Give Girls Mind-Orgasms and Make “Nice Girls” Do Anything In Bed...
Take Control of Your Relationships And Become The Primal, Epic LOVER That Women Have Screaming Orgasms With...

Hi, my name is Jesse and I have a shocking story to tell you...

My two friends Paul and Cindy always looked happy and Cindy, besides being beautiful, had a great energy and personality.  I would have called them the “perfect couple”.

Or so I thought!  My illusions were dashed as I sat down with Cindy (at her request) and she told me she was unhappy with the relationship - BORED with her sex life.

As it turned out, Cindy had CHEATED behind Paul’s back for another man who was a more exciting “bad boy” type who was no good for her.

It’s about time us men wake up to reality, that most women are VERY disappointed with the men they’re meeting and their relationships.

You see, most women never meet a man with relaxed, sexual confidence AND the "know-how" to really make her orgasm HARD.

Sadly, most women walk around in a sexual coma, resigned to the idea that nothing can be done.  In other words, most women have lost ALL hope. 

Most women have forgotten what it’s like to be a SEXUAL BEING.

And 99% of the guys out there THINK they’re doing a good job- when in reality their woman is quietly dissatisfied behind their back!

And that’s why an astonishing number of women – more than 50% in studies - ADMIT to sexually cheating on their man.

The fact is, attractive women with many options make judgments about men based on how they lead (or don’t lead) the relationship in the bedroom.  

And they BLAB to their friends about it.

I found myself at party one night where the tipsy girls actually MADE FUN OF the men they’d slept with based on the man’s sexual confidence.

Why 99% of women are not TRULY happy in the bedroom and why 99% of men can never truly satisfy a woman sexually...
…and why you must drop everything
until you fix it!

As an experiment, I asked ten women I know about their sexual experiences with men, and they all told me that their man had only a limited idea of how to please them.  

In fact, most women rarely had an orgasm during sex with their man and they usually FAKED it.

It’s not because men lack “sexual technique”.  You see, most guys try to satisfy their women physically, but they’re not engaging the deeper woman inside. 

Learn to become a dominant lover that girls will never forget.

Most guys don’t know how to bring out the primal sexual woman underneath, and bring out the amazing pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms a woman can really have.  Consequently, most women don’t really know how to “let go” at a core level.

And if you don’t know how “the game” works, a woman will subconsciously view you as weak and unmanly.

The result is a crying SHAME.  Thousands of women feel an underlying disappointment with their man and their relationship and resign themselves to the idea that, “it’s not great, but it’s good enough”… until they find someone else that is!

The Terrible Mistake That
Held Me Back for YEARS...

Since I can remember I’ve had EXACTLY the same problems in my relationships.  Even though I did a lot of things right, I did a few KEY things WRONG that, with time, literally tanked my best relationships.

Because of the frame I put women into (and 99% of all guys I’ve ever met do this too - more about this terrible MISTAKE later), with time I would feel guilty about my sexual desires and too embarrassed to tell women what I really wanted.

So I spent the earlier YEARS of my life largely WASTED on a fool’s “quest” to uncover the secret, only to ruin one relationship after another.

Even after I learned how to attract and sleep with beautiful women (a whole other story!), even after I learned the mechanics of being a good lover, eventually the woman became dissatisfied with me.

And the relationships, no matter what I did to hold them together, would fall apart.

I screwed up MANY relationships with quality women over those early years, just like how I see with virtually every guy I meet.  No wonder over 80% of couples break apart!

If You’re Ready to Finally Have TRUE Success With Sexual Relationships, This Letter Will Change Your Life

Most of us are still “boys” in the bedroom.  

We can learn as many techniques and “tricks” as we want, but we never really grew up to act like MEN. 

And a MAN is what a woman really wants to be with in and outside of the bedroom.

What’s the difference between being a MAN for a woman, and being a BOY?

Did you ever feel control of the situation slipping from your hands?  Did you ever feel you were screwing things up?  Did you ever feel self-conscious and ashamed inside… even though you couldn’t figure out WHY?

