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2 Unique Tricks For Confidence With Women

…with good body language, good vocal tonality, good eye contact. You’re going to nice, chilled, relaxed, you’re going to make the girl feel comfortable, and that is so rare to find in a guy. You’re going to blow out your competition. That’s why you cannot set her standards so high because you can very easily set yourself apart. If you…

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Good Opinion Openers For Easy Macking and No Rejections

…for her opinion, it was nice to meet you but you have to go now to speak to another friend of yours. Eject in other words. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself to follow up with a conversation. Approach, open, and leave. Remember also to have a playful attitude when you open, along with powerful body language and voice tonality….

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Hot Babe at Pool… How To GET Her!

…awesome body, her smile, and how she’s happy and laughing. Your emotions are going crazy. You feel on edge that you absolutely have to talk to this girl. *Something* has to be done. Your heart is beating faster and you will NOT take this lying down! You stand up and pace back and forth… what are you going to do??…

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Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’ – 7 Point Formula

…2. The hook phase. #1. Pre-attract Her Clothes, social proof, body language, etc. You must calibrate your social value to the set before you even open your mouth. A lot of guys shoot themselves in the foot before they even open their mouths and get blown out, simply on nonverbals. If you are going to open a 10, you must…

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How Elvis Gets The Girl (Video)

…his cave. He’s not concerned about her reaction. 4. He even gets her name wrong, but it doesn’t affect his state. He’s not concerned about saying ‘the right thing’. 5. His unbending, laser eye contact and ‘I don’t give a ****’ relaxed body language. The Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program teaches you these 5 principles of sexual intent, touch, persistence,…

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