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Telling Your Friends About Pickup And Girls

…I want a girl just to like me for myself.” They’ll rationalize a million different reasons to protect their ego, and that kind of goes the same with most things in life. Most people will rationalize why they won’t go to the gym. They’ll rationalize why they don’t travel. They’ll rationalize why they don’t start a business or climb the…

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40 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Effortlessly

…– talk about travel, the beach, your road trip, spelunking, skydiving, anyplace outside of her boring reality Learn to read women’s palms- it’s good for 5 minutes of discussion time and a great way to touch her hands As a brain teaser, have a girl tell you how many 9s are in 100 (by the way, the answer is 20-…

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The Ultimate Men’s Guide To Smelling Sexy

Your mind is wired in such a way that smell sensations travel from the nose directly to the limbic brain, the same limbic brain responsible for emotional experiences including lust and ecstasy… or disgust. There’s a direct connection. You smell something and the brain responds and makes judgments immediately, before you’ve even cognitively realized what you’re smelling. Now, I know…

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Why Mark Anthony Had Sex Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Back

…Hansen and spending many of your days and nights alone on the road, you’ll have your fair share of opportunities to bang young women. The moral of the story? If you’re good looking, wealthy, and traveling… stay single and have your fun! And if you get married, remember you’re putting yourself at risk – of acting on your reptilian brain…

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How To End Online Addiction Once And For All!

…preferably where you’re pursuing relationships at the same time. Real fun makes you feel recharged and energized, real fun oxygenates your blood and your body and makes your brain active and feel alive, not hollow and screwed up like passive entertainments like television and the Internet does. Getting out into nature, working out, playing sports, getting a massage, traveling to…

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