You see, modern society has STRIPPED you of your inherent manhood and your ability to have satisfying sexual relationships with women.

Ever since you were a child, you’ve been kept ISOLATED and sexually NEUTERED in a school and job “follower environment” that wanted you to be a good, obedient WORKER... so that someone ELSE (your boss) could make money.  

No one thought it important to teach you how to become the type of man that women are naturally attracted to.

Become The Sexually Powerful, Attractive Man that Every Woman Really Wants...

You see, a man with true, inner sexual confidence and a leader in the bedroom is a very rare man.  Frankly, a catch to any beautiful woman.

Teach women to squirt, give great blow jobs, and have multiple orgasms.

A man who transforms his “buddy” relationships with women into “sexually addiictive” relationships where the girls constantly orgasm, is a man worth more to beautiful women than his weight in gold.

You see, every woman has TWO sides to her.  She has the artificial woman she shows on the surface, and she has the natural woman she FEELS underneath.  

And once you know how to tap into the natural woman, the real, sexual woman underneath, she will be yours forever, no matter how good looking she is!

Unfortunately for women, there are very few REAL men who can do this compared to the number of beautiful women hoping to catch such a man.

And unfortunately for myself, like everyone else I went about it all WRONG until…

The Epiphany That Hit Me
Like a Thunderbolt

All of my relationships with attractive women would quickly run into familiar problems.  She’d grow bored and I would try to think of something interesting to “spice things up” again.

In other words, I dealt with my "relationship issues" with band-aid quick fixes.

What quickly became apparent is that when you deal with relationship issues with band-aid fixes, you’re not actually solving the ROOT problem itself.

Then I had a simple realization that, instead of trying to deal with each separate problem, I would have a far EASIER time if I learned the right frame for handling women BEFORE the problem came up in the first place.

Can A “Silver Bullet” Solution
Really Exist?

Of course, our parents never gave us “a blueprint” or instruction manual on how to have passionate, fulfilling relationships with really beautiful women that can have any man they want.

So most men go through their entire lives in a sexual hum-drum.  And if they’re with an attractive woman, they eventually lose her to another, more exciting man.

So I thought to myself, “Why doesn’t someone just put the ultimate sexual relationship manual together?”  But I couldn’t find ANYTHING even remotely satisfying.  Just books on sexual positions and fluffy “Oprah” relationship advice that didn’t tap into the woman’s deeper sexual animal.

So I read every book I could get my hands on (literally I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on books), talked a lot with a professional psychologist friend of mine, and combined that with my own personal exploration with dozens of women... and condensed it all into a “master theory”, into a simple system that anyone can use to engineer the sexual relationships he wants.

And now I’m giving you that step-by-step, easy to use program to fundamentally transform your life with gorgeous girls (or a gorgeous wife) and expand your sexual relationships.

This program will literally smash like a hammer your old frames and beliefs and reveal to you the “social matrix” that has been holding you back.  

Within a few hours you’ll be more sexually “in touch” with women than 99% of men will EVER be.  I’m talking about women, even on one night stands, remembering the experience of sex with you until she dies.

And you’ll be able to apply it RIGHT AWAY to the relationships in your life.

