16 Things Girls Want in a Guy (INSTANT Turn-ons) but will NEVER tell you!

I’m showing you the SIXTEEN things that girls secretly want in a guy…

The 16 characteristics that are instant turn-ons for a girl…

The 16 traits that she’ll NEVER tell you!

Now to help you, right now, check out the description below and click on the FIRST link you see there and download the “SIXTEEN things girls want in a guy” cheat sheet.

And you can use that cheat sheet to follow along because it has the SIXTEEN tips written down verbatim and also includes a couple of extra super-handy bonus tips that aren’t in this video…

For getting the fastest, speediest way to get ANY girl you like to jump all over you.

So pause the video. Take a second to grab that cheat sheet to follow along. And then come right back here and we’ll get started.

#1. Cocky

Number one: cockiness!

The first thing girls want is a guy who is cocky almost to the point of arrogance.

Where your thought loop to yourself is…

“Having sex with me is the best thing that could ever happen to a girl.”

“Having sex with me is a GIFT I give to a woman.”

“If she’s not feeling it, she just lost out and she lost out big time.”

“Because my genetics are the absolute best.”

“I’m literally better than 99.9% of the other dudes out there.”

Where you feel everything is EASY for you…

Where life is good to you…

Where girls are a snap.

“Of course! She’s gonna love me.”

And there’s really no such thing as being too cocky.

Girls love extreme cockiness.

The more cocky you feel, the MORE cocky you act, the better.

Think about being flagrantly, wildly cocky as just a more accurate way to say CONFIDENT.

Stop thinking in terms of confidence, and instead think of terms of cockiness.

Cockiness is confidence with that sexual, bad boy edge.

#2. Carefree

Number two: carefree.

Girls want a guy who is carefree.

Free from anxiety.

You know, typically, you walk down the street to talk to girls…

And you’ve got anxiety.

You’re nervous.

You’re thinking about what could go wrong or you just have generalized anxiety about things.

That’s not attractive.

Girls want a guy who is carefree, whose mind is, “I don’t have a care in the world. I’m  present to the moment.”

“I’m just enjoying this moment right now. And I love it.”

Cocky and carefree.

They kind of go hand-in-hand because it’s hard to feel and be cocky if you’re weighed down by anxieties.

Feeling cocky allows you to be more carefree.

Feeling carefree allows you to feel cocky.

It’s a rare combination having BOTH.

But when you have them both, you’re that rare man she doesn’t meet often and it’s literally a hypnotizing magic potion to women.

#3. Dominant

Number three: dominant.

Women want dominance.

Or more specifically having a dominant energy over them.

Like holding eye contact with her and not breaking it. Not looking down but holding your gaze with her.

Holding your state. Being unreactive.

If she’s, say a pretty girl, you don’t turn into the overly excited, gay-ish, fanboy who is talking too fast and is bouncing off the walls in excitement to meet you.

And you don’t get sad and feeling dejected when she throws a congruence test your way.

Dominance…you’re steady like a rocky. You’re like an oak tree with deep roots and you let the girls’ emotions bend around you and react to YOU.

Being cocky and carefree have a lot to do with being dominant as well.

When you’re cocky and carefree, what the girl does or says isn’t likely to affect you, and you get that dominant, masculine steadiness and can lead HER.

 #4. Absolute certainty

Fourth, what girls want: certainty.

Absolute certainty where you don’t second guess yourself, you don’t second guess your words, and you don’t second guess your moves.

You follow through.

So when you go up to approach her, you go up to her in a straight line with purpose.

You don’t weave around, hesitating, as you go up.

When you’re talking to her and go to make a BOLD move and pick her up, and spin her around…

You don’t put your hand around her shoulder like “Eh… eh…is this okay? Eh?”

Rather, all your actions have absolute certainty behind them…

Absolute resoluteness…

Like an unstoppable flowing force forward.

And you calibrate after the fact, as needed.

 #5. Able to control situations

Fifth: girls desire a guy with the ability to control situations.

