4 Tips Older Guys Can Lay Younger Women- How to Get Teen Girls from Bars and Clubs

I’m giving you 4 quick tips to pull far younger girls out of BARS and CLUBS and get them into bed for same night lays.

Specifically I’m talking about girls who are 18, 19, 20 years old.

Girls just out of high school, freshman college girls, Sophomores and pull them for one night stands where she’ll ditch her friends to go home with you…

Even if you’re a far older guy.

Even if you’re in your 30s, 40s, and 50s…

And you want to nab and date a girl who is 20 or 30 years younger than yourself.

YES it can be done. I’m gonna show you how.

And even if you’re a young guy in your early 20s yourself, these rules still apply, and you need to listen up.

The mistake guys make: psychology

So yeah, most older guys think that girls are NOT gonna be interested in them which is NOT true!

Young girls, 18, 19, 20 WANT to meet older gentlemen in their 30s, 40s and even 50s.

A lot of these girls even have a fantasy for it.

There’s just a lot of social pressure in society, from her parents, from her friends to make her feel GUILTY for it.

So it all comes down to how you handle yourself to make it okay for her.

Because how you pull a girl who is 19 years old IS different in many ways from a girl who is say, 25 years old.

And that’s what I’m gonna show you how to do in this video!

This is some super magic potent stuff…

That yields amazing results once you just hear it.

So listen up!

Position of younger women

So there’s a couple of differences with younger women who are just out of highs school or in college from even women who are a little older… say 24, 25, 26.

First, really young women are a lot more UNCOMFORTABLE with their sexuality.

They just don’t have much life experience to go on.

In many cases, a 19 year old girl has been heavily protected and guarded by her parents.

She’s likely been told by those around that sex is bad, that she should abstain.

She’s probably been shamed by her friends at school, indirectly where certain girls get labeled as the school slut and she doesn’t want that to happen to her.

And often she’s not had many sexual partners, if any, and the guys she did sleep with often have no idea what they’re doing either.

So a really young girl, her experiences with sex will tend to be limited.

She’ll tend to be confused on her position and where she stands, looking mostly to see what her friends think.

They’re inexperienced

And you got to understand, a woman that young, 20 or under has only been an adult for one or two years.

Whereas a woman by age 25 already has 5 times, 500 percent the amount of life experience being an adult and making adult decisions.

There’s a HUGE difference between a girl who is 20 and a girl who is 25.

So a girl who is 18, 19, or 20, she’s often flat out more UNCOMFORTABLE with her sexuality.

And everything is going to be a more unique experience for her. Most likely she’s never been with a guy much older than herself.

Worried about social reputation

Another characteristic of these very young women is that…

They’re VERY worried about their social reputations.

High school. Is. Very. tribal.

These girls get stuck in small bubbles with small groups of friends.

They feel enormous levels of social and peer pressure, and it feels like this very small world to them means everything.

Girls can get easily depressed and even suicidal when they feel like they’re in the outgroup or outcast. And their social reputation is everything to them in this very small world.

It’s the same deal for young men too to some extent.

But women are particularly concerned about fitting in, blending in, and being accepted by the group even way more so than young guys.

So when you spot a really young woman out at night…

Understand she’s typically extremely concerned about her social reputation which is very different from a woman who is, say 30 years old, and is much more independent thinking by then.

But at age 18, 19, 20, it’s very heavily GROUP think with her friends.

The hive mind.

What does her friend think about this?

What does this other friend think about that?

What would her parents think?

And young girls spend endless hours chatting with each other on the phone, which to a guy like you and myself would sound like hours of nonsense pointless chatter about nothing.

But these girls, what they’re REALLY doing, the subtext is that they’re pinging off each other to determine what is acceptable social behavior…

What they can get away…

What will enhance their social reputation…

What will damage their social reputation.

These really young girls are generally obsessed—OBSESSED—with fitting into their group.


So when you meet a particularly young girl in a bar or a club…

And she’s the age of a freshman or sophomore in college, you have to understand her situation.

One: She’s not that comfortable with her sexuality yet, usually.

Two: Everything is a unique experience for her. This is all new to her and very exciting.

Three: She’s VERY concerned about preserving her social reputation with her friends. Thus, she and her friends make decisions as a group. She’s continually pinging off her friends for validation, acceptance, and figuring out socially appropriate.