Here’s Just a Few of the Things
You’ll Learn In This Program
  • How to turn the shy, sexually inhibited girls as well as the “bitchy” Perfect 10s into your perfect sex-partner match.
  • How 99% of guys who think they are being “the man” are actually making HUGE mistakes that they THINK are a good thing, but in reality are major relationship KILLERS (and if you don’t know what they are, there’s a good chance you’re making these mistakes too)
  • The common “relationship frame” that 99% of all men are completely unaware of, and tells a woman instantly whether or not you’re a “real man in bed”.
  • How you must reject and overcome the “bad programming” of society and enjoy the sex life you were meant to have.
  • Exactly WHAT to do to solve your sexual relationship problems without spending years and thousands of dollars in therapy!
  • How to leave the “boy” behind you and become a real MAN so that you’re not always trying to “fix” situations with band-aids, but you get them handled right the first time.
  • A secret way to “name” a woman that sends her into a highly sexual state up for anything, immediately (this is definitely “cutting edge”… but it works!)
  • Why 50% of married women, and an even a greater percentage of “loyal” girlfriends, eventually cheat (and most likely this has happened to you too, even if you don’t know about)… and how you can prevent yourself from being the next casualty!
  • A “forbidden” move I use (this is POWERFUL and not to be used on women you intend to have a one-night stand with… this is ONLY for women you want to create a powerful attachment)
  • How to be a MAN without being a “jerk” or “bad boy”, and without being a “nice guy” who never gets what he wants either.
  • We all have “out there” fantasies and women have them too. Here’s how to get rid of your anxiety or embarrassment and actually LIVE out your sexual fantasies with girls.
  • Why your woman will “mentally cheat” on you in bed as you make love with her, unless you apply this ONE technique.
  • How to really act like a MAN in the bedroom and make her feel like she’s a real WOMAN with a real MAN… and not like a “nice guy” boy who bores women and leads them to cheat behind your back!
  • How these invisible “anchors” are almost certainly “cold showering” your sexual relationships and what to do about them!
  • How to take a woman to a “forbidden” level of sexual pleasure that is too EXTREME for normal society.
  • How to transform any attractive woman into your perfect sexual partner… so that every woman you’re with is a “Perfect 10” in the bedroom.
  • The shocking statistics of what women claim they REALLY want… but in private NEVER tell their man.
  • Hot to use secret cues to trigger off a woman’s sex drive, even if she’s “not in the mood right now”.
  • How to turn around a bad response from a woman into BROWNIE POINTS for yourself (I personally use this all the time to eliminate any and all sexual rejection.)
  • How to project a sexually confident energy that women FEEL and make them OBEY your lead.
  • How to sexually “take” your woman the way she longs to be taken, and set off that “I must have my man NOW” feeling inside her.
  • How to bring your woman emotionally close to you so that she’ll never want to leave you, on matter how beautiful she is.  And why most relationships FAIL because this is NOT done.
  • How to make a woman “let go” and fully surrender her sexual SOUL to you.
  • How to stop “posing” or acting like someone you’re not, and bring out your own unique identity so that women are in love with the REAL you.
  • What is women’s single greatest fear about sex, and how you can make a woman feel excited and look forward to having sex with YOU.
  • How to “talk” in the bedroom using specific language structures... and why if you don’t do this, nearly every woman will think you’re a DUD no matter how good your “bedroom techniques” are.
  • The part of her mind NOT to engage under ANY circumstances or you WILL be rejected, and how to completely bypass it (I’ve screwed this up myself over a hundred times... and used to bang my head against the wall for this)
  • Why ALL women lead “secret” lives, and how she’s not really the angel she claims to be (and why it’s in your best interest to know).
  • A SURE-FIRE method to accelerate your woman’s sexual responsiveness anytime you like... even on a first date... so that she’s ready for “getting down” when you want (I use this technique myself on virtually EVERY woman I meet).
  • The brilliant “stack and escalate” method that causes womens' sexual responsiveness to you to continually build until she becomes your Geisha "sex slave".
  • A fast and simple way to give your woman deeper mental orgasms without even touching her!
  • How to become any woman’s “sexual trainer” so that she performs better than ANY porn star, without resistance!
  • A surefire method for creating sexual horniness "right on the spot", even on a first date, so that as soon as you’re alone with her she'll try to seduce YOU.
  • The dominance-surrender dichotomy (and exactly how I exploit it) that women secretly hope you’ll accidentally “stumble on”.
  • A common trap that locks men into bad relationships and that is surprisingly easy to turn around.
  • Has your mind ever told you one thing, which you KNEW was right, but you did another?  I show you how to quickly and permanently BREAK FREE of stubborn limiting beliefs that sabotage your sexual relationships.
  • How to install “open loops” to get your woman thinking about you even when you’re not around!
  • How the “nice guy” in the bedroom secretly turns women off, and how to play out the “bad boy” while still being “yourself”.
  • Why 99% of guys have the three “relationship frames” out of balance, and why this almost ALWAYS causes women to break up with them.
  • The fantasy ALL women have, but are too embarrassed to admit to... and why she’ll jump for joy when she finds out you know this one too.
  • What to do if you go “too far” and how to handle virtually any “bad” situation before it gets worse, so that you come across as her hero.
  • Why women’s REAL dreams are not for diamonds or fancy cars, but for her “to be a performer” and how you can make her deepest wish come true (if you don’t know exactly what I’m getting at, this is especially for you!)
  • How to tap into the unique “natural woman” inside of her and break her “inner code” so that she’ll become yours forever.
  • How to get a hot woman to enthusiastically deep throat you and bring her other cute girlfriends in for kinky threesomes.
  • How to break into restricted, secretive sex parties attended by young, beautiful, sexually free women... complete with party PHOTOS and how to sneak your way inside!
And What This
Course Is NOT...

