3 tips to make a Great First Impression on a First Date



And today, I’ve got for you THREE tips to make a great. First. Impression. on a first date…

So that when your beautiful date first sees you walk through that door…

You just do these 3 little things…

And you take her breath away, so that she’s mesmerized by you.

Her heart goes into a flutter the moment she sees you and you start the date off right, from that very first second.

At the end of this video, I’ve got a fourth surprise bonus tip for you I’m revealing that makes a fantastic first impression on her.

It’s super simple to do, yet no other guy thinks to do this.

So you don’t want to miss that either, at the end.

So let’s begin.

 My story

I mean, I feel you.

What usually happens on a first date?

Well, you’re kind of nervous, right?

Your hands are sweaty. Your heart is a little fast.

You want to make a good first impression.

So you go inside and you see your lovely date over there.

You walk up and say hello to her.

Well, ever have that feel awkward?

Ever have that feel like it was kind of stiff saying hello.

Because for me, it always felt awkward.

I’d be kind of nervous.

I really wouldn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know if I was doing it right. and frankly, I wasn’t.

If I knew then what I’m about to reveal to you now, I would have saved myself so much drama and heart break.

Well, with these 3 tips and the fourth bonus tip at the end…

Even if you’re super nervous, it’s not going to matter.

Just do these 3 things and you’ll make an incredible first impression on the girl…

No. Matter. What.

Where she’ll feel gaga over you in the first second instantly…

Wanting YOU to be her man.

Where you win the date before it even gets started.

If that sounds good to you, let’s crack into it.

Tip #1. Wave to GUYS

All right, tip #1 for making a great first impression on a date.

This is a clever little trick.

A sneaky little trick.

An unfair advantage little trick.

And yes, it’s kind of gimmicky.

But I’m telling you, it works.

It works like gangbusters.

Say you’re meeting your date at a bar, immediately after you step inside, coming through the front door, here’s what you do.

Pick out a random guy.

Make eye contact with him

Smile and give him a man-to-man hand wave.

Like this:


Or smile and point at him.


Wave and point at a couple different dudes or other gals.

If he’s right there say, “Hey, good to see you again, man!”

Or say, “Hey, what’s up bro!”

But do this all in the sight of your date.

Your girl should SEE you doing this.


And of course, you don’t know who these people are.

They’re total strangers.

But SHE doesn’t know that. Your date doesn’t know that.

She’ll just perceive that you’re a very popular guy.

That somehow, you have friends everywhere.

That you know everybody.

So, yeah. You just walk inside.

You spot your date over there, waiting for you.

And you put on a little show. Big smile on your face.

“Hey what’s up man.”

“Hey, bro.”

And the dudes may be confused like, “Do I know this guy?”

But out of politeness, they’ll always nod back.

And it gets the girl thinking…social proof.

Social proof is possibly the greatest attractor in all of game.

Her eyes will go WIDE with interest and fascination.

She’s thinking, “Who is this guy??? This guy is the MAN!”

“Everybody just seems to like him.”

And I know…I know…

On one level, it sounds rather pathetic and sad.

But sad or not, believe me, it works!

It really works at making a fantastically outstanding first impression on the girl.

So give it a shot!

Tip #2. Big Celebrity Smile + Hug Her

My second tip for making a great first impression on a first date is this:

This is very important:

When you walk up to her…

Have a big, celebrity smile on your face.

Not just a smirk like this: example.

Not a half smile like this: example.

But a big celebrity smile like this: example.

Like you are so happy.

Not necessarily happy to see her.

But more of a smile like you always have fun. You’re always that happy.

The hug

So you walk up to her…

And HUG her!

Hug her!

You say to her, “Heeeey, how are yoooou?!!!”

Like you’re seeing an old friend again, a good friend you’ve known for 20 years.

“Come here.”

And give her a hug.

Can be a small hug, that’s alright.

But give her a hug. No formal handshakes here.

And then repeat her name.

“Jenny…Jenny…Jenny…it’s great to see you again.”

What this all does

Now what this all does is it places the girl at EASE and makes her feel RELAXED and good.

Because think about it, she’s likely more nervous than you are.

Girls tend to be nervous on dates until you relax them down.

And what you’re doing here is fourfold:

First, you’re greeting her like you would a good friend you’ve known for 20 years.

You’re assuming familiarity.

And that’ll make her feel comfortable and let her guard down.

Second, you’re going in with a BIG, friendly, celebrity smile, which conveys you’re relaxed, you’re positive, everything’s good…

And will make her feel good, relaxed, and let her guard down.

