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Night Club Pickup Lines

…see that HOT chick over there (point out random girl)- she is really HOT and I would like to approach her, give me some advice” ——————- “Are you girls shy? I’ve been talking to my buddy here for ten minutes and you still haven’t said “hi” to us” ——————- Night club pickup line: “Hey…” wait for her to respond. Then…

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50 Mak Love Sex Tips To Orgasm Pretty Girls

…conveys lust- throw her one as you’re licking and sucking your way down her stomach. Stop and look to meet her eyes Unless her clitoris is engorged with blood, it will be too sensitive to touch directly. Don’t dive in without a little prep work- get her hot first Approach her pussy slowly. Women, even more than men, love to…

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Why Obsessively Crushing On A Girl Is Just Plain Stupid

…to create attraction. And then let her go. DON’T pursue her at all, don’t get a number, just take mental notes of what works well and what doesn’t, so you can use it in future interactions. Which should happen in the same frame – each approach is just practice for the next. Oddly enough, you’ll find that nonchalance has an…

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10 Showcase Skills That Get You Laid With In-Demand Girls

…women, and probably the most important ingredient in any successful approach. But there’s a fine line you tread here – and going from confident to cocky can be a BIG error. We humans aren’t dumb. And one thing most people learn over the years – especially hot women who get an unasked for doctorate in male psychology – is that…

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