What Height Girls Consider Short for a Guy- How Much Does Height Really Matter

I received a question, “Hey Jesse, I’m on the shorter side. I’m a bit short in stature.”

“How short is too short to girls? Or how tall do I need to be to be attractive?”

“Or does my height not really matter and it’s all in my head? What’s your opinion on this? Thanks, John.”

Well good questions, and you have found the right video because I have some eye-opening, rather surprising answers for you.

What we cover

First, we’ll talk about whether your height really matters or not, what is true, and what is B.S.

And I’m not going to sugarcoat the answer for you. I’m going to tell you straight up.

Second, we’ll talk about what specific advantages you get or don’t get from being taller or shorter.

Third, we’ll go into specifics about what exact height is considered short by girls, and what height is considered tall.

And lastly, we’ll lead into my SIX simple fixes for shorter guys.

And if that sounds all goods to you, then listen up.

Height does matter

So does your height, your stature, matter in terms of attracting women?

Or is it all just in your head, a limiting belief?

The short answer is, yes! Your height DOES matter.

It’s very real.

The whole “looks don’t matter” argument is basically a load of poppycock. In fact, your physical height plays more of a role than most guys would really like to think.

You just can’t underestimate the power of your height when it comes to attracting women in terms of getting ATTENTION.

Basically, being tall is one of the BEST advantages you can have over other men.

Being tall, over 6 feet tall… is an instant turn-on that women love just like men go crazy for a woman with big breasts and a tiny waistline.

For a lot of girls, not all girls, but a lot of girls being tall is the #1 physical trait they love about guys.

And if it’s not her #1 physical trait, it’s usually in her top three or four.

The advantages height gives you

Specifically, being tall creates a gut reaction in a girl that screams to her masculinity… manliness… dominance.

When you’re tall, even if the girl is stunningly attractive…

She’ll naturally feel beneath you and more easily submit to you and follow your lead.

Being tall helps get you compliance.

So right off the opener, you don’t need to build attraction or charged excitement in her much. You already have attraction and charged excitement.

You often automatically start at the hook point with the girl where she stops whatever she’s doing and engages with you immediately.

Being tall, you can have more mistakes in your game.

The girl will be more forgiving of your mistakes and she’ll keep holding engagement with you despite your mistakes, allowing you to more easily jump straight into building sexual tension with her.

Being tall, your interactions won’t stall or break as easily.

The girl will keep participating, maybe reinitiating the interaction herself. In other words, girls WANT the tall guy to win her over.

When you’re tall, girls WANT to find awesome things about you.

They want you to come out as a winner, so girls will often help you out. They’ll often give you the first few minutes by default as a freebie.

And that’s a big deal because it’s those first few minutes that are usually the toughest first minutes.

So that’s the advantage of being tall in stature gives you.

And it’s a pretty BIG advantage.

 Biological perspective

And it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective why women like tall guys.

Being tall in stature means, you and all your ancestors going back many generations had a lot of resources. You ate well.

Like take for instance, the white-tailed deer in the United States stands about 3 feet tall.

Well, a few deer thousands of years ago arrived in the Florida Keys, a chain of small islands off the coast of the state of Florida.

But because these islands are so small with very limited food resources, these 3-feet tall white-tailed deer had trouble surviving.

And over time, their smaller, shorter offspring survived in that island environment with less food, so Key Deer evolved.

Key Deer are a smaller subspecies of white-tailed deer, only about 2 feet tall instead of 3 feet tall.

So as a tall guy, that suggests that you had LOTS of food resources going back many generations.

Your father was well fed. Your grandfather was well fed.

You come from an unbroken line of ancestors going back thousands of years with access to resources whereas shorter people, they come from a lineage of more limited resources.

So women see tall stature as a very powerful and honest evolutionary signal of health and access to resources.

Whereas if you’re shorter, your ancestors were kind of like the Florida Keys Deer where resources were always more scarce.

 So how tall is tall?

So the question comes up…

How tall is tall enough to be considered attractive to women?

And how short is considered short?

Well, this is where things get a little messy. It largely depends on the girl’s height as well.

Studies have been done that suggest that if you’re 2 to 3 inches taller than the girl, she’ll find your height acceptable enough.

And if you’re 4 to 5 inches taller than the girl, she’ll find your height to be attractive.

And anything more than that will be VERY attractive to her.

So say you are a man of average height in the United States, 5’9” / 175 centimeters…

Well, to a girl who is 5’3” tall, which is the average height of a girl in the United states…

She WILL consider your height at 5’9” to be attractive because you are 6 inches taller than her.

So you can be a man of average height at 5’9” and still be considered attractive in height to the average girl at 5’3” if we’re judging attraction purely based one-dimensionally on height.


Now it gets a little muddier than that.

It also depends on cultural conditioning as well.

So, for example many girls in the United States, they have a bit of a skewed perspective on height where they’ll see the average height of 5’9” as still being short.

And in their skewed perspective, attractive guys have to be about 6” feet tall/182 centimeters.

So it also depends if she’s in a place where there’s a lot of tall guys around or if she’s on social media a lot.

It depends on her expectations.

So even if you are 3 or 4 inches taller than her, she still might consider that “short” even though you are actually average in height.


Another way to look at it is THIS:

Girls will tend to slot a guy into one of three categories.

First category, he’s short and she writes him off as too short at least at first.

Second category, she doesn’t feel anything at all about it. You’re simply average height to her.

She’s not deducting points from you… she’s just neutral about it. It’s not even in her mind.

Your height isn’t provoking an emotional reaction from her one way or the other, not negatively, not positively.

And the third category is, you reach that magical tallness threshold where she gets butterflies in her stomach for you.

And for girls in the United States, that magical threshold of tall stature where girls really start to treat you differently and in a special way like you’re a HOT guy…

Is, from what I’ve seen, around 6’0’’ tall (182 cm) and taller.

6’0’’ and taller is ideally where you want to be where now your height really starts to work in YOUR favor in terms of lighting girls up with charged excitement and instant attraction for you.

 Curse of being tall

But here’s the good news.

First, you have to understand that, YES your height does make things either easier or harder for you but that doesn’t give you success, nor make it impossible.

A lot of taller guys, they get some attention from girls early on in in life. They fall into a little success here and there.

But because they got a little success early on, most taller guys are very LAZY about women.

Taller guys generally get very AVERAGE girls where they just fall into relationships because they don’t put any effort into it.

It’s like they’re given an all-you-can-eat lifetime credit card to Burger King, and so they never attempt to go after the $100 dollar steak.

Most taller guys totally clam-up around a more attractive girl. In fact, most taller guys are TERRIBLE around women.

They’re atrocious. They have NO game whatsoever.

And even if they DO get a little attraction at first with a girl, they have no idea how to convert that attraction.

They don’t escalate. They don’t create sexual tension, and they don’t get laid. So most taller guys take themselves OUT of the competition completely.

They’re essentially invisible because they’ll never approach or meet or talk to the more attractive girls. So there’s not as much competition as you might think from tall guys.

And girls will always end up sleeping with and jumping into bed with NOT the tall guy but with the guy who knows HOW to lead her to into bed.

And that’s usually with the SHORTER guy who put the time and the effort into actually learning the steps to make that happen.

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