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Getting Rich + More Money = More Girls … A Counterintuitive Approach

…above doing this, covering your outer self in dollar bills or Euros isn’t going to hide the fact that you are lacking underneath to women. It doesn’t turn women on in the same way that dominant, sexual polarity, masculine Fitness Caveman dude will… even if he’s broke. The guy with better “game” … more confidence, more expressive, less reactive, the…

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How Well Do Opinion Openers REALLY Work? Where And When To Use Them

…I created the Deep Inner Game program. It’s 11 CDs for installing the eleven important characteristics you need to succeed, like Confidence, Playfulness, and Flow. All you do is listen to 1 CD for eleven days to reprogram your mind at a deeper level and you’ll see immediate results. Click HERE to download the Deep Inner Game program right now….

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How To Woo Girls With Your Voice Alone – 10 Must-Have Tips

…is Jesse and I am a chump trying really hard to get to know you. I hope you like me because of my clever story.” Why Does Voice Feel Difficult? Now when you go out into the real world to woo girls and you start speaking a few levels louder than everyone else, you speak slowly which conveys confidence, and…

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How To Get Manly Posture: Body Language Guide

…another day, can’t wait for the weekend.” It tells her that you’re probably lacking in self-confidence, that you don’t care enough to take care of your body, that if she did talk to you, you’d be all needy for her, that you’d be all over her for her approval, that you’d call her twenty times a day and try to…

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Testosterone = Get Laid Like A Rockstar With This Crazy Trick

…you confidence, increases your assertiveness, gives you energy, and increases your sexual libido, so you have that sexual drive to work at a higher level and pull the girls that you really want. Testosterone gives you a sexy masculine voice with a loud projecting, downward tonality. More testosterone leads to more muscle mass and better posture. And when you’re lacking…

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