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How Elvis Gets The Girl (Video)

…night, but he’s not in any set very long because he bails so quickly. Maybe he feels good about opening, but in reality he was nowhere close to getting laid because he didn’t stick with the set and plow through to the end. If you break like this, the woman will notice instantly that she controls your feelings and she…

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10 Tips To Meet New Girls For Sex With Your Girlfriend’s Happy Approval

…love and watch movies while we scrapbook,” just to get laid. This backfires as far as emotional control. Don’t set her expectations that ANY PART of your future relationship will be anything but an adventure into the unknown and risqué world of pushing boundaries. NO perception of commitment = emotional control #3. Avoid Too Much Kissing Kissing is a great…

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Trying To Impress Girls? Stop It! Why