Natural Game vs Canned Lines and Structure- Avoid this HUGE Mistake

I’m going to talk about the *easiest* way…to get laid with cute girls.

But just a little heads up:

This is a deep dive into some hardcore pickup theory.

This video isn’t one of the those “Do steps X, Y, and Z” and *bang*… you’ll get laid with the next hottie that walks on by, just like that.

No, this is about the meta-approach…what angle do you come at getting a girl.

Why is it that in one particular approach to learning game, you can spend years meeting girls and not ever really getting much out of it and how another approach can get great results so much faster?

So this video is more for those guys like yourself that really want to understand what it takes to attract women on a deeper level?

And if that sounds good to you, then let’s crack right into it.

Philosophy of natural game

So, there’s a school of thought in pickup that one should use “natural game.”

The gist of it: Don’t worry about structure.

Don’t think about using memorized routines. Throw out all the lines.

And instead, just relax.

You’re good enough as you are, and whatever comes out of your mouth is good enough because its coming from YOU.

Just believe in yourself. That’s what is attractive.

That’s what counts.

You just need to “stop caring so much” and just “let go.”

And once you “let go,” then your results will explode, because everything you need all along was already in you. It was already there.

And getting good with girls is primarily an “inner game” issue of not letting go enough.

 Is it just hogwash

So the question is, is there anything to this “natural game” thing?

Or is it hogwash?

In fact, before I let you know the answer, pause the video.

I’d be curious to hear what you think about it down in the comments.

The reality of how RSD got good

So, I want to tell you the real quick story of my friend, Bob.

Bob practiced talking to girls for YEARS, developing structures, techniques, canned memorized lines, all designed to strategically provoke particular emotions in a girl.

And after years of memorizing and ingraining structures and techniques, at a certain point, Bob found that when he simply “let go” and “stopped caring”…

When he stopped holding the techniques so close to his heart, and was just a bit more flexible…

Then he got even BETTER results with girls.

He came across as more loose, and more natural when he stopped gripping so tightly to the structure he learned.

 Bob’s mistake

Then Bob knew some guys who were new to talking to girls, trying out game for the first time.

And these new guys, they memorized a couple of lines and went up to girl after girl in a weird way…

Delivering their memorized lines with bad delivery.

With no soul, with no heart…

With no eye contact, lacking vocal projection.

These new guys were very rigid, following an oversimplified formula…

Delivering the wrong lines at the wrong time.

They weren’t calibrated to the situation or the girl.

Or worse, they all used the SAME lines on the SAME girls.

So Bob came to the conclusion.

“You know, maybe the key to game is to NOT use structure at all.”

“Don’t use routines. Don’t use lines.”

“Because it’s clearly creeping these girls out.”

And Bob was thinking, “You know, my game got a little better when I just “let go” and “stopped caring.”

“I should have just “let go” and “stop caring” from the beginning!”

What bob tells everyone

And then Bob tells everyone… look the key to getting good with women…

It’s all about “letting go.”

Don’t bother with canned lines.

Don’t bother with structure.

Don’t bother memorizing anything or practicing anything.

It’s all about “Natural Game.”

Just follow a few underlying principles… believe in yourself… let go…

And everything else will handle itself and fall into place!

Wrong conclusion

And quite a few pickup coaches eventually come to that conclusion.

But they’re making an error here.

You see, Bob could NOT have simply “let go” from day one and just magically gotten instantly better.

It would not have worked.

What really happened is that Bob spent *years* first ingraining a structure, habits, lines, and routines.

Bob spent years learning how to whip out particular lines at particular time to elicit particular emotions from women.

Bob followed certain phases in particular order.

And once he got ALL that down…

THEN, when he quote “let go” and “stopped caring” so much…

THEN his results got even better.

And the reason he got better results when he let go is because he has already a STRUCTURE underneath that he was closely following.

Bob had a carefully crafted structure that provoked particular emotions in women.

And THEN…“letting go” and “not caring so much”…

THAT made him less serious, made him more playful, more flexible, more quick to calibrate to the girl and come across a bit more human.

But Bob got confused.

He sees the new guys come into pickup. He wants to help them out.

And he tells them. “Listen guys, don’t worry about lines or routines, or structures.”

“Take my story. When I just go, when I just stopped caring, and I got core confidence…

“When I realized that I am enough…”

“My results got even BETTER.”

“That’s what should have done from the very beginning!”

“So that’s what YOU should do too.”

And very predictably, the newbie guys…

Let’s call him Nacho the Newbie.

Nacho the newbie tries so-called “natural game.” But he’s completely directionless.

He’s unmoored, and he fails miserably at it.

Pilot example

Take this analogy.

You go to flight school where they teach you how to fly a small airplane.

You show up to learn how to fly yourself just for fun.

Now what if you go to this school, and your trainer tells you…

“Look…we do things a bit different at this flight school.”

“This is ‘natural flying. You just have to have inner confidence and believe in yourself!”

“So, you go get inside that plane kid, and you just do whatever comes instinctively to you.”

Which is basically what “natural game” tells you what to do as  well.

And either you get inside that plane… and within 60 seconds you crash it and you die.

Or you freak out and don’t even try to fly because you’re afraid of crashing the plane and dying.

Or you just drive the plane around the airfield very, very slooooowly without ever taking off, trying your best not to crash and avoid a fiery death.

The proper flight school

So let me ask you:

Does it make more sense to attend a flight school where they show you HOW to work all the controls in the plane properly?

Maybe fly through various computer simulations.

The school gives you exact, specific procedures in case of when various emergencies come up.

And the flight school at least gets you off the ground where you’re following a planned structure without having the total fear of immediate death.

And THEN and only then you can go fly around the sky all you want safely, trusting in a process…

And you can spend the next few years training yourself to become an Ace pilot if you want.