Next, instead of the more formal handshake, you’re giving her a HUG which sets the frame right off the bat that you’re a physical guy.

You’re okay with getting physical. That’s normal for you.

And that you just touch her when you want. It’s no big deal

That also sets her at ease with you.

And fourth when you repeat her name…

“Ah Jenny, Jenny, Jenny… it’s great to see you.”

Well, repeating a person’s name, when someone hears their own name spoken, that also sets them at ease.

Tip #3. Inspect Her Over  — HALFWAY POINT

Now my third tip for making a great first impression is:

After you give her a hug, now tell her:

“You know, I remember you being a little big taller.”

Or if she’s wearing high heels, tell her, “You know, I remember you being a little bit shorter.”

“You look different. What’s changed?”

You see, girls are quite PARANOID about how they look.

And girls want to make a good first impression, too.

So you’re setting her off balance a bit.

You’re setting the frame that you are the one who is the buyer and you’ll be making the buying decision and she is the one who has to impress YOU…

And win YOU over.

It’s not to cause fear in her, or put her down…

It’s just subtle line that just gets her wondering what you think of her.

The compliment

Then can you also throw in a light compliment.

Tell her, “Let me see here,” as you look her up and down like you’re inspecting her.

“I like your dress. It’s got this detail here. That’s interesting.”

Or tell her, “I like your outfit. You look very colorful.”

“You’re a show-off, aren’t you? You’re trying to make all the other women in here jealous.”

Light compliment. You don’t need to go overboard.

But what the compliment does is establish that it’s man to woman.

That this isn’t friend-to-friend.

You’re there on a date for a reason.

Not just for chit-chat.

But that you’re a man. She’s a woman. There’s going to be attraction there.

With a light compliment, you establish that frame right away.

 Push pull

Here’s another way to look at it.

When you tell her, “You look shorter than I remember…”

Or you tell her, “You look different… what’s changed.”

That’s kind of ambiguous, vague push.

Slightly breaking rapport.

And then a light compliment telling her,

“Come here. I like that dress actually. Very colorful. It pops nicely.”

That’s pulling her back in.

Push. Pull.

Bonus Tip #4. Tip the bartender

So here is the fourth and final bonus tip I promised.

This one is really clever and will really make a good first impression on the girl.

This one you prepare. You start weeks and months beforehand.

Do this: Pick out your first date locations.

That could be say a coffee café, or a smoothie place, or a bar.

Whatever it is.

Now make friends with the staff there.

Just go in by yourself.

Order a smoothie.

Smile to the staff, say hello. Ask them about their day, how’s it going.

Hand them a big tip. If it’s a $5 smoothie, then hand the guy a $5 tip.

Give him a compliment.

“Hey, you’re a cool guy, man.”

That’ll really make their day.

Just get the staff liking you, recognize you.

And go back three, or four, or five times.

Same thing every time.

Befriend the staff. Give a generous tip to the point that they recognize your face.

The pay off

And NOW, weeks, months later when you meet your date there…

Well, guess what?!

The staff recognize you!

And you know their names too.

So you walk in and you smile big.

You point and wave at the staff you know and they smile and wave back…

Maybe even say hello to you by name.

When you go to order your smoothie with your date…

The staff know you and are extra friendly to you and treat you like royalty.

Guess what that means?

Massive. Social. Proof!

It makes an outstanding, fantastic first impression on the girl.

Easy as pie.

 Recap the list

So putting it all together, imagine this:

Your lovely date is waiting for you at a bar.

You open the door, go inside with a big smile on your face.

You see the girl.

On your way over to greet her, you smile, wave, and point at a few of the dudes.

“What’s up man!”

And they nod back politely.

Social proof.

You smile and wave at the staff.

They’re happy to see you.

More social proof.

Already the girl is thinking, “Who the hell IS this guy??? How does he know everyone?? What a badass!”

You assume familiarity with her.

Big smile.

Give her a hug like she’s an old friend you’ve known for 20 years.

You say her name three times.

“Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, good to see you again.”

You inspect her up and down.

“What’s changed? I remember you being a little taller.”

Take her two hands in yours.

“Let me see you.”

Throw her a light compliment.

“I like it. I like the dress. The colors really pop. Nice.”


That’s all there is to it.

She’ll be smitten from that very first impression from that very first moment.

It sets your first date off with a bang, with an explosion from the very beginning.

You know everybody. You’re a popular guy.

You’re positive. You’re happy.

You take the lead. You get physical with her.

You’re man to woman.

She feels like she already knows you. You put her at ease.

She feels like she has to chase you and win YOUR approval.

It just sets all the right notes in 60 seconds flat.

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