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Cars That Girls Like – How To Impress Girls With Your Car

…owning an expensive car. Core confidence: You are the coolest guy on the planet, and by extension your car is cool too, even if it’s a piece of junk and dirty. Because YOU are so damn cool, that makes your car cool too, because everything you touch is cool. That’s core confidence, almost like a delusional self narcissism. External validation:…

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My Giant Guide To Talking Dirty And Filthy In Bed, With Examples!

…you visually as well. Like, “Put your finger on your clit and touch yourself as you suck me off woman.” “Look at me as you suck me off.” “Take your tit in your hand and kiss it baby as you take my cock in your mouth.” “Yeah baby, go deep and wet. Slobber on it. Slap that strong cock on…

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