8 Tips to Pickup Cute Cashier Girls in Stores and Restaurants

today, I have for you EIGHT tips to pick up cute cashier girls who work behind the counter at stores, and boutiques, and fast food places.

Because, you know, some of these girls are surprisingly CUTE. And you’re talking to them anyway, right?

So you might as well know what it takes to get their numbers and meet them up later for some fun?

Why not?

And at the end of the video, I have an extra special BONUS tip for you.

Bonus tip number NINE, which is the best particularly clever…

Getting the cashier girl attracted to you before you even talk to her.

So stick around to the end to catch that.


Now, in my day, I’ve seen plenty of really cute cashier girls working the register.

Most of the time, the people are overweight, or really old, or beaten down.

But you’ll always catch that one who is really pretty.

And in my experience, what I use to do was just get nervous and not make eye contact and clam up because I didn’t know what to do.

And I hated that!

Well, in this video, I’m going to get you started on the right path of WHAT to do when you see a pretty girl working the cashier.

So let’s crack into it!

Tip #1. It doesn’t take much

All right tip number 1 when it comes to getting cashier girls, or girls working the register in stores:

Cashier girls are more impressed by smooth dude than you’d at first think.

Think about it:

These girls don’t make much money.

They don’t really want to be there.

They usually dislike or even hate their jobs or their boss.

And most importantly, these girls are usually BORED out of their minds.

They’re just doing the same actions day after day.

Nothing is there to break up the monotony.

So, it doesn’t take much on your part.

It’s not like talking to a girl at nightclub, a girl who’s being bombarded by stimulation from the music, and the lights, and the dancing, and getting hit on by a bunch of well-dressed hot guys.

No! The cashier girl is feeling under-stimulated and numb.

She’s welcoming of ANYTHING or ANYONE that will break the monotony.

So if you can spike up her feelings even a little, she’s going to notice and light up.

SO, you can be the force that breaks their boredom.

Tip #2. Be well dressed

Tip number 2 for getting cashier girls:

To seduce a cashier girl, be very well dressed and be well groomed.

It’s this: Be very well dressed and be well groomed.

Again, she feels monotony here.

And she’s seeing lazy dude after lazy dude dressed in a lazy t-shirt and jeans.

Same thing over and over again.

So be the first guy to break the routine for her.

Stand out. Be overdressed for the venue, with a slight sexual edge, yet still relatable.

Even if it’s a McDonald’s, wear a $300 or $400 outfit that’s carefully chosen, so that you are the best-dressed man she’ll see all day.

Maybe, like a power suit.

Or it could be a nice shirt with 3D patterning, paired with a stylish, sexy hat.

You just need to look cool, really cool.

Ten out of ten cool.

Now, that alone isn’t going to get the girl of course, but it goes a LONG way for standing out as…

NOT a regular bloke in her line BUT rather as a guy she’d want to hook up with.

Tip #3. “Slow play” her over a month

Tip number 3 for cashier and register girls is…

Remember: the girl working the register is always going to be back, day after day, week after week.

Use that to your advantage.

You can “slow play” her over the course of a month or two.

Simply go back to the store once a week for the next 4 weeks.

And after two or three visits, the girl starts to see you as a familiar face especially when you’re well dressed and you say things to her she’ll remember.

Women respond far more openly to a familiar face.

For example, in a night club, say you talk to a girl for a minute and she’s cold to you.

Well, when you re-open her 30 minutes later, it’s a strange thing, but she’ll suddenly be real friendly to you because she recognizes your face.

It’s as if you’re in her social circle.

Same with these cashier girls.

When she talks to you multiple times, and you’re cool and smooth and well-dressed…

She’ll really warm up to you.

 Tip #4. Pull the trigger

Tip number 4 to get cashier girls…

That being said…

If the logistics are good to get her number the first time you talk to her, always go for the number right then.

Don’t have to wait for 3 or 4 or 5 visits to make your move.

