Seduction Science Billing

Who is Coach Jesse?

Coach Jesse gives you the books and coaching programs to bring beautiful women into your life, primarily through his multi-month program Advanced Monthly Mastermind, where each week new lessons are unlocked, so the program is recurring billing. You’ll be billed per-month while you are actively subscribed to a program or membership.

Why was I charged twice?

Memberships to Advanced Monthly Mastermind will automatically renew monthly until your program has completed or your membership is cancelled.

If you purchased a program or book, you were billed at purchase, and $49 dollars 14 days later to unlock the following weeks of Advanced Monthly Mastermind.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do this, open up a support ticket or give us a call to U.S.A. number 1-504-534-5249.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your membership to Advanced Monthly Mastermind at any time while logged into your Membership Account website account and contacting support, or by opening up a support ticket, or call to U.S.A. number 1-504-534-5249.

What is Seduction Science’s refund policy?

Seduction Science offers a 90-day unconditional refund guarantee on any book or program and all modules of the Advanced Monthly Mastermind. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, let us know you’d like a refund within 90 days of billing, and you’ll receive your refund within 24 hours.