How To Touch A Woman Friend To Get Her Horny In 3 Minutes Flat – Your Complete Guide

I want to talk about how to initiate touch with a woman in a social party, at a bar, at a club, in any kind of party or nightlife situation, in a manner to generate HARD attraction with her- <strong>and get her horny within 3 minutes flat.

First of all, touching a woman causes her body to release a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin, what it does is increases a woman’s testosterone levels, giving her high sex drive. Oxytocin also causes a woman to feel a powerful bonding feeling with whoever is touching her.

And it creates a desire to be penetrated; a woman spiked with Oxytocin has a sudden desire for intercourse.

So you’re talking to a woman, and even if she’s cold to you at first, a few touches will make her start to feel hot and sexual, literally against her will, because it’s an automatic response women have to touch.

The Reinforcing Sex Hormone Escalation Cycle

And it doesn’t matter where or how much you touch her, even a few small touches on the woman’s arm is enough to release a spike of oxytocin hormones into her body and warm her up to you.

What’s more, the oxytocin hormone gives her the desire to be touched even more, producing yet even more oxytocin, a reinforcing cycle of sex hormone escalation.

So if you keep touching a woman, she’ll quickly get to the point of wanting more and more touches and eventually warm up to penetration and sex.

This Is 10 Times More Powerful on Women Than Men

And here’s the strange but wonderful thing about it; the Oxytocin response is FAR more powerful in women than it is for men.

That’s because Oxytocin affects the brain only in combination with estrogen. Without estrogen, Oxytocin has no effect. And women have far more estrogen in their bodies than men, particularly young women.

I mean, in your experience, have you ever noticed how a girl you were never really attracted to before, one day she touched you on the hand or shoulder and suddenly, suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, blood rushed to your penis or you started to think about her differently, in a more sexual way?

Well, in women, that effect of a touch is literally 10 times more powerful!

A touch turns you from nice guy friend into potential lover instantly.

You can’t underestimate how being touched automatically and universally gets women in the mood for sex, literally and immediately, and for more touching and quickly for and penetration.

The Closest Thing to True “Brainwashing”

Oxytocin also decreases mental processes and impairs memory.  A spike of the hormone brought on by a touch basically takes a woman outside of her head and into the moment.

That’s why hugging a girl will typically defuse and melt away her “bitch shield” or cool her off from an argument; touch breaks her pattern, makes her forget her pain, and changes her state. Hugging a girl can instantly warm her up to you in a purely sexual way.

For all those reasons, it’s why touch is one of the KEYS for generating HARD attraction in women.

Do THIS… or You’ll Lose Her

If she likes you, she thinks you’re awesome, you’re entertaining to her, she will feel light attraction to you. But unless you are touching her, you’re going to FAIL to generate HARD attraction, period, that hard attraction where the girl will literally chase you down.

And look, guys are naturally more physical than women. We’re sportier, we’re about 20% physically larger on average, and physically stronger.

Women are more in touch with their feelings and their feelings quickly change to the surrounding environment.

So it’s natural to stimulate women’s feelings, spiking their sexual hormones, through being masculinely physical.

The Initial Moves You Need To Make

You need to initiate touch right from the beginning, and the second you start talking to her, you should be touching her.

Because the longer you wait, the weirder it will become to start.

So on the first “hello” even, you should be making some physical contact, and escalate it from there.

I’ve got a bunch of physical “triggers” that I like to stack in a particular order… that just makes the girl go INSANE.

It pretty much works on 95% of girls, unless she’s a real prude.

You also want to combine this physical touching stack with tapping into her female instinct triggers.

I don’t have space or time to write it all out here, but you can watch how it all works in this video (just click on the link below to watch).

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Yeah so if you’re sick of being thrown into the “friend zone” or just simply ignored, getting these physical triggers down will be a literal GODSEND.

I know… because I got cast into the friend zone all the time.  I didn’t lose my virginity until age 23 !!!

But as I’ve gotten older (I’m 40 now!) it’s just gotten easier, and easier.  Go watch that video and I’ll show you:

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P.S. The video could be considered rather controversial.  But I’m not a P.C. kind of guy.  There’s plenty of mainstream dating advice out there that just says “be a good guy”.  This video is nothing like that… so if you’re a “white knight”, better leave now!!!!

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