So, say you talk to a girl.

Are you the one LEADING the interaction?

Are you the one setting the energetic tone or do you let the girl set the pace?

Say you step into a group of four girls.

Do you play tag along and follow THEM..

Or can you take over their whole group and get them all following YOU.

That’s what girls want to see that you can step into a new situation…

And be the leader of other men…

And lead her, and her friends as well.

#6. Able to impose their energy over those of everyone else

Number six.

Girls desire a guy who can impose his energy and vibe over those of everyone else.

Can you go up to a girl feeling carefree and excited with positive, good emotions, and get all her friends feeling that same spark of charged excitement?

Can you feel aroused by the girl and get her feeling that sexual spark as well?

Are you able to set the tone, set the lead, set the emotional tenor of the girl’s group?

Can you bring a certain energy, a higher vibe, and impose that energy on everyone else?

That ability is very desirable to a girl.

#7. Mysterious

Number seven: girls want a guy who is a little mysterious.

Now that doesn’t mean being cold and aloof and unengaged.

It simply means that you don’t spill everything about yourself immediately to the girl.

You don’t tell her your sob story. You don’t tell her all about your exes.

You don’t weigh her down with facts and figures.

You don’t use the girl as your therapist. You just hint at cool stuff here and there.

“Oh, yeah, I visited Japan….spent a few weeks there.”

And that’s it. Silence.

Drop a little hint and let her curiosity do the work for you.

Let HER ask you the questions.

Make her invest to find out about your backstory.

#8. Unavailable

Number eight: girls are attracted to guys who are unavailable.

What I mean is…yes… be VERY engaging.

Get the girl excited and charged up, get her feeling sexual tension.

But women like a guy who doesn’t just throw himself at her. Women like a guy who they have to win over.

A guy they have to chase approval from. A guy they feel they could lose.

A girl’s favorite thing in the world IS to chase a guy.

So, if you go up to a girl and tell her, “You are absolutely stunning. I want to marry you. Let’s go out to dinner tonight.”

And you start texting her twenty times a day.

Problem with that is there’s no challenge for her.

There’s no chase for her. She’s already won you over.

You’re robbing the girl of her favorite thing of having to chase and win-over a guy.

You should be at least *somewhat* unavailable.

The attitude you should have is yeah, you like her.

But you’re not 100% sure about her. You’re not 100% convinced.

You’re busy. You have other girls. You have other options.

You’re a scarce commodity.

She could lose you.

“Yeah, you’re cute, but beauty is common. What else have you got going for you?”

#9. Interesting

Number nine. Girls want a man who is interesting.

That doesn’t mean you know interesting factoids or can tell interesting stories. No.

Interesting is a guy who can spark charged excitement in her and her friends.

Interesting is a guy that then can create massive sexual tension with her.

Interesting is a guy who makes her FEEL excitement and sexual tension and wanting to chase him with breaking rapport…

Bold physical moves…


Roleplays and plotlines…

Pushing and pulling…

Powerful eye contact…

Dynamic facial expressions…

And all the like.

#10. Unhindered

Ten: girls want a guy who is unhindered.

Meaning, his words and actions flow from him without filters.

Unhindered: he’s not filtered.

He’s not shy or second guessing himself.

He’s not politically correct.

He’s not thinking, “Should I do this? Or that?”

“Is this appropriate?”

“Can I get away this this?”

“I better not say that!”

Instead, his mind is free, his body is loose.

And like a rebel, he just does what he wants while at the same time, calibrating after the fact and being light on his feet.

If she responds poorly to something he does, he’s able to see that, course correct, change tactics, and change direction as needed.

But, he course corrects AFTER the fact…

He doesn’t filter himself before.

He’s unhindered. He leaps before he looks.

#11. Be Unstifled

Number eleven:

Women want a man who is unstifled.

Stifled means that you’re afraid to let what’s inside of you out.

Stifled means you express yourself, but you restrain yourself at the same time.

You might laugh, but you restrain your laughter.