Say, you go to a McDonald’s and there’s NOBODY else in line.

You’re the only one there. She got time to chat, and she’s digging you.

The logistics are fantastic to get her number.

Do NOT feel like you have to see her 3 or 4 times to build familiarity.

As soon as the logistics are good, make your move and get her number.

 Tip #5. Try her number multiple times

Tip number 5 for women working the register is this:

If you go for the cashier girl’s number, and she doesn’t give it to you, no sweat.

Just back off.


And go back a week LATER and try again. Playfully try again.

You can go back and try for her number 3 or 4 times.

Once a week and playfully ask for her number.

Oftentimes a girl will warm up to you, and a little persistence, and confidence can flip her around.

Tip #6. Go on off-peak hours

Tip number 6 for register girls, here it is:

For a register girl, visit her on off-peak hours.

So every store you know has its busy hours and it has its off-peak hours when it’s really dead.

Like a fast food joint will typically be busiest around lunchtime.

So, never go eat lunch there at 12 noon.

Go around 2:00 or 3:00 instead when there’s far less customers and she’ll be bored, when she feels less pressure.

That way, when you’re taking your order, you have more time to chat with her, and its more relaxed.

Tip #7. Small stores are good

Tip number 7 for meeting cashier girls:

Small shops and small boutiques can be especially great because the girl will be extremely bored and no one will interrupt you.

You could have 15 minutes clean to talk with her whereas at a Walmart, she usually has a constant line of customers to deal with.

Even if she’s really busy, you can still make it work with a minute or two of chatting.

But often in small boutique stores, you’ve got even MORE time. The girl is even MORE bored out of her mind and the logistics are even better for you.

So keep that in mind.

Tip #8. Big smile and facially expressive

Tip number 8 for getting cashier girls…

Remember this: the store girl is bored out of her mind.

It’s pure monotony.

And then you come in all serious, face not moving.

Like every other guy she’s seen all day.

That’s NOT going to attract her.

What you’ve got to do is jolt her with some positive energy.

It’s real simple:

Radiate or share with her a positive, cocky vibe.

Have a big smile on your face.

Smack her across the face with a blast of good energy to electrify her and wake her up.

And she will LOVE you for that.

Tip #9. Force IOIs on the phone

All right, now for special bonus tip number 9.

You see, a cashier girl, a girl working in a store, she’s not going anywhere, right?

Her feet are planted there in one spot for the most part.

She’s stationary.

Well, use that to your unfair advantage.

What you want to do here is force indicators of interest from her and demonstrate your positive personality traits BEFORE you even say hello to her.

Here’s how:

Say you’re at a fast food place like a Wendy’s.

Well, before you get into the line, stand rather back from the counter, but still where the girl can easily see you.

Take your phone out and pretend you’re taking a call from a friend.

And then, take that pretend phone call.

The phone call

“Heeeyyy…Eric! What’s up man? How are you doing?”’

“Hmm…Gina? Wait…she’s that tall blonde right? with the green eyes?”

“The real pretty one, right?”

“Yeah, I remember her.”

No! I don’t want her at the party. She’s crazy. She’s trouble.”

“Yeah, yeah…but Jessica…Jessica is cool. She can go.”

Again, you’re not really talking to your friend, Eric, but she doesn’t know that.

And while you’re taking this call, you’ve got a big celebrity smile on your face.

You’re positive, yet commanding and leading.

You have a loud voice that carries over the ambient noise…

Grabs everyone’s attention in the store including the girl’s attention.

You make big hand gestures that take up visual space.

In other words, you give off all these sexy, charismatic, alpha-male signals.

Essentially, you’re priming the open ahead of time.

NOW, once you get in line and you meet that cashier girl, remain congruent with that guy on the phone

Strong eye contact. Big smile. Flood her with a positive energy. Wake her up.

And she. Will. Go. Crazy for you.

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