I’ve wasted so much of my time running in circles in relationships gone awry and unsatisfied sexually.  

And the last thing I want is to waste your time too.  I completely understand what it's like to run the treadmill of life, only to end up back at square one again and again.

That’s why this program isn’t “fluff”.  That’s why I don’t do a lot of unnecessary blow-harding to fill up “space”.  This isn’t a “motivational program” to put you on a temporary high.  This isn’t a silly book of “10 funky hints”.  Nor is this about “tricking” a woman into anything.

In fact, the course is intense, graphic, and revolutionary.  

I cut through the issues DIRECTLY and turn the “conventional wisdom” and everything men have been duped into believing about sexual relationships right-side up.  

I teach you all the beliefs and methods you need to get out of negative relationship patterns and start enjoying great sexual relationships right away.

Why You Can Spend Your Whole Life Looking and Not Find Any Other Program Like Blissnosis Out There

Of course, you can certainly find bits and pieces of “good advice” if you scour the internet and hundreds of bookstore shelves.  You’ll find a number of “experts” like Dr. Phil or Oprah who have some generally “safe” advice.

But the truth is that these “mainstream experts” come from a climate of sexual conservatism appealing mostly to middle-aged soccer moms.  Meaning, being a super “nice guy” in bed is the answer to all relationship problems!

But Blissnosis is NOT another cliché “how to please a woman in bed” or “how to improve your relationship” program. 

I understand that sexual bliss doesn’t come from being a “nice guy”.  Everything in this program is NEW and will blow your mind.

The Big Question Is, Is This The Right Program For You?

Let me say straight up that this course is NOT for everybody.

If you’re satisfied with having “normal” relationships that most likely become sexually boring and eventually turn sour, then I can’t help you.

But let me ask you if any of the following apply to you,

  • Do you ever feel you’re not living out the full potential of your sex life, either because the woman you’re with doesn’t share the same sexual values as you, or because you can’t even sexually attract women in the first place?
  • Are you tired of “chancing it” and want to transform your sexual relationships into ones of massive, reliable success?
  • Does it ever feel like you’re losing sexual chemistry with your woman, or worse, you seem to have NO sexual chemistry with her or other women in general?
  • Have you ever felt your woman feeling attraction to another guy (or maybe cheated)… and you lacked control of the situation?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about your sexual fantasies or wandering eye, and that on some level you feel “trapped” in a relationship?
  • Did you ever meet the girl you were looking for, only then to mess it all up?
  • In the bedroom, do you ever feel shy or awkward about leading your woman, even if your natural instincts tell you it’s the right thing to do?
  • Do you ever worry that she might be shocked or turned off by what you really want to do in the bedroom?
  • Do you ever get nervous about advancing or initiating sex?
  • Did you ever find yourself at a point of having great sex, only to be a disappointment?

Of course, you’re not alone.  I myself experienced a string of failures and I’ve had to overcome all of these problems too, the hard way.  

But you don’t have to take it anymore.  


If even ONE of these limitations is holding you back or making your life less than its best, you need to listen to what I have to say and listen FAST. 

