How to Attract 99.9% of Girls

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Let’s get right into it shall we: Here’s how to generate HARD attraction with a girl you fancy, and get her horny within 3 minutes flat.

First, understand this: touching a woman causes her body to release a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin.

What Oxytocin does is increases a woman’s testosterone levels, giving her high sex drive.

Oxytocin also causes a woman to feel a powerful bonding feeling with whoever is touching her. And it creates a desire to be penetrated; a woman spiked with Oxytocin has a sudden desire for intercourse.

So even if a woman acts cold to you at first, a few touches will make her start to feel hot and sexual – literally against her will – because it’s an automatic response she has to touch.

What’s more, the oxytocin hormone gives her the desire to be touched even more, producing yet even more oxytocin – a reinforcing cycle of sex hormone escalation.

So if you keep touching a woman, she’ll quickly get to the point of wanting more and more touches and eventually warm up to penetration and sex.

And here’s the strange but wonderful thing about it: the Oxytocin response is FAR more powerful in women than it is for men.

That’s because Oxytocin affects the brain only in combination with estrogen.  Without estrogen, Oxytocin has no effect.  And women have far more estrogen in their bodies than men, particularly young women.

For example, have you ever noticed how a girl you were never really attracted to before, one day she touched you on the hand or shoulder and suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, blood rushed to your penis or you started to think about her differently, in a more sexual way?

Well, in women, that effect of a touch is literally 10 times more powerful!

A touch turns you from nice guy friend into potential lover instantly.

You can’t underestimate how being touched automatically and universally gets women in the mood for sex, literally and immediately, and for more touching and quickly for and penetration.

Oxytocin also decreases mental processes and impairs memory.  A spike of the hormone takes a woman outside of her head and into the moment.  That’s why hugging a girl will typically defuse and melt away her “bitch shield” or cool her off from an argument; touch breaks her pattern, makes her forget her pain, and changes her state.  Hugging a girl can instantly warm her up to you in a purely sexual way.

For all those reasons, its why touch is one of the KEYS for generating HARD attraction in women.

If she likes you already, she will feel light attraction to you.  But unless you are touching her, you’re going to FAIL to generate HARD attraction – period.  You know, that hard attraction where the girl will literally chase you down.

And by the way, if you’re interested in the exact sequence of moves to make on a girl, check out the video at this link below,

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How to Touch a Girl the Right Way

When you’re in a bar or club or social party, it’s very important to touch a woman right off the bat, from the beginning of the interaction.

Because if you just stay in conversation land, and you talk and talk… the longer the conversation goes on, the weirder it’s going to feel to the woman in a way she can’t quite put her finger on.

After all, how long can you talk a girl’s ear off?

20 minutes?

You’re going to keep going for 40 minutes… and never make physical contact???

If you never touch her, you just end up entertaining her to keep the conversation going.  And that’s a sure-fire recipe for the conversation to eventually die and go nowhere.

The sooner you touch a girl, the more NORMAL the touching and the conversation is going to feel to her.

When you touch her right away, it shows her that you are completely comfortable with touching her.  It shows her that you’re not making a move, it’s just part of who you are, and what you do with everyone.

And since it’s no big deal to you, it won’t be a big deal to her.

When you touch a girl right away, you’re showing her your sexual masculine intent from the very beginning and she feels in her gut that you’re a sexual man and a possible sexual partner, and not just a friend or a buddy.

But if you wait 20 minutes into the conversation, and THEN you suddenly try to lay your hands on her of nowhere, you’ll creep her out.  After all, you were pretending to be the “nice guy” for the first 20 minutes to make her like you.  And only once you felt you had her permission to go further, only then did you start touching her.  Girls don’t like it because you suddenly changed personalities halfway through.

That’s not what a cool guy who trusts in his actions does.  A cool guy doesn’t look for the girl’s permission to start touching her – he just does it from the very beginning, because that’s just what he does with all girls.

Once a woman feels physical contact is there from the very beginning, once she sees it’s just part of who you are, she will accept it, because girls fundamentally like touch.  And once touched, they want more touch.

The One Minute Hug Rule

Here’s how to make a girl horny in one minute flat…

Attraction and seduction is not only in your verbal sparring with the girl, but in the physical interaction, the touching.

Because can’t really expect to talk your way into a girl’s heart.  It’s got to be through physical touch.  It’s physical touch that is what makes the girl wet and horny between the legs for you.

So ideally, you want to touch the girl right off the bat.

You don’t to be waiting 10 minutes into the conversation before you start thinking, “Oooh, wait a minute, I should be touching this girl.”

Initiate touch right from the beginning, and the second you start talking to her, touch her.

One good rule to follow is the hugging rule.

The hugging rule is that you want to hug the girl within 60 seconds of meeting her.  Within the first 60 seconds of any interaction, somehow you MUST hug the girl!  No questions asked.

Even if other people are looking, it doesn’t matter.  Girls like to be hugged no matter what.  Girls love hugs.

Even if a girl has a boyfriend that you don’t know about, it’s still cool and socially accepted to hug the girl.

You don’t need a good reason to hug the girl.  Hug her for any dumb excuse.  If she says something you like, and you say to her, “Hey that’s so cool of you! Come here, give me a hug for that!”  And you hug her.

What hugging does is convey confidence, dominance, assertiveness, friendliness, sexuality.  It conveys to the girl that you do what you want and you take what you want.

Hugging conveys that you’re not held back by what other people think or by society’s standards.  It conveys that you’re comfortable with physicality and sex.

It conveys that you’re a leader, and that you’re not worried about being judged by others.

And the cool thing about hugging the girl within 60 seconds is that it helps to overcome one of the biggest conversation problems: running out of things to say.

Once you hug the girl, it creates a level of sexual tension, and then it doesn’t matter what you say. Because even talking about your job or the weather is going to be is going to be far more sexually charged, and therefore very interesting to the girl.

So instead of trying to be interesting by having the most interesting or funny things to say, hug her within the first minute.  You’ve now created sexual tension, and even the most mundane topics will seem interesting to the girl.

And by setting the physical groundwork early, it makes it much easier down the road to cross that barrier into kissing and sex.

So remember: touch the girl right away, even if it’s just with a handshake.  And hug the girl within the first 60 seconds.

It makes your interactions so much easier and smoother.

I’m going to go now, but if you’re interested in the ONE tip on how to turn a girl on and get her noticing you and flirting with you, check out the video at this link below,

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