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Hey There, Welcome To Seduction Science!

…letting the moment pass and losing your chance with that girl forever. I know what it feels like to be LONELY, to be deprived of real human touch, thinking about all the hot girls you saw that day that you CAN’T GET. You get frustrated. You’re pissed off. And I spent years of my life like that! Getting nowhere is…

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Cars That Girls Like – How To Impress Girls With Your Car

…owning an expensive car. Core confidence: You are the coolest guy on the planet, and by extension your car is cool too, even if it’s a piece of junk and dirty. Because YOU are so damn cool, that makes your car cool too, because everything you touch is cool. That’s core confidence, almost like a delusional self narcissism. External validation:…

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How To Beat Shittests AND Amplify The Attraction Every Time!

…a little in cold reading, role playing if you like. Keep changing topics to lead the conversation, to keep the girls guessing, and keep them reacting. Also, shamelessly start touch escalation, without permission. Make bold moves, no what-if scenarios… relentless physical contact even if she pretends she isn’t into it. Put your arm around her shoulder. Hug her. Spin her….

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How To Increase Your Confidence Level In 2 Minutes To Approach ANY Girl

…to do and say, they still don’t take any action. They make excuses for staying home, they make excuses for not opening, they make excuses for not touching the girl. So you need to start cultivating a sense of entitlement. That you fucking deserve these girls. That you are fucking awesome. That you’re no longer afraid of your own greatness,…

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Being The Top Pickup Artist Or Best PUA – Why To NOT Develop This Self-Identity

…being the man that brings the good feelings, being the man that brings positive energy naturally radiating from within himself to everyone he touches. Understand that having fun at this, and having your success shoot through the roof, shoot through the stars, means being a man who gives VALUE rather than trying to be a man of “success”. Your Assignment…

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Being Socially Valuable = Attractive to Women

Has this ever happened to you? You attempt to get a girl’s phone number and she’s evasive about it. Or if she gives it to you, when you do call her she doesn’t pickup the phone. And if you do get in touch with her, she’s too busy to meet up with you. Unless you have enough social value to…

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