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  1. Hello, i am new in rio, botafogo. Wants girl friend between 19 – 30 years of age, who can also speak english and go to parties and club with me. She can also stay with me in my apartment

  2. Thank u Jess,
    Now i understand why my Girlfriend live me.
    I need more advice how I can forget this girl and move on, because I stell calling her and I stel have imotion for her,
    Jess help!!

  3. This works as the gym is the best place to find nice dates. It works because you go there all the time and get to know most people visiting. It works because you can exchange couple of friendly words when that feels convenient – no need to rush. Stretching area is the best as there no-one is focusing on exercise any longer and people and relaxing. Usually I ask a girl for a pizza or something innocent to get to know her better…..and yes, if you first become horny because of her body, the game is over 🙂 Even if she hasn’t noticed, I am just thinking how to get this girl naked….it does not work because she can smell my insincere agenda from my unsure voice. Body language becomes awkward once you try to conceal your true agenda….but if you just go to talk to her….say something interesting or funny, focus on her face, it always works 🙂

  4. Not every female is worth pursuing because some of them have personality disorders like BPD and NPD. What is being described above, sounds a lot like Borderline or someone with CPTSD. When a woman is interested, she is not going to back away from a man showing serious signs of interest. Most of women are not concerned with slut-shaming by replying to texts. The problem is with the man’s text messages. Push-pull is more typical of men who are testing the water and trying to attract a mate, NOT WOMEN with normal brains. Women with healthy affect are not looking for “good feelings” but are seeking friends with integrity that she may develop into a primary relationship.

  5. This works on most types, especially SPs from the Myers-Briggs. If you are interested in one of the NT intellectual types, closely held body language probably doesn’t register with her as weakness.

    1. In a gym….don’t. The worst case scenario, you get kicked out of the place. Touching a woman is an art…take her for a cup of coffee and then to an art gallery. There you can steer her around gently….hey….look at that picture….what do you think….

  6. So true. I’ve always felt drained after a night out of meeting girls. Now it makes sense. Will take the 4 tips on board. Thanks.

  7. esse, do you sell you photos pictures from Derek vitaleo and science seduction…………….. i think the best art ive ever seen. please respond . ps i would like to buy some. i think its the most coolest new art that i have ever seen. and would like them in my room and house, van and shirts…………i will be responsible and honest to the best of my skills

  8. jesse, do you sell you photos pictures from Derek vitaleo and science seduction…………….. i think the best art ive ever seen. please respond . ps i would like to buy some

  9. Excellent. Never heard this before from any pick up artist. So different and looks so true. I very agree..

    Bro thank you so much. Love this video

  10. I think you are absolutly right but I dont like your choice of words :
    about being a “shit test”

    Try ” The refeactory Test” or “The Poking your Brain test”

    You would raise your message level a notch and maybe widen your clientele!!!

    1. The polite term is a “congruence test”. You’re putting on a show for the girl… like you’re confidence for example… and she tests you to see if you’re actually CONGRUENT with the image that you’re presenting.

  11. I hope you ignore the negative comments, they’re the ones that expect miracle tips then get hostile when they find out there is no magic solutions to their dilemma. A lot of your tips happen on a subconscious level that girls don’t even realize themselves.
    And guys, there is no one size fits all method that works on every girl, these are meant to increase your chances..

      1. I would agree with Jesse on that assessment . He did blast through the 11 or 12 examples relatively quiclkly.

      2. chukwuemeka ugwu omaka

        i really agree with Jesse on the assessment, cos all the instances he gave is true

  12. OMG, you cannot be serious! 4’11” average and 6 hotness? I know that was your impression and I’ve got a pretty good idea how you got it, but it’s outrageously far from the truth. Of course most girls anywhere are 6s and below and Thailand is no exception. But for a “farang” (white foreigner) who knows what he’s doing you will have access to absolutely stunning girls. I’ve dated lots of hot, blonde girls from America and believe me they don’t hold a candle to the best Thai girls. These girls are taller with white skin and perfect complexions, amazingly sexy with very pleasant personalities. What makes them happiest is pleasing you – that’s their culture! But you probably won’t have access to these types on a drive-by visit, you’ll need to live there for a while. If you have the finances or can get work there, then move to Thailand for Christ sake. You’ll have to pay some dues, but it’s beyond worth it.

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