The 8 Things Women Desperately Want in a Man

#1. A VERY Cocky Guy

There’s really no such thing as being TOO cocky. Girls love extreme cockiness.

In fact, the more cocky you feel and the MORE cocky you act… the better.

Your thought loop should be, “Having sex with me is the best thing that could ever happen to a girl. Having sex with me is a GIFT I give to a woman. Because my genetics are the absolute best.  Of course she’s gonna love me.”

#2. He’s Carefree

Girls want a guy who is carefree and free from anxiety.

Where your vibe is, “I don’t have a care in the world. I’m present to the moment. I’m just enjoying this moment right now.  And I love it.”

Cocky and carefree go hand-in-hand because it’s hard to feel and be cocky if you’re weighed down by anxieties.

It’s a rare combination having BOTH carefree and cockiness. That’s a rare man she doesn’t meet often, and it’s literally a hypnotizing magic potion to women.

#3. He’s Dominant

Women want dominance… a man with a dominant energy over them.

Like holding eye contact with her, and not breaking it. Holding your state. Being unreactive.  You don’t turn into an overly excited, gayish, fanboy who is talking too fast and is bouncing off the walls in excitement to meet her.

You don’t get sad and feeling dejected when she throws a congruence test your way.

You’re steady like a rock. You’re like an oak tree with deep roots. You let the girls’ emotions bend around you and react to YOU.

#4. He has Absolute Certainty

You don’t second guess yourself. You don’t second guess your words. And you don’t second guess your moves.

You follow through. When you go up to approach her, you go up to her in a straight line with purpose. You don’t weave around, hesitating, as you go up.

When you’re talking to her and go to make a BOLD move and pick her up, and spin her around, you don’t put your hand around her shoulder like “eh… eh… is this okay? Eh?”

Your actions have absolute certainty behind them, absolute resoluteness, like an unstoppable flowing force.

#5. He’s Able to Impose His Energy Over That of Everyone Else

You can impose your energy and vibe over those of everyone else.

You can go up to a girl feeling carefree and excited with positive, good emotions… and get all her friends feeling that same spark of charged excitement.

Can you feel aroused by the girl and get her feeling that sexual spark.

You’re able to set the tone, set the lead, and set the emotional tenor of the girl’s group.

#6. He’s “Unavailable”

Women like a guy who doesn’t just throw himself at her. Women like a guy who they have to win over. A guy they have to chase approval from.  A guy they feel they could LOSE.

Women LOVE to CHASE a guy.

If you go up to a girl and tell her, “You are absolutely stunning. I want to marry you… let’s go out to dinner tonight,” and you start texting her twenty times a day… then there’s no challenge for her.  There’s no chase for her.  She’s already won you over.  You’re robbing the girl of her favorite thing: of having to chase and win-over a guy.

You should be at least *somewhat* unavailable.  The attitude you should have is, yeah, you like her.  But you’re not 100% sure about her.  You’re not 100% convinced.  You’re busy.  You have other girls.  You have other options.  You’re a scarce commodity.  She could lose you.  “Yeah you’re cute… but beauty is common.  What else have you got going for you?”

#7. He’s Unhindered

Your words and actions flow from you without filters. You’re not shy or second guessing himself. You’re not politically correct.

You’re not thinking, “Should I do this? Or that? Is this appropriate?  Can I get away this this?  I better not say that!”

Your mind is free, your body is loose. You take action and “leap before you look”.

While at the same time, calibrate after the fact and being light on your feet. If she responds poorly to something you do, you’re able to see that, course correct, change tactics, and change direction as needed.

#8. He’s Never Phased

If she says to you, “I don’t like your shirt, it’s weird,” you don’t just crumble and run off to hide in the corner with your tail between his legs in your safe space. You’re not emotionally affected by her jab. You’re not phased.  You just laugh it off, and her little jab has ZERO effect on your state.

When she frame battles with your and challenges you, you don’t shrink. You don’t break eye contact with her. Your hold his ground, steady as before, and aren’t emotionally affected.

All her jabs, challenges, and tests bounce off you.

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