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Vienna, Austria – How Hot Are The Girls? My Review!

…they’re not really trying to work on their posture, go to gym. So, you know, they just don’t look super attractive in that sense either. Also if you like girls with breasts or hips or butts, a little waist and popping hips, that kind of thing, you’re not really going to find that in Vienna. Granted when I was there,…

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Advanced Qualifying Girls – A New Way To Get Hot Girls Chasing You

…First, make a list of what you’d like to find in a woman besides her looks. Write down a list of everything you’d ideally want a girl to have that you would date. For example your list could be, She likes to hit the gym. She doesn’t smoke. She is a positive person. She likes to read. She speaks another…

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5 Ways To Pump Your State And Make Dating and Pickup Fun Again

…going to the gym and having a good workout with the blood coursing through your veins will make you feel that starburst state, and make the rest of your day feel great and put a smile on your face. Or take dancing. Dancing involves laughing, dancing involves smiling faces, friendly voices, meeting new people, and the possibility of sex. Dancing…

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Why Your Needs Are More Important Than Women’s Needs In Relationships

…companionship in what you enjoy doing, whether it’s going to the beach, or going to the gym, or watching movies, or playing games, or having her go to clubs with you and meet more girls, or whatever it is you enjoy doing most. #3. Physical Attractiveness The third most important need of men from a woman is Physical attractiveness. The…

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Leggy Women.. Pictures and Tips To Dating Long-Legged Models

…is wear heels and micro-skirt, and she’ll STILL be able to turn heads. A disciplined weight lifting regimen can keep a woman’s legs looking hot-hot-hot even through her 50’s That only works though is she maintains her leg’s muscle mass. That means hitting the gym with heavy weight training, or doing other exercises like Pilates. So if you’re dating a…

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Get Any Girl With The Evolutionary Pressure Method!

…a job, having some food, having a woman there maybe, but you need to put the evolutionary pressure on yourself because the environment is not going to do it. So every day, you have to push your comfort zone a little bit by going to the gym for example and tracking what you’re lifting and pushing it a little bit…

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