The 6 Traits the Most Attractive Men ALL Possess

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be supremely attractive?

You walk into a room, and all the girls turn their heads in unison to get a good look at you.

And you simply pick your favorite girl… who is almost nervous to be talking to you.

Sounds like a fantasy?

Well, there’s a couple of common traits that all wildly attractive men possess… traits that allow these men to pretty much get any girl they want.

And I’m revealing 6 of those common traits right now.

#1: Attractive Men Have Pre-Selection

When women see you hanging out with other women, or they see you with other women on your social media, it’s the equivalent of you growing a small little waist and very large breasts.

It communicates to women that you’re not a weirdo, that you’re not a serial killer, that you’re not a loser.

When you have other pretty girls around you, that’s all the information she needs to make a snap judgment that you are supremely attractive.

#2: Attractive Men Always Take the Lead

Does she see you leading and steering the conversation?

Is your voice loud and projecting?

Are you physically escalating?

Are you taking her by the hand and leading her around?

Are you leading in such a way that you get the girl reacting to you?

These are all elements of leading and make the girl’s heart beat fast for you.

#3: Attractive Men Actively Create Sexual Tension

A woman wants to feel that man-to-woman connection that goes beyond merely friend-to-friend.

That can be done with a compliment.

That can be done with physical touch.

That can be done in the sub-communication and how you look at her up and down with your eyes, or how you smile at her.

#4: Attractive Men Are Unreactive

Are you able to hold your composure, and just remain that cool and friendly guy in front of that really pretty girl?

When a girl throws a congruence test at you, do you remain cool and relaxed in the face of it?

Or do you get needy in front of a pretty girl?

Do you start acting weird and nervous?

Do you start reacting to the girl’s lead?

Be the man that can remain relaxed and unreactive. That is extremely attractive to girls.

#5: Attractive Men Talk With Passion

A woman wants to see that you’re doing something with your life and going somewhere.

This doesn’t mean you have to be rich.

She just wants to see that you talk about whatever you’re doing with passion, that you have interests, that you have a direction because that at least shows you have potential.

She wants to see you’re dressed well because dressing well mimics the look of a man that has enormous resources at his fingertips.

She wants to see that you have clean hygiene because that would be a man who has resources at his disposal.

#6: Attractive Men Are Positive In This Way

Smiling. Laughing. Being playful.

Not taking yourself too seriously.

When you display physical signs of happiness, it’s a powerful signal that you are successful in life.

It’s a powerful signal that you are mentally and physically healthy.

And when you pull all six of these factors together, you stand out from 99% of the other guys.  You can literally have your pick of the girls.

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