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Opening Lines to Meet Women- Making Observation Questions

…woman’s body language to see if she’s receptive. Ignore that. You’ll quickly realize none of it matters. And don’t get wound up about what to say next. Do your question, say it was nice to meet you, and then leave. It’s okay to ask a question and then not say anything else afterward. If you feel you must say something…

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Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

…you guys ever get a word in edge wise?” “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” “I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…” “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of…

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Attraction Is NOT A Choice – Here’s Why

…long gone now. But at the time, I felt much more receptive to her. You’ll want to do the same with women – trigger their limbic brain through nonverbal cues like smiling, body language, touching them, leading them, and being dominant. Touch off the right triggers, and women will have NO choice to be attracted to you, in the same…

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Why Chivalrous Behavior DOES Get You The Girls

…HIM. So he acts conservative about what he says and does so as to please the woman and not risk in any way offending her… leading him to act stiff and wooden with sweaty palms and wet armpits… making him even more nervous and uncomfortable – which the girl can sense through subtle body language and voice signals… making HER…

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