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50 Mistakes Nice Guys Make To Get A Girl You Want

…jealous and needy. Just keep your cool Women love a man who is stable, powerful and decisive… but chivalrous. Wussy men who always kiss ass are none of these Compliments when said powerfully, congruently, relaxed, with eye contact, with a smile, and with no apology floor a woman off her feet If you compliment a woman simply to win her…

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Be The Dominant Man – 10 Tips To Get A Girl With Dominance

…can mean taking up extra space, projecting your voice over others and being loud, or being comfortable touching other people. Dominance can mean making piercing, intensive eye contact and holding it. Dominance can mean leading the conversation, cutting off threads that are not going in the direction you want, not caring of what she thinks or her approval. Dominance can…

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My Nonverbal Sexual Cues And Alpha-Male Body Language Tips

…low self-esteem – it’s like you have to get it done before some stronger guy comes along to stop you. It’s like the beta wolves trying to feed before the alpha wakes up and wants more – complete with herky-jerky looks to check for his approach. Nonverbal sexual cues runs deep. When you make eyecontact and drop it first. Oh…

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Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

…you guys ever get a word in edge wise?” “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” “I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…” “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of…

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Use Freeze Out Game To Get A Girl Naked In Your Bed

…Avoid eye contact. Go to the next room. Start reading a magazine. Start watching television. Go to the bathroom. Contrast suddenly and abruptly your sexual, playful, aggressive, fun nature to that of one that’s cold – so that she can FEEL the difference in mood from day to night at the pit of her stomach like a cold bucket of…

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