Say THIS if a Girl Asks, “What’s Your Name?” to Attract Her Instantly

I’m covering the topic of what do you say to a girl who asks you what is your name.

It’s perfectly acceptable to give her that standard answer where you simply say, “My name is Jesse and what’s your name.” Totally fair to do that.

But you know me. I like to spice things up. This is a perfect opportunity in my mind to kind of spike up that attraction in the girl and that’s exactly what we’re covering.

What do you say to a girl when she asks you what is your name but do it in a way that amps up her attraction for you and leaves her liking you even more.

What I do is I use a very specific four-step formula whenever a girl asked me a biographical question. When I say biographical question I mean any question like what do you do, where are you from, where did you go to school, what do you do for work, how old are you, anything about yourself you’re gt1 use this specific four step formula to answer the girl back.

Step number 1 is to use a mini-lie plotline where you’re going to lie about your answer, exaggerate it more and more to create intrigue in the girl until she finds out that you’re just toying with her.

Step number 2 is then to make her guess, to give her a little bit of a push, a little bit of that breaking rapport to amp up her emotions even more.

Step number 3 is then to give her the real honest answer to connect with the girl and reward her for playing along.

Step number 4  of this four-step formula is then to ask the girl a screening question and then qualify her back.

I’m going to give you some examples of how these four steps work when a girl asks you what is your name.

By the way, you are in luck my friend because I’ve created for you a free cheat sheet to download, What Do You Say to a Girl When she Asks You What is Your Name and you’re going to see a link for that here on the screen and down in the description below and you’re going to want to grab that free cheat sheet for yourself because it’s got the four-step formula plus examples written out for you verbatim to help you follow along plus a couple little extra bonus tips not found in this video.

So simply hit that pause button, go grab that free cheat sheet and then come right back here and we’ll continue on.

Step number 1 is the mini-lie plotline. A lie plotline is you’re simply lying to the girl, exaggerating but not in a serious way.

It’s very playful. It’s very humorous. You’re just kind of toying with her, seeing what she’s going to do.

An example this is the girl asks you so what’s your name and you simply say back to her playfully with a cocky smile, “It’s Brad. My name is Brad…Brad Pitt.” And she’s instantly going to know you are lying that you’re just toying with her, you’re messing with her a bit.

What it does is it gives her a little bit of a push away. It’s a slight breaking rapport. It shows her that you’re the bad boy. You don’t care what she thinks about you. You’re not trying to impress her. You’re not trying to make her like you.

It’s the exact opposite as if you were to say, “Oh, my name is Jessie. Do you like that name? Do you think that name is good enough? Oh, please, please like me.” It’s the exact opposite of doing that.

Another alternative lie plotline. You can tell the girl she speaks Spanish and she asks you what’s your name, is to tell her, “My name is Antonio Banderas Morales Maximo Elaktor Spectacular Tango Muchos Ninos y Ninas Vivo en la Finca Magnifico in Las Montañas.”

It’s a bold-faced lie, but she’s going to realize right away that you’re just messing with her. What that does is just gives her a slight push. It’s a slight breaking rapport. What that does is spike up her emotions.

Part 2 of this formula is now to make her take a guess and since she’s asking your name, you’re going to make her take a guess of your name and this is purely optional. You don’t have to do this step.

But what it does it just simply stretches out that spike, keeps amping up her emotions, so you say to her, “No. I’m not Brad. I’m just kidding, but why don’t you take a guess.”

She’ll then guess name like, “Your name is Charles.”

Now you have the opportunity to tease her. “Oh, my gosh. You think my name is Charles like the Prince of England. You are trouble, girl. You are a lot of trouble, although I do like it that you think I’m royalty.”

Or alternatively you can tease her with another lie plotline. “Charles? How did you guess my name? My name is Charles. No, really. It is Charles! I can’t believe you guess that.”

Girls will typically say, “Oh, my gosh! I guessed it correctly. You really are Charles!”