Tip #1. Talk to the whole group first

So here’s my tip for pulling these younger 18, 19, and 20 year old girls.

Normally, I recommend when you see a group of OLDER women…

What you do is first approach and open the girl you like.

The girl you like, go in there, energize her with some charged excitement and get your target girl chasing and interested FIRST.

And then after you’ve gotten a bit of interest from her, THEN turn to the friends, and handle the friends as needed.

You DO need to spend time handling her friends, because if they’re feeling completely ignored and left out…

They’re going to try to snatch her away from you.

But usually you do have some leeway there to pull her off from her friends for a few minutes if she’s a bit older.

She IS somewhat independent form her friends, usually.

With younger girls

But with really YOUNG girls…

She literally can’t talk to a guy AT ALL without approval from her group.

At all.

If you go up to her, and talk to her alone, even for a minute, she’s going to desperately be concerned about what her friends are thinking.

And it won’t get well for you. That’s just how young girls are.

So what you’re going to do instead is approach and talk to the WHOLE group of friends FIRST.

Say, she’s in a group of four friends, you want to open the ENTIRE group like a BOMB of energy.

Get ALL four girls charged up with excitement. Get ALL four girls chasing and interested you.

And THEN, only once ALL the girls in the group think you’re this cool-ass interesting dude…

THEN you turn to the girl you like and begin paying more attention to her.

Because now she sees all her friends LIKE you…

So she’s had plenty of time to ping off her friends for THEIR reactions and approval FIRST.

And she’ll feel comfortable getting swept into building sexual tension with you.

And yet even then, you’re STILL going to keep interacting with the whole group.

In a way, with these real young girls don’t think of it as stealing the girl away from her friends. She’ll never do that.

Instead, you need to integrate yourself with their group.

So, instead of it being a group of 4 girls, and yourself, the outsider, it’s gotta become more like ONE mixed set of four girls and one guy…

Where you take over the group as the leader…

Where you set the tone…

Where you set the vibe of the whole group and she and her group look to you for exciting energy and direction.

That’s the ideal way to go after these just-out-of-high school girls.

 That’s hard

Now THAT is harder…

To take over a whole group of flighty, much younger girls…

Easily distracted by stimulation.

You have to go in cocky as hell…

Dominant like a rock…

LOUD, BIG, unstifled with the words just flowing…

And know how to create charged excitement and lead the group.

While also creating sexual tension with your target…

While keeping all her friends happy.

That’s why, even guys who are good at pickup…

Usually they’re not pulling these really hot, hot hottie younger girls because that’s a harder skill set.

Even guys who know pickup, usually they’re opening women in their later 20s and 30s who are a little easier to handle.


But, not to worry, there IS a specific way to take over the girl’s whole group…

Which you can find in my program, I show you how to do that.

But that’s often what you got to do with these younger, in-demand women.

I know, it takes a greater skillset, but that’s just the way it is.

Fortunately for you because so few guys never bother to learn how to do it…

Once you get the formula down…

You can literally CLEAN UP.

Because these girls will never have met a guy like you before and you have NO competition.

Tip #2. Ramp gentler into sexual tension

My next tip for pulling younger women is that…

You have to ramp gentler and slower to sexual tension.

For example, with a cougar or MILF in her 30s…

If you’ve got her attention and she’s excited by you, you can often leap directly into very heavy sexual tension with her.

You don’t need to beat around the bush.

You can often give her a direct sexual compliment very quickly, like tell her, “You look sexy as hell,” and hold intense eye contact with her close up.

Whisper into ear.

Slow down the pace with lots of pauses.

Tell her things like, “Should we buy a minivan? Because you’re looking at me like you want me to put a baby in it.”

And just start getting her wet and turned on.

And for older women, if she likes you, she’ll usually roll with it.

Because she’s more experienced…

She’s more in tune with her sexuality…

She doesn’t give a fuck what other people think so much.

But with far younger girls, 18, 19, 20…

You have to RAMP into that sexual tension much more gently, more slowly.

You can’t be outright explicit usually or you’ll freak her out.

You have to rely more on sexual innuendo and suggestiveness.

And look, these are all concepts outside of the scope of this video or it’s going to be five hours long…

But I do cover it in my course.

