Say THIS When GIRLS Compliment You

Now I received a question here. “Hey, Jesse. I was at a clothing store, and a woman came up to me and told me, ‘I like your hat.’ I just smiled and said ‘”Thanks.’”

“In retrospect, I should have used that to talk to her. What would you have said in that situation. ~ Joe”

I got another question.

“Hey, Jesse. I was chatting up girl who was a friend of my friend.”

“And at one point she told me, “’You know, you’re pretty smart.’”

“Well, I just kept talking to her, like nothing happened. But I knew I could have done more.”

“What should I have done? ~ Everett”

All right, all right, so what do you do when a girl verbally pays you a compliment?

What’s your best move in that case.

How can you further turn her interest into your advantage, so that the girl becomes even MORE attracted to you, based on what you say back to her?

Well, that’s what we’re answering in this video, and it’s going to surprise you what I have to say.

And at the end, I’ve got an extra special tip for you to even turn it into a kiss.

So watch all the way through.

Don’t overreact

All right, so a girl compliments you.

Big rule is, do NOT over-react.

Don’t be showing her, “Oh, my God, a girl liked me! That’s so amazing.”

And our two gentlemen, Joe and Everett, what they did RIGHT was at least they didn’t overreact.

On the other hand, you should be able to let a compliment land, take it in, and accept it.

So at the very least you can tell her with sincerity, “Hey thanks! I really appreciate that coming from you.”

And that’s a fine answer there. That’s the minimum.

BUT hey, it’s me, Jesse. We can still do a lot better than that.

Answer #1

So imagine a girl tells you, “I like your hat.”

Or she tells you, “You’re clever.”

Or she tells you, “You have nice eyes.”

Whatever it is, you can use this answer.

Tell her, “Well, to be honest, you shouldn’t like me too much because I’m always traveling somewhere and you’ll miss me terribly.”

Or if you’re not traveling, tell her, “I’m always off and about somewhere and you’ll miss me.”

That’s it.

All right so what does this do?

Let’s unpack the answer.

Why it works #1: its cocky

First, you come across as super COCKY.

“Hell, I know you like me girl, but don’t like me too much because I’m hard to catch. I might just break your heart.”

That’s what you’re implying. It’s really cocky.

And with girls, you can never be too cocky.

Girls love cocky. Not arrogant. It’s not an asshole brag.

You’re saying it playfully. It’s a bit of a challenge, but playfully.

You don’t take it that seriously. It’s not literal.

It’s a game.

Why it works #2:

The second reason why it works is because you falsely disqualify yourself.

You’re giving her a slight push away. She came at you, you playfully give her a slight push away.

You’re sort of taking yourself off the dating market from her.

You didn’t validate her back, which creates space for her now to chase you.

And you don’t come across as try-hard in any way.

Why it works #3

The third reason it works is because you’re implying you live a charmed life.

You’re off traveling. Or you’re off on some adventure with freedom.

Everything is just easy for you. Life is good to you.

And it’s not necessarily something you’d want to give up just for her.

So, she feels curious. What is it that this guy is up to?

What travel? What adventures?

She wants to go along for the ride.


Next up, a note on the delivery.

You want to use this opportunity to create sexual tension with the girl.

So you’re saying all this with fierce eye contact.



Bite your lip.

Lick your lip.

Like this:

“Well, to be honest, you shouldn’t like me too much because…I’m always traveling…off somewhere…and you’ll miss me terribly.”

So notice how the words push her away yet my face is drawing her in?

I’m telling her with my face that I’d bang her.

That’s how you want to deliver the line.

It all comes down to playful, animated facial expression.

Answer #2

All right, so here’s another line that works great.

The girl tells you, “I like your boots.”

Or she says, “You’re the funniest!”

Anything, anything she says, you can use this next one.

You tell her, “Ahhh…why…thank you!”

“But I should tell you…”

“You should stay away from me because I’m very lazy….”

“I’m very selfish, and I’m very… very… SHY.”

That’s it.

Optional part

Now if you’re on a date with a girl and you have good rapport with her…

Or if she’s at night club in a sexually charged atmosphere…

You can even add this next part:

Purely optional.

You tell her, “In fact… the only thing I have going for me is that I have a BIIIIIG………”

And you point down to your crotch.

“…PERSONALITY.”(point up)

That’ll usually get her to laugh and giggle.

But if she says, “Oh my god!”

You tell her, “Wait! What did you think I was going to say?!”

“You just have one thing on your mind don’t you, girl?”

“Women! Always after just one thing I tell you.”

Why it works

So why does that work?

Well, same reasons.

It’s a very cocky answer.

You’re falsely disqualifying yourself.

You’re not feeding her validation. It’s a light push away.

It gets her chasing you. It’s not try-hard.

And it’s funny. It spikes her emotions.


And likewise, same delivery style to create sexual tension.

Eye contact, zoomed in, eye to eye to create that tension.



Bite your lip.

You’re pushing her away with your words telling her that you’re “shy” and “selfish…”

But with your face you’re communicating the exact opposite that you want her.

Bonus tip: peacock

All right now, TWO bonus tips for you…

To make this even better and ever turn it into a kiss.

You want to dress in a way that invites a compliment.

We men. we tend to give girls general compliments.

Our natural instinct is to say, “You look really pretty.”

“You’re beautiful.”

When its far stronger to give a SPECIFIC compliment to the girl, more like, “I love how your shoes match your outfit. You have a good sense of style.”

Whereas women are different.

Women want to find something specific to compliment you on.

A girl isn’t going to go up to you and just tell you, “You’re hot, I like you.”

She wants to find something specific she can pick out.

So you want to wear something that is very unique and different.

It could be a cool hat. Or a flamboyant shirt. Or interesting boots.

Or a pendant. Or rings on your fingers.

Something that just gives the girl an excuse to pay you a compliment.

Do that and you’ll suddenly finding yourself getting ten times for compliments from girls.

Quick Tip: escalate on the spike

My second bonus tip for you is you can escalate right off that spike as her emotions are going up.

So she’s clearly feeling on some level if she gave you a compliment.

You gave her this response that makes her BAM want to chase you even harder.

Since her emotions are going up, now is a good time to make a physical move on her.

So if this is a girl you met out during the daytime, you can tell her now…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself.”

And reach out both your hands and give her a double-handed handshake.

“I’m Jesse, and your name is?”


If you’re out at night at a night club, you could tell her now, “Hmmm… how much do you weigh? I wonder. Let’s see.”

And then you pick her up, and you spin her around.

Or you could use the opportunity to grab her by the hand and pull her to a quite place away from her friends.


If you’re on a date, you can use that opportunity to tell her…

“Hey, I think you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

And if she says “Yes” or “Maybe” or even doesn’t say anything at all and just smiles, then you gently pull her into you and kiss her.

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