How To Make ANY Girl Feel Horny For You In 60 Seconds

Here’s an interesting little trick that makes a girl feel horny and highly sexual in just a few seconds, and it’s rather EASY to pull off!

Now you’ve probably worried, “What do I SAY to her?” before.

But fast attraction happens from your physical touch, and NOT because of what you say.

You can’t really talk your way into a girl’s heart, at least not quickly.  It’s only physical touch that is what makes the girl wet and horny between the legs for you.

So my #1 rule is: you want to touch the girl right off the bat.  Touch her as fast as possible!!

You don’t need to wait 10 minutes into a conversation before you start thinking, “Alright, maybe I should touch her now.”  No!!

You need to initiate touch right from the beginning.  And the second you start talking to her, you should be touching her.

You just want to set the precedent right away that you’re comfortable with touching, and that it’s okay to be touched by you.

And once that first touch connects, you want to keep physically escalating.

The 1 Minute Hugging Rule

The “1 Minute Hug Rule” works like gangbusters for this.

The rule is this: You MUST hug the girl within 60 seconds of meeting her.  Yes!  Within the first 60 seconds of any interaction, somehow you MUST hug the girl!  No questions asked.

Even if other people are looking, you still have to hug her.  But it’s no big deal… girls love hugs.

Even if a girl has a boyfriend that you don’t know about, it’s still cool and socially accepted to hug the girl.

The Little Secret: You Don’t Need a Reason to Hug

Here’s the secret: You do NOT need a good reason to hug the girl.

For any dumb excuse, you can give her a hug!

Suppose she says something that pleases you like, “I really love dogs!”

Then you simply say to her, “Hey that’s so cool of you! Come here, give me a hug for saying that!”

And you hug her.  See?  Simple as that.

Why a Simple Hug Gets Her Horny For You

A hug conveys confidence, dominance, assertiveness, friendliness, and sexuality.

A hug conveys to her that you do what you want, and you take what you want.

A hug conveys that you’re not held back by what other people think or by society’s standards.

A hug conveys that you’re comfortable with physicality, and therefore sex.

A hug conveys that you’re a leader, and that you’re not worried about being judged by others.

For all those reasons, it makes a girl instantly get wet between the legs for you.

A Hug Helps the Conversation Too.  Here’s How:

Bet you didn’t know this: hugging the girl within 60 seconds also helps you overcome the problem of “I ran out of things to say”.

You see, once you hug the girl, it creates sexual tension.  And then it doesn’t really matter what you say anymore, because she already likes you.  You can start talking about your job or the weather, and it’s still going to feel sexually charged, and therefore interesting to the girl.

So rather than try to be interesting by having the most interesting things to say, instead hug her within the first minute.  Now you’ve created real sexual tension, and then even the most boring topics will seem interesting to the girl because she’s attracted to you.

A Hug Paves The Way To The Kiss

And by setting the physical groundwork early, it makes it much easier to kiss her later.

If you’ve already touched her from the very beginning, kissing her becomes a natural extension of the physical escalation.

In fact, I’ve got a killer sequence of physical moves that you want to make on a girl in an exact order.  And this sequence of physical moves makes the girl go INSANE.

It works on any girl, unless she’s terribly in love with her boyfriend.  But even then, it will get her thinking of you that night.

You also want to combine the physical moves sequence with specific covert lines that tap into her female instinct triggers.

That’s all WAY too much to write out here, but you can watch how it all works in this video (simply click the link below to watch).

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It’s better to watch that video right now, or otherwise you’ll likely miss out on dating the girls you really crave after.  That’s what happened to me; I was too complacent about learning this stuff, and I didn’t get laid until my 20s as a result.

Fortunately, these moves allow me to date girls in their early 20s, even though I’m 40 years old myself.  In fact, the more I learn, the prettier girls I keep dating.

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P.S. I forgot to mention that this video is for MEN’s eyes only!

In the first 2 minutes I’m going to spill the beans on some new attraction tech I’ve learned this year, and it’s a bit controversial.  I don’t want to get hate mail from any of my female fans.  Please only watch if you’re really going to use it.

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