Congratulations! You completed the first steps towards a personal mentorship with Jesse.

Learn what happens next by watching his short video message to you:

Here is what is going to happen next:

1. My team and I will check whether or not you’re a good fit for my mentoring and how we can help you on your journey towards achieving your goals with girls and relationships.

2. My team members will call you at the exact same time that you’ve booked your call at and find out together with you, what your current situation is, what things you want to accomplish and how we can help you with that.

3. If my coach believes in your potential to make it happen, he will present me his overall impressions of you for a final decision, whether you are going to be accepted or not. No matter the outcome, you will get a great feedback from us regarding your situation.

Please note: The application process is open for new applicants for a short time only. So please make sure we can reach you under the phone number you’ve given us!