Look Taller Instantly- 6 Height Hacks to add 4 inches and Attract Hotter Girls

I’ve got for you SIX simple and easy fixes, six simple and easy HEIGHT HACKS for shorter guys.

In fact, even if you’re already tall, you can use these six height hacks to make yourself even TALLER.

And with women, every inch counts.

You can never really be too tall. Extra height in any case is going to help you.

And if being instantly taller sounds like something you’re interested in…

Well then, listen up.

Intro to the 6 fixes

All right, here is the good news.

Yes, there are multiple ‘height hacks’ to FIX your height issue.

There’s simple ways to increase your stature by 3 to 4 inches.

And once you’re a bit taller, you can have your height start working in your FAVOR.

Whereas before, if your height was working against you or not producing emotional reactions of attraction and charged excitement in a girl…

Once you’re taller, you can now have your height work FOR YOU where you generate instant attraction in a girl…

Instant excitement in her where you often start right at the hook point with the girl where she stops whatever she’s doing and engages with you immediately…

Where girls will be more forgiving of your mistakes, where you can more easily jump straight into building sexual tension with her…

Where girls will WANT you to win them over, where girls WANT to find awesome things about you…

And WANT you to come out on top as a winner with her…

And have all the advantages that a taller stature gives you.

So these are the six fixes.

Fix #1: Hat

The first fix is a rather simple one.

But it’s surprising how few guys actually DO this.

And that is to wear a hat.

A good hat is going to add 2 or even 3 inches onto your visual height.

And every inch counts.

Just 2 inches can make a HUGE difference in your attractiveness level, so it’s absolutely worth it to shop around and drop a couple hundred dollars on some nice hats.

I’m going to show you MY hats real quick.

First, I’ve got a cowboy hat here.

And this cowboy hat believe it or not, gets me the most compliments and indicators of interest than any other hat I’ve got.

Next up, I’ve got a blonde straw fedora which I use with light colored shirts.

And I like this one because it not only makes me look taller, but it also gives me the illusion of having blonde hair. Real nice.

I’ve got a darker wool fedora.

This one I wear typically with fancier white shirts.

And I’ve got a dark brown wool fedora that I wear with red and dark-colored shirts.

Those are my four hats I use the most.

It’s an instant way to add a little height to your stature.

Now you’ll want to find a hat store in your area, a store with many hats, so you can compare.

Another way is simply go to Zappos.com. Buy a bunch of hats. Test them all out.

And Zappos has a very generous return policy, so it’s an easy way to shop for a hat.

Fix #2: Boots with heels

Next easy fix is…

You want to start wearing boots that have some heel in them.

That’ll give you an extra inch of height.

So here I’ve got a pair of cowboy boots. You can see that extra heel right there.

I’ve got a pair of Nike sneaker boots. Super comfortable to wear. They have an extra inch on them.

I’ve got a leather pair of boots. These have a heel.

You know, most boots will have some heel to them.

You can also find sneakers with heels.

Here’s a pair of Nikes. They have a bit of extra heel as well.

So make that a top priority.

Find shoes or boots that have a little extra heel on them.

That can bump your height up another inch or so.

 Fix #3: Use lifts

Next fix, buy yourself a pair of lifting inserts.

Here’s how it works:

You simply stick these inserts into your boots and you’re instantly an inch or an inch and a half taller.

I mean why not?

Girls wear 3-inch heels all the time, don’t they?

If it works for women, it’ll work for you too.

And you’re going to get way more girls looking at you and complimenting you when you wear lifts. Period.

Lifts make you look taller. They’re not noticeable.

No one can tell you’re wearing them. You stand out more your taller height.

They just work.

 Shoes with lifts

You can also buy shoes with the lift inserts built right into them.

And I’ve got a few pairs of these too.

Here’s a white pair of sneakers. The lifts are built right into the heels.

Here’s a dark pair of boots. The lifts are built right in there.

Both these pairs I have what I like about them is they’re super comfortable.

What I don’t like about these so much is that the shoe is shorter lengthwise and looks a bit odd that way.

So typically, I just use a regular pair of boots and insert the lifts.

Either way, that extra inch or two makes a huge difference in your height.

And it’s such a simple fix! It borders on gross negligence not to do it.

 Fix #4: Your posture

The next easy fix is your posture.

A lot of guys lose an inch just on their posture being slightly hunched over.

I do too. My posture isn’t that good.

So what I do is real simple. I use a posture correcting brace.

And this is it right here. I simply wear this brace underneath my shirt.

And I actually get an extra inch of height that way because I naturally tend to hunch over myself.

And even when I think to correct myself, I just forget minutes later.

So I’m pretty hopeless without this.

And it makes you taller.