Then you tell her, “No, just kidding with you. Oh, my gosh! You are so gullible. I love it!” And then you pull her in for a hug.

Step number 3 is to give her the real answer.

You eventually have to really reveal your name. You can tease with her. You can play with her, but if you keep it going too long, it’s going to start to look like you are being evasive.

So you’ve got to give her a real answer eventually, something that really connects with her that heartfelt answer that makes her feel comfortable and makes you likeable.

So then you’re going to tell her, “Look, all kidding aside, my name is Jessie.”

You hold out your hand and you take her hand in yours and you hold it for a while. You’re going to do the horny handshake.

I’m not going to cover the horny handshake in this video. I have a whole another video lesson that covers that. You might want to go check that out.

What the horny handshake does is physically arouse the girl in a very special, covert way that she’s not even going to notice.

What I like to do when introducing myself is also throw in a little story. “My name is Jessie, you know like the horseback riding, gun-toting outlaw, Jesse James. That’s how you can remember it.”

Now we get to step 4 where you’re going to ask the girl a screening question back.

You’re going to ask it in a somewhat skeptical evaluating way like you’re trying to discover a fatal flaw about the girl, like you’ve caught that girl with her hand deep in the cookie jar.

You’re going to ask her somewhat skeptically like you are screening her. “And you, what’s your name? You don’t have some weird name like Alexis Mercedes, do you?”

You see what you’re doing there? You’re not asking the girl in this overly eager nice guy kind of way. “What’s your name? What’s your name? I’m going to love you because of your name!”

No, no, no, no! You are the bad boy. You are the rebel you are the one evaluating her, so you’re going to ask her name in a slightly skeptical air like you want to see if this girl’s name is good enough for you.

Let’s just imagine for the example that she tells you that her name is like Sarah or whatever. It doesn’t really matter.

The key is important thing to remember is you don’t want a tease her based on her name. You don’t want to tease a girl for something that’s fundamental to her identity, something that she really can’t change about herself.

You don’t want to tell her, “Sarah?” And then roll your eyes or anything like that. That’s a bad move.

Instead, after that screening question you want to positively qualify her, no matter what she says her name is.

So you’re going to tell her, “Sarah? I like that name. That’s a very elegant name. That’s a biblical name, isn’t it? Very pretty.”

You see what you’re doing here? When you asked her name in a screening kind of way like you’re evaluating her, that’s a slight push away. It’s a slight breaking rapport.

But then when you qualify her based on her name, you say, “That’s a pretty name. I like that.”

That’s the pull, so you have the push and you have the pull and you’re jostling the girl’s emotions around and that creates attraction for you.

So it’s real simple. Just those four steps when a girl asks you what is your name.

First is the mini-lie plotline.

Second, you’re going to make her guess.

Third, you need to get truthful with her. You need to connect with her. You need to get real with her.

Fourth, you’re going to ask an evaluating screening question back and then qualify her positively whatever name she gives you.

Now I’m going to give you a complete example from beginning to end.

First, the girl is going to ask you, “So what’s your name?”

And you’re going to say to her, “<y name is Brad…Brad Pitt. Ha! Ha! No, I’m just kidding! Why don’t you take a guess?“

She’ll guess something like, “Peter!”

You say, “Peter? You mean like Peter Parker? Like Spider-Man? Girl, you are trouble! My mother warned me to stay away from girls like you. Actually my name is Jessie.”

And you reach your hand out and you do the horny handshake.

Now you’re going to ask her the screening question back, “What’s your name? It’s not some weird funky name like DeShannon, is it? Ah! It’s Sarah, okay. Sarah…Sarah…Sarah. I like that name. That’s a pretty name. That’s biblical, isn’t it?

There you go. That’s how you avoid being boxed in by that typical small talk response of simply what’s your name and you answer back. That’s kind of boring. It’s not that interesting you should use that opportunity to spike up that girl’s emotions, get physical with her, and create a connection with her.

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