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How To Palm Read Girls To Get Laid – Jesse’s Ultimate Guide!

…spirituality aren’t you.” To make “Are you an artist?” a qualifying question, look at her, squint your eyes slightly and ask her the question in a suspicious, fun way. Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Just see what happens. Don’t get caught up in the outcome. The skill is what’s important here. You don’t even have to say you read…

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Not Getting Dates? 10 Ways To Break Through Your Sex Plateaus

…just a very average looking guy, as long as you smile, make eye contact, say hello, neutral tonality, accept yourself, trust in your own actions, touch the girl a little, riff and vibe, come across as generally chill and normal, and you are social with everybody like that, you’ve separated yourself from 99% of the other guys. That’s all you…

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How To Speak With Impact To Cute Girls

…sustainable is you want to be coming from a place of entitlement but you also want to be slowing your words down, so your words are sticking like molasses. Pregnant Pauses You’re taking these pregnant pauses. You’re coming from this place of being chilled and calm and centered, and you’re kind of moving deliberately and you’re making good eye contact

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