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Hot Babe at Pool… How To GET Her!

…wearing her gym clothes there in the cereal aisle. She glances at you, and feels your energy. She’s not even that hot, but you just want to overpower her. You want to EXPRESS your energy and allow her to feel the fucking FURY of the beast inside you. You don’t even care about what she’ll think. You’re as far away…

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3 Hottie Porn Stars You May Have Overlooked

…I like about this chick is that she’s young with a hard tight body as if she does nothing but Olympic gymnastics all day. She’s also unabashedly dirty as only a Brazilian can be, and not only makes out and tongues down her male stars, she has that “can’t explain it vibe” of being totally into the freaky group sex…

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How To Get A Hot Girlfriend, Guaranteedā€¦ Build One

…a state of internal focus and self-talk. You won’t get a hot girlfriend that way. After all, you can take a dorky-looking nerdy college girl that no one would give a second look, dress her up in a $1,000 dress, give her a professional hairstyling, professional make-up, heels and three months of gym training, and with an entourage of three…

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Why Women Cheat On Men And How To KEEP A Beautiful Girlfriend or Wife!

…and most men have little interest in having a woman go to a gym. These men typically seek women of high value through fantasy, adult films, strip clubs, or eyeing other women. At the same time, they’re insecure about having their own woman have higher sexual value. If their own woman was glammed up, wearing heels, a sexy dress, makeup,…

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Hey There, Welcome To Seduction Science!

…šŸ˜Ž An apartment on the beach… Big muscles… So I moved into a swank apartment on the beach, started raking in cash with a nice programming job. I hit the gym every day, and I got ripped. A 5 minute walk to the beach led to crowds of young girls frolicking in bikinis in the sand, so there was lots…

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5 Ways To Pump Your State And Make Dating and Pickup Fun Again

…going to the gym and having a good workout with the blood coursing through your veins will make you feel that starburst state, and make the rest of your day feel great and put a smile on your face. Or take dancing. Dancing involves laughing, dancing involves smiling faces, friendly voices, meeting new people, and the possibility of sex. Dancing…

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