How to Touch a Woman without Creeping Her Out

Now maybe you want to have that ability to get physical with a girl.

Maybe it’s a female friend you know, a really pretty girl that you want to get closer with or a girl you see walking down the street. You want to be able to run up, meet her, get physical with her, and turn her on.

But you’re not quite sure how to do it. You’re not quite sure how to get physical with a girl without creeping her out. You want to get physical with a girl, turn her on but you don’t want to get slapped across the face either well.

In this little video, I’m giving you a little routine you can use to meet that girl walking down the street and get physical with her.

You can use this routine on a female friend you know, get physical with her, turn her on but do it in a way where she likes what you’re doing, do it in a way where she loves it without creeping her out, even if you’re not the best looking guy, even if you’re a little bit scrawny or short, even if this girl is so pretty, she’s technically out of your league.

Yes, this is my touch her hips routine, which I particularly like to use with Hispanic women, with Latina girls although it works perfectly fine with white girls, with black girls, with Asian girls especially if they have a nice pair of hips on them.

This is an examining her touch routine, and you’re going to be examining and touching her hips specifically.

In any kind of examining her touch routine, in my book it’s always a three part structure. As long as you follow these three parts, you’re always going to be good to go.

Part one is asking the girl screening question. Part two is giving her a verbal compliment. Part three is laying on that sexual innuendo really thick.

Don’t worry. I’m going to give you an example right now, walk you through each of these three parts.

All right, part one is you are going to ask the girl a screening question. In this case, the screening question is, “Can you dance salsa”” You’re talking to that girl. You’re going to eye her a little bit skeptically because you want her to jump through your hoop. You want her to qualify herself to you. You ask her, “Girl, can you dance salsa?”

Now most girls are going to tell you no or she can dance just a little bit. Occasionally you’re going to have that girl jump, enjoy, telling you yeah she can dance salsa and she loves it. But really it doesn’t really matter what she says.

Then you’re going to tell her, “Ah, that’s cool because we, American men, we can’t dance salsa very well. We don’t have very good caderas.” When you say caderas, you’re going to reach out and touch her on the hips. Caderas simply means hips in Spanish.

In 99 percent of the time, when you reach out and touch her and you say that one word in Spanish, caderas, that’s going to make her giggle and laugh.

Now obviously it’s going to make a lot of sense if the girl speaks Spanish, if she’s Hispanic. So when you reach out, you touch her hips, and you say the word caderas, it’s going to have that extra meaning to her. But she doesn’t have to be.

It still works if she’s black, even if she’s Asian, she’s white, she doesn’t speak Spanish. She’s still going to pick up that you’re using an alternate word probably Spanish when you touch her hips.

Now there is a special case, let’s say  you are visiting Russia. Then you’d want to use the Russian word for hips. if you’re in Italy, going around seeing Rome, picking up girls there. you want to use the Italian word for hips.

So again just to go over that, you’re going to tell her, “Yes, we, American men, we can’t dance very well because we don’t have very good caderas.” You reach out and you touch our hips when you say caderas. “We’re just too tall and clumsy.”

Now, you’re going to come to part two where you give her the verbal compliment, the statement of interest, the SOI. You tell her, “I like your caderas, though. They’re nice.”

Now we come on to part three where you are going to lay on the verbal sexual innuendo thick. You’re going to tell her, “I like your caderas. I like them. They give me something to hold on to when we’re dancing.”

Do you see what you’re doing here. When you tell her, “I like your caderas. They give me something to hold on to,” first thing that’s going to pop into her mind is something a little bit naughty, something a little bit X-rated, something in the bedroom maybe doing doggy style.

But then you’re going to pause and you tell her, “When we are dancing…,” when you say that, it brings it back to a family friendly rating. That’s what causes, that’s what creates the sexual innuendo.

So just for review.

Step one, you’re going to ask her a screening question. “Can you dance salsa?” Now no matter what she says, you’re going to say, “You know because, we American men, we can’t dance salsa very well because we don’t have good caderas for it.” You’re going to reach out. You’re going to touch her by the hip. That’s going to make her laugh. “You know, we’re just too tall and clumsy.”

Then you’re going to give her the verbal compliment. “I like your hips though. I like your caderas.”

Then the sexual innuendo, “They give me something to hold on to, you know when we’re dancing.”

That’s it! That’s the whole formula from beginning to end and you can use that little routine on say a female friend that you want to get physical with and start turning her on without getting creepy.

You can also use it on cold approach with a girl you’ve just met, or even a girl at a party you’ve just met works every single time.

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