Yes, it’s actually EASY to fix and I’ll show you how to overcome your insecurities by changing your entire relationships frame.

Because when you have the confidence and correct the frame, you’ll come to understand that women want sex just as wild and passionately as we do - more so in fact.

And by the time you’re finished this program, you’ll not only know the right moves to make, but you’ll know just how to make them.  And you’ll be handling your sexual relationships with FAR more success.

And once you tap into womens' minds on this level, no man will even have a chance with your woman.  No other man will be able to break the secret to her deepest depths since you’ll be touching her at a core, deep level.

And the best part is that your women will LOVE you for it!

(Limited Time) Additional Bonus:
Watch Blissnosis on Video in Action!

Now listen to my commentary as you watch real lovemaking on the screen as I guide you through with the tips and secrets of the Blissnosis program (WARNING: This bonus contains Explicit Adult Material. You must be 18 or over to receive the free bonus).

Here’s Everything That You’re
Going to Get Right Now!
  • Nine digitally recorded Blissnosis CDs in high-def
  • The revised and expanded Blissnosis book
    (over 360 pages long!)
  • The Visual Blissnosis bonus video
  • Instant free delivery
  • Additional Bonus... A Free month of Advanced Mastermind
  • This bonus is worth at least $40 alone
  • You'll get this bonus free, just for trying this program

You get it all, instant access to all the programs and bonuses for just $199.79 ONE easy payment of $47 (hurry, this HUGE discount expires Tuesday, June 6th).

Try This Program Right
Now, At MY Risk

I’m so sure that you’ll absolutely get RESULTS with the program that you can try it at MY RISK.

Use all the materials ALL YOU WANT for up to 90 days.

Whether you’re new to relationships or a seasoned pro, the program will up your happiness and sex life instantly and you’ll see results right away.

Nevertheless, if you change your mind for ANY reason, just let me know within 90 days and you’ll be completely 100% refunded, no questions asked.

That’s NO risk to you.

After you click on the ORDER LINK below, you’ll go to a secure page where you can use a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal for instant access.

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Several guys have told me that Blissnosis is like the “blinders” have come off and they can “see” their sexual relationship in bright new colors… almost as if they’re members in an exclusive “Skull and Bones Club” of sexual abundance.  

And even if you already are in a great relationship AND with a quality woman, you deserve to get this program and learn how to create the masculine aggression and sexual presence for great relationships that very, very few men will ever have. 

After all, what if Blissnosis gives you just ONE great sexual relationship with a woman?  How much would that be worth to you?  And what is it worth just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of transformative success?

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to figure it out and I WISH someone had a program like this back then.

And everything you need is right inside you right now... you just need to give yourself the chance to reach in and pull it out.

Listen, in all probability you probably have no more than about 9,000 days left in your lifetime while you are young enough to really enjoy your relationships and sex life. 

I don’t know about you, but 9,000 days seems pretty short.  And those days are slipping away right now.  What did you do with this one?  Let’s be candid, every day you go through life not fulfilling your sexual potential with beautiful women is another day you are being cheated out of what you deserve.

So be straight with yourself.  Are you going to stay stuck never getting what you really want and letting opportunities slip away forever, always wondering what MIGHT have been… or are you going to stand up for yourself - even against your own self - and make this really happen?

Because you ARE ready.  Make the investment in YOURSELF right now and don’t look back for another moment!

 Your friend,

Jesse Charger

Try This Program Right
Now, At MY Risk

I’m so sure that you’ll absolutely get RESULTS with the program that you can try it at MY RISK.

Use all the materials ALL YOU WANT for up to 90 days.

Whether you’re new to relationships or a seasoned pro, the program will up your happiness and sex life instantly and you’ll see results right away.

Nevertheless, if you change your mind for ANY reason, just let me know within 90 days and you’ll be completely 100% refunded, no questions asked.

That’s NO risk to you.

After you click on the ORDER LINK below, you’ll go to a secure page where you can use a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal for instant access.