And at that point, at a relatively high point of skill and experience, then you can just “let go” and “not care so much,” and fly “naturally” and get more creative…

But only AFTER you’ve spent a few years practicing and ingraining all the basics of flying a plane.

That kind of flight school makes WAY more sense.

 It’s bad advice

So literally, “natural game” it’s BAD advice for someone who is just starting out, especially.

You might make a little bit of progress with it, but you’ll find yourself flailing about randomly, even if you DO have good underlying principles to follow!

You’ll rather quickly hit a plateau and get stuck in intermediate purgatory where you can’t make any further progress.

Why ‘natural game’ sounds appealing

Now, there’s reasons “natural game” sounds appealing.

First, it’s rather quite appealing the idea of having women just like you for who you are…

And not because of any lines, or structures you’re following, or techniques.

That’s the appeal of natural game:

You just show up. You are enough. Girls like you for you…

Follow maybe a couple underlying core principles and you’re good to go!

Ignore the fact that your whole underlying structure sucks or is nonexistent.

It just sounds great to have girls love you “naturally.”

And maybe you don’t have to put in as much work either, right?

So it’s a very seducing-sounding path.

Why use techniques- so as not to draw blanks

But in reality, you just spend years and years, flailing about without direction?

What’s really better is following a system with answers at different stages where you have specific fallback lines at your fingertips for different situations.

Where certain key moments that come up again and again, are planned out.

Because when your mind gets stressed in a live situation with a girl, your mind will just fall back on what it knows.

And if you’re doing “natural game”…

Then you just end up falling back on blank spots in your mind.

And you start drawing up blanks.

Not saying the right things.

Not doing the right things.

Saying and doing the wrong things at the wrong times.

Now if you’re a good-looking guy hitting on relatively unattractive, that can be okay.

If you’re a good-looking guy in a foreign country and you have lots of novelty, that can still work.

But if you’re an average-looking dude talking to 8s, 9s and 10s in say California or Las Vegas, and you’re drawing blanks at key moments, you are absolutely screwed.

That’s why having a system with answers at the key moments is very necessary.

You never want to be falling back on a blank mind at key important moments especially key moments that routinely occur again and again.

Why use techniques- allows you to relax and get creative

In addition, your mind is most creative when you have a lot of time and you’re under very little stress.

You’re most creative when you’re thinking in a quiet spot and there’s no pressure and you have all the time in the world.

Your brain is garbage however when it has to get creative on the spot, instantly, in the spur of the moment under a lot of pressure.

That’s why you need patterns, and lines, and routines to at least fall back on that you can draw up in a split-second.

And having routines and structures to fall back on allows you to RELAX.

And instead focus on the ENERGY behind what you’re saying to give the girl that energetic and excitement and projection coming through the words.

Having that allows you to focus on calibrating to the girls’ reactions or what’s going on.

Having techniques and structure ingrained allows you to ACT it out more and focus on enjoying what you’re saying and toying with it.

Having techniques and structure allows you to relax…

And actually get more creative with it.

It’s like, the more you can just fall back on and handle the different possibilities than can arise without having to think about it, the more you can just let go and have fun with it.

Because it’s really no good to have thousands of options of what you COULD do like “natural game” would have you believe without knowing how to decide what would be the BEST thing to do in a particular moment.

And it’s really hard to be creative and keep the interaction going and deciding your next move…

All on the fly and doing it all really fast.

It’s only lots of hard preparation and having a system that actually ALLOWS you freedom to loosen up and be epic and creative.

The more you have the necessary details handled, the freer you become.

The more prepared and rigid you are about the necessities, the more you can twist and fuck around about everything else.

What you should do

All right, so there’s three different paths ahead of you that you can take.

This first path is the worst one. It delivers you the worst results with girls.

And that is, you memorize a couple lines, you memorize a couple routines.

And that’s about it.

You start delivering your lines and routines with no swagger, with no soul.

Your eye contact is off.

You’re not projecting your voice.

You deliver the lines at inappropriate times.

You’re very rigid and inflexible. You “run out of things to say” very quickly.

That’s the “quick fix” path most guys attempt.

And your results will be quite mediocre.

Option #2: Natural game

One step better than that is “natural game.”

Natural game came out of a reaction to that kind of first guy.

It’s where you learn underlying inner game principles, and then it’s essentially, “Just be your cool self and girls will love you for you.”

You have all the tools you need to succeed already.

Your true, confident self just needs to be set free.

And then just get tons of field experience.

And this WILL get you some results…

But you’ll find yourself plateauing very quickly for all the reasons I’ve already given.

Option #3: Technical Game

The method that will get you best results also does take the most work.

And that is learn a proper underlying structure.

Practice and rehearse different teases, different routines.

What to say and do to create sexual tension.

Have answers at your fingertips for specific situations that tend to come up again and again.

Memorize and practice examples…

Get it all INGRAINED, and once they’re INGRAINED, THEN, you gradually let go.

Once you have something so ingrained and you “let go…”

That’s when you begin to have “unconscious competence”…

And THAT is when your results really explode.

Just like with any other field.

You want to get good at Soccer/Football. What do you do?

You practice and practice.

You do drill after drill.

There’s specific moves and plays you want to learn.

You get it all ingrained.

And THEN working from a proper base. THEN you let go.

You want to learn to be a surgeon to make the big bucks?

Well, you learn all the operating procedures and methods that are proven to work by those that came before you, you practice it, get it ingrained, and then eventually you “let go” and be more “natural.”

Then, on the foundation of all that training and ingraining of a proper structure, strategy, tactics, and techniques.

THEN “letting go” and being “more natural”…

That just means you can be less serious, more playful, more toying with her, more creative, and having more fun.

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