These braces cost like $20 dollars, so no reason not to get one.

It’s an easy way to add an inch to your height.


So look at this:

On my case, I’m 6’0’’ – 182 centimeters, rather tall to begin with.

But when I correct my posture with my brace…

And I’m wearing a hat…

And I’m wearing boots…

And I pop in a lift insert…

I actually come out to about 6’4” tall (193 cm). And that puts me into the tallest top 1% percentile of all men.

In fact, I can walk into a room and usually be the tallest guy around.

And that just sets me up for a massive advantage right out of the starting gate.

But let’s say you are average in height. You’re 5’9’’.

Well, you can easily add 4 inches to your heart and now stand tall at 6’1,’’ which puts you into that “very attractive” category to women where you get instant attention.

Or say you are a rather short guy, say you’re 5’5” (160 cm) tall.

For a lot of women, they might feel inclined to just write you off.

They might be friendly or polite, but not see you as a heart-throbbing sexy guy.

Well, when you add four inches to your height, you’re now 5’9,” and maybe you’re still not going to make their hearts flutter with attraction on first sight…

But at least you’re now AVERAGE in height and more girls will at least now feel more inclined to give you an opportunity.

Your height isn’t disqualifying you anymore.

So no matter how tall you are, whether you’re short or you’re average, or you’re already on the tall side, it’s worth it to invest a couple hundred dollars.

Get some nice hats. Different colors of hats to match your shirts.

Buy some lift inserts.

Get some good boots with a heel.

And get yourself a posture correcting brace.

Do all those things and you’ll instantly add 3 or 4 inches to your stature.

And it’s a lot more economical than trying to impress a girl with a fancy car or a fancy place, that’s for sure.

Fix #5: go where short girls are

All right, my next fix is…

Move to a country or go to an area where the average height of the girls is shorter.

Women’s height varies a lot from region to region.

For example, in Finland and Denmark in Europe, the average girl is 5’6” tall.

But the average Mexican girl in Mexico is just 5’2” tall.

Whereas the average Vietnamese girl is even shorter, just 5’0” tall.

And the average girl in Peru is shorter still, at just 4’11” tall.

So you could be a man of average height in the United States at 5’9” tall, which for most girls in the U.S, that isn’t considered tall at all. That’s very average. Nothing special.

But in other countries, being 5’9” tall in height is *amazingly* tall. And you can stand out and get far more attention and attraction from women from just being 5’9” tall.

 About pickup guys

In fact, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about a lot of pickup coaches.

A lot of these guys who teach pickup…

Their little cheat is…and they don’t tell you is…

They’re running their game in other countries…

Flying to other countries where the girls are REAL little shorties often to compensate for what’s basically weak game skills.

Or lazy game.

They go for the easier results by going to where the girls are very, very SHORT and where they’re naturally tall in comparison to the local men.

I think that’s great actually.

Use whatever you can get to your advantage.

So moving somewhere else…

Moving to a place where the women are shorter, that’s maybe something to at least consider especially if you’re a shorter guy.

Fix #6: How to compensate- large energy

The next fix is…

A little more involved than the others.

It comes down to this.

A girl’s perception of how tall you are isn’t exactly 100% your literal physical height.

A girl’s perception of your height also comes down to how IMPOSING you are. If she feels that she’s relatively tiny to you in energy, THAT can create as much impact on her as your actual physical height can.

So one way you can compensate for a shorter stature is to have a *larger energy*.

If you come across as more loose…more cool…more full of swagger…

If you have larger “presence,” you’re actually going to SEEM bigger to the girl than you actually are.

Girls will see you as less short.

So if you’ve got a tall guy on the one hand…

You know, he has a certain presence and dominance just from his height alone, and that creates a feeling in the girl.

But a shorter guy can replicate that feeling in her by simply exuding a lot of energy and swagger.

The paradox

This is tricky though because…

If you’re not tall…if you’re a short guy, then most likely you haven’t gotten much positive feedback in your life from women before.

So you DON’T exude that big energy and swagger.

Instead, as a short guy, you kind of hide yourself in the background.

You don’t want to take risks. You don’t want to exude and express a lot of dominating energy.

You don’t feel like you have permission by society to energetically be that “big guy,” so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where the shorter or average height guy CAN’T compensate with energy because of what’s holding him back in here.

So it’s rather rare that you’ll find shorter guys who can exude being a “big guy” from just his energy alone and be seen as less short.

It’s rare.

But if you CAN learn to do it, then you’ll give girls even MORE of that feeling of you being tall.

So if you do all the physical fixes…the hat…the heels…the insert lifts…the posture corrector…

And THEN you exude big energy on top of all that…

You exude BIG presence…

Man, now THAT is an attractive combination to women!

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