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My Attraction Formula: Momentum=> Entitlement=> Indifference=> Attraction

…are?” Is a great opener just to get the social juices flowing. You can use situational openers, like “Hey what’s up with the red dress. You’re the only one in here wearing the red dress. I like it. What’s your name?” And the conversation is started. Or, “You look bored.” Or “You look lonely.” Those will work too. And as…

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10 Night Club Game Tips To Sleep With The Snotty Hotties

…to be approached and hit on Women expect to socialize, mingle, seek romance. How can we use this: Talk to everyone, be playful, and use “sexual state projected body language”. Touch escalate in clubs, as it is okay within this type of domain. Go up to women and talk, be spontaneous, be playful, be loud, dominate the conversation, dominate their…

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5 Ways To Pump Your State And Make Dating and Pickup Fun Again

…girl in a low key way, strike up a low key conversation, physically escalate, and still generate hard attraction – no state needed. Don’t use pickup to lift your spirits Another problem guys have is trying to use pickup and game to change how they feel. The guy feels inadequate or kind of shitty, and he wants to use pickup…

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Meeting Single Girls At Clubs – 10 Easy Pickup Openers That WORK

…up. Frame #3. Believe that whatever a woman says is just a shit test. Misinterpret it, ignore it if you have to, dominate her logic with your own conversational threads, but more importantly, with your more dominant reality and frame that she wants you. She just needs you to pass her little tests, all women are down for sex. I…

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Why Chivalrous Behavior DOES Get You The Girls

…lot of money to have beautiful women… I need to have a new car to have beautiful women… I need to have this or that skill to have beautiful women… I need to have thick arms and a model’s face to have beautiful women… I need to be the most interesting conversationalist on the planet to have beautiful women… I…

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