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How To Be More Social To Get Girls

…write great doctrines about the wavelength of the light that produces red. But the blind man still doesn’t know what red is. He has no eyes to see it. Likewise, the only way to know sex is to have sex, the only way to know mountain climbing is to start climbing mountains, the only way to know swimming is to…

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Florianopolis, Brazil – “The Best Kept Secret” of South America

…waltz in there expecting to easily get laid. Most of the women are middle-class or well-off, so just being a foreigner alone won’t cut it. You still need to have GAME and the confidence to APPROACH. That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, which I spent YEARS developing in my travels through South America, so that you…

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How to Hook Up With School Girls (And Why It Took So Long)

…They are attracted to INDIVIDUALS, LEADERS, men who aren’t afraid to CHALLENGE them. We’ve been taught to obey people with power. Women hold the key to sex, which equals power, which equals our obeisance. Women HATE that. Not only does it make you WEAK, it makes you BORING. And nothing is worse than boring. Plus, when we start to get…

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