just enough for her to get a taste of what it would feel like to have her hair dominantly pulled during sex.

Just enough to feel her head gently pulled back a bit.

You’re simply giving her a preview of how much FUN you would be in bed with her that you are that crazy bad boy that fulfills her fantasies.

But it’s all implied. It’s all innuendo.

Nothing is being said verbally.

You pull her head back and that’s where the sexual tension reaches that bursting, boiling point of a 10 out of 10.

And then of course, make her ratify the good feeling. Tell her, command her, “You like that, don’t you?”

Which is her favorite

Now, you sneaky bastard, you’re going to do a little research.

Take your hands off her, pull back, give her breathing space and ask her, “So which place is your favorite hotspot?”

And she’ll tell you, perhaps, that her thigh is her favorite.

“Oh, okay, how interesting. Your thigh is your favorite.”

And now you know. And whenever you want to spike up her emotions again with a quick little hit…

Just slightly stroke her favorite hotspot again, whenever you want, and she’ll perfectly let you do it, because you’ve already crossed that wall with her.

Slide Off w/ a Reward

Now finally, to slide off the routine and transition into talking about something else entirely.

To do that, throw her a verbal reward for all of her compliance.

Tell her, “You now, you are a very responsive person. I like that a lot.”

“You get 3 points in my book.”

And at that point, just start talking about something else.

Pressure off

Key is…pressure on…pressure off.

You were just putting the pressure on.

Now, take the pressure off her.

Release the pressure.

No more physicality. Withdraw it.

Create space. Create a vacuum.

Talk about something mundane. Create a vacuum that gives her space to chase YOU.

You’re like a drug dealer who is giving her hit, hit, hit or the drug, but then you take it away, to get her chasing after more of it.

Another way to look at it is, you hit that 10 out of 10, molasses thick, sticky sexual tension with a burst, and now you want to pull back a bit, and keep the sexual tension burning like a hot goal at a more sustainable heat…

Like a 7 out of 10 sexual pressure.

So that’s the “Hotspots Routine.”

Use it on a first date. Use it on a girl at a bar or a nightclub, or a social party.

Probably a little intense for a daytime interaction on a girl you’ve just met, say at a bookstore or a girl walking down the street.

But of course, depends on the girl.

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