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P.S. Don’t allow yourself to have another failed or hum-drum sexual relationship.  Don't be just “another guy” who only lived out 10% of his sexual potential.  This is about waking up every morning HAPPY, and fulfilled.  It's made an incredible change in my own personal life... let it work for yours.

Read What Others Have
To Say...

(These have been edited and names changed to initials for privacy):

I tell you Jesse, your Blissnosis program was fantastic.  I really got a lot out of it.  After listening to it I had that extra confidence because of the knowledge I picked up from the course to take it to a sexual level with an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous girl from Honduras that I was friends with at the time.  So you see, you have given me truly one of the great, pleasurable experiences of my life because you figured out what women want/need. 

- Al 

Jesse, I really enjoyed the first CD which gave me some very powerful frames - I learned not to be the nice guy in the bedroom and not to treat the misses like a princess in the bedroom, but to be stronger in leading her and adopt the whore complex for her in the bedroom.  

I always struggled with this and recently have paid the price in losing a woman (bi-sexual) because I was too nice.  I purchased Blissnosis right before we broke up and must say that I was able to communicate some sexual fantasies to her, one day while cuddling and was later surprised at how she spontaneously acted them out when i least expected it.. it was great!

 - Christian 

Jesse, I first became aware of your website when you were on the radio (102.1).  From just listening to you for a couple of minutes, I thought you were brilliant, but I was becoming extremely angry at the guys interviewing you cuz they didn’t understand how incredibly deep your knowledge was and they kept interrupting you.

Anyways, I shortly got on your website and have been following you ever since, I have every single news letter that you ever sent to me and I treat the knowledge as something very sacred.  I try to get all my friends to join as well especially my younger cousins in high school.  The knowledge is so deep that it’s almost spiritual, don’t laugh.

Let me just say one thing, there are a lot of people out there pushing a lot of nonsense and pretty much just scamming the customers but you guys are amazing and I hope you will always be there for all men!!!  thank you Jesse!

 - Alvin 

My success story: So dirty talking, whore escalation, environmental cues and role play as a process is working.  At the end of this year I had my best holidays ever - and not because of the location ;) Would I recommend Blissnosis to a friend? For sure.

- Andreas 

Jesse, the program worked marvelously and I was surprised to see quite a reaction from my new interactions.  My relations with women have been amped up and my sex life had been fulfilled as a result.  I am single again, and I have to start practicing again with your material!

 - Jaymes 

Jesse, I loved your program and spent all day with it. It was worth the price, every penny... although I don’t understand how you came up with this, I know millions of men would find your advice extremely helpful for being great lovers with women and even seduction.  Most guys are so clueless about sex, myself being one them.  Keep up the good work.

- Brian 

Jesse, I called this girl who I hadn’t talked to in a while and who keeps blowing me off.  I started to describe to her some of the techniques in your Blissnosis program and how they can be used to achieve full body orgasms.  Well, she got very interested at that!  Pretty soon I was doing your sex talk with her right on the phone – it worked – thirty minutes later she had had two orgasms with me right over the phone.  The next day she called me up and insisted that she come over and get it 'first hand' as she put it, hehe.  Thank you so much for this. Best of all, I already know it works.

- Rob  

Hi, I always considered myself a shy guy with women and the few times I got into bed with a girl I’d freeze up.  Over the last few months I’ve installed new traits into myself and my shyness is gone.  I’m a completely different person now and my new girlfriend is completely in to me.  Thanks man.

- Henry 

Try This Program Right
Now, At MY Risk

I’m so sure that you’ll absolutely get RESULTS with the program that you can try it at MY RISK.

Use all the materials ALL YOU WANT for up to 90 days.

Whether you’re new to relationships or a seasoned pro, the program will up your happiness and sex life instantly and you’ll see results right away.

Nevertheless, if you change your mind for ANY reason, just let me know within 90 days and you’ll be completely 100% refunded, no questions asked.

That’s NO risk to you.

After you click on the ORDER LINK below, you’ll go to a secure page where you can use a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal for instant access.

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