Talk Her Panties Off:

Simple Magic Words that Get Her Hot and Undressed!

Here’s What Is Revealed:

  • 5 simple tricks to keep the conversation going so you never run out of things to say – and be that socially attractive guy girls want to meet. (Page 24)
  • 6 unique topics to talk about that hook the girl and deeply connect with her – within one conversation she’ll feel like you are “The One” (Page 16)
  • 3 opening lines that are proven to work, even on the very prettiest girls – so you can have new dates every week. (Page 13)
  • 4 subtle conversation mistakes you’re making that leave girls feeling bored – and cast you into the friend zone (Page 35)
  • 5 sneaky phrases that covertly turn the girl on – make her feel horny without her knowing why (Page 32)
  • 11 simple questions to ask her that make her feel increasingly aroused – these work on any girl (Page 19)
  • 3 awesome compliments that girls love to get – without making you look needy (Page 38)
  • And much, much more…


About Jesse and Seduction Science

Jesse started coaching over 15 years ago back in 2002. He’s traveled to over 50 countries coaching through South America, Europe, and Asia.

Jesse went through high school as a complete nerd, spending all his time programming video games on his 33Mhz 486 computer. He was terrified of talking to girls.

Starting in 1999, he decided he needed a complete lifestyle overhaul and turned his attention to the inner workings of attraction and social interactions.

Here’s What Students Say About Jesse:


Never Run Out Of Things To Say With Pretty Girls Ever Again!

Jesse reveals his favorite openers, unique topics that keep her talking, clever tricks to avoid awkward silences, as well as sneaky lines and phrases that make her feel aroused.  You can use all these techniques to know exactly what to say to even the prettiest girls…

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