But the larger point is, yeah, with younger girls…

Be less explicit…

Be more suggestive…

With a slower, gentler ramp into sexual tension.

 Tip #3. Pulling

The next tip for very young women is that you’ll rarely ever separate her from her friends.

You meet a girl with three of her friends…

If she’s 18 or 19 or 20, she’s NOT gonna just ditch her friends for you…

No matter how damn cool or sex you are.

She’s never gonna tell her friends, “Oh, Girlfriend One and Girlfriend Two, I met this cool guy. I’m ditching you, guys.”

“And I’m leaving with him. Bye!”

She’s not gonna do that.

Slightly older women will often do that if you set it up right for them.

But not real young girls.

Because she’s still in that high school mentality where what her friends think is EVERYTHING to her and her friends are pretty judging people.

Option #1

So with younger girls, don’t try to separate her from her friends.

Don’t even try because you’ll just create unnecessary drama and you’ll waste time.

I suggest either one of these two courses of action instead:

Either, you get her number AND her social media and the very next day, you set up with a date with her.

You meet her out on a first date…ALONE with her…

AWAY from the judging eye of her friends.

And you pull her into bed off that first date…

Because on the first date, her friends won’t be there.

She’ll feel free. She won’t feel that judging social pressure on her anymore.

And that’s when can actually get some action.

Option #2

OR, the other alternative option is…

Instead of trying to separate the girl from her friends…

Instead, take over the whole group and PULL the WHOLE group of girls to an afterparty…

Or pull the WHOLE group of girls to a late-night diner (Note: not dinner)…

Or pull the whole group of girls back to your place for an “after party,” which is really just hanging out in your living room and play the game of “last man standing” where the friends eventually get tired or leave.

Or if they’re all at your place, you can discreetly pull the girl into a closet…

Or pull her into your bedroom and very quickly get a little action with her.

Again, that’s the picture.

I’m not gonna go into all the details because this video would become hours long.

But again, it’s covered in my course if you’re interested in doing it yourself.

 Tip #4. Use more withholding validation (Devalidation)

Now the next tip number for pulling far younger girls is…

You want to focus more on withholding validation with them using de-validation.

So you wouldn’t tell a hot, hot, hot little 19 year-old girl…

“Wow! You’re so sexy! You’re so beautiful. You’re beautiful. You’re an angel.”

Instead, you want to be withholding validation.

“Hey, where are you from girl?”

She says, “Orlando.”

“Oh, Orlando. Ugh. Really? Gross.”  And roll your eyes, with a cheeky smile, and let her react.

“W-w-What?! What’s wrong with Orlando?!!”

See? You pull validation away. You’re toying with her.

OR you say, “What’s your favorite color girl?”


“Pfttt! Blue. You gotta be kidding me! Blue! I can’t… I can’t even…”

“Girl, you’re losing me. I thought I liked you. Now we’re gonna need to get divorced.”

“And we haven’t even gone on our honeymoon yet.”

Why it works

Now, no matter WHAT the age of the girl, you want to get use her chasing your validation.

That’s a critical tool in the toolbox.

ANY woman at ANY age.

But with particularly young girls, you want to use it even MORE.

And use it a LOT.


Because these really young girls are SO concerned…

And SO obsessed with group and peer approval…

And being validated…

And being accepted…

That when you toy with and mess with their sense of validation…

(In a purely fun and playful, and joking way of course….)

(It doesn’t work if you’re just a dick…)

(But how to do it RIGHT… that’s another video for another time.)

But when you toy with and mess with their sense of validation, it gets them chasing you and chasing your approval…REAL HARD.

I mean, REAL HARD!

And they love it.

It’s like pure crack to them. Messing with them a bit like a fun game.

So, yeah with these younger girls…

Get them chasing after validation…a lot.

More than you would with an older woman.

Tip #5

Now my fifth tip, is you wanna know what to SAY to a girl.

Because particularly when you’re talking to a young woman and she’s got all this stimulation…

And her friends are pulling her this way and that way, and other guys are hitting on her…

And she’s drinking possibly, and she’s young and pretty…

She gets easily bored and easily distracted.

If you stall, if you run out of what to say and the energy drops…

She’ll often just excuse herself and leave you.

These young girls don’t waste time.

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