You hold it back. You half-ass it.

You might tell a story, but you hold back your vocal projection.

You might make eye contact but you don’t hold it and you keep breaking it.

You might dance, but you’re very stiff and self-conscious.

When you’re stifled, everything is muted.

You’re tight. You’re not letting go.

You’re holding back. You’re afraid of being judged.

Whereas, a guy who is unstifled in his expression…

You don’t give a damn…

And you just let everything out at a full 100% roar.

You see, girls LOVE being around an unstifled guy, because it’s very freeing.

It’s charismatic. It’s magnetic.

You’re a rebel not held back by others or by society and you become a source of pure emotional energy.

 #12. Able to provide high social status

Number 12 what women desire most in a man…

A guy is able to provide the high social status they want.

Now this is NOT the same as money.

It’s more like being a guy who she could BRAG to her friends about.

A guy she could feel that her friends and social circle would be jealous of.

That could be a man that drives an old, used car, but he’s just a really, cool, sociable guy that everybody loves to be around and makes everybody feel great.

Or a guy that can take her traveling to new, exotic places, say, on a budget, in a hostel…

But where gets awesome photos of her standing in front of the pyramids in Giza, which she posts on her Instagram, raising her social status.

Maybe she and all her friends are all very short and you’re a tall guy.

And you just being tall raises her social status.

Girls want a guy who can raise her social STATUS in her group…

And there’s hundreds of different ways to do that, but it’s something women want and are very attracted to.

 #13. Pre-selected

Number thirteen: girls want a man who is pre-selected.

Pre-selected means other beautiful women desire you too.

She sees you with other beautiful women hanging around you.

She knows you’ve dated beautiful women in the past.

Beautiful women have selected you over other men.

And that’s very attractive to girls.

They desire meeting a man who is pre-selected.

#14. Center of attention

Number fourteen: women want a man who is the center of attention.

When he walks into a room, he can command the room.

When he walks into a room, he can draw all eyes onto himself and handle that social pressure.

And he can energetically dominate everyone around him.

 #15. Never fazed

Number fifteen: women want a man who is never fazed.

Where if she says to him, “I don’t like your shirt, it’s weird.”

He doesn’t just crumble and run off to hide in the corner with his tail between his legs in his safe space.

He’s not emotionally affected by her jab.

He’s not fazed.

He just laughs it off and her little jab has ZERO effect on his state.

She wants a man that if he she frame battles with him and challenges him, he’s cool with it.

He doesn’t break eye contact with her. He doesn’t shrink.

He just holds his ground, steady as before, and isn’t emotionally affected.

She realizes she can’t win a frame battle against him because all her jabs, and challenges and tests, everything just bounces off him.

#16. Veteran who is never scratched

And finally, number sixteen…

Girls desire a man who is a veteran of many battles.

A man who has battled, and yet never gets more than scratched.

Women want a man who, despite his life experiences, remains positive and optimistic.

He doesn’t get bitter about women. He doesn’t get grumpy, or upset, or mad, or red-pilled.

He comes out of every interaction unscathed, with little more than a scratch…

Still his cool, positive self.

 Honest Signals

Now notice that these 16 things women most desire in a man are all honest signals.

A man who is cocky as hell…carefree…cocky and carefree.

He’s dominant. He takes actions and says things with absolute certainty.

He’s able to step into situations and control them…

And impose his energy over others.

He’s mysterious and partially unavailable.

He’s interesting…and unhindered…and unstifled.

He’s able to raise her social status. He’s pre-selected by other beautiful woman.

He becomes the center of attention wherever he goes. He’s never fazed.

And he’s a veteran of battles, who comes out of any situation with little more than a scratch.

Those are all “honest signals.”

Meaning, they can’t be faked.

You either BECOME that awesome, sexy guy… or you don’t.

And women can tell real fast.

No amount of bragging, or money, or good looks, or success in your career with get you there or convince women otherwise.

Only the game I teach in the way I teach it is gonna really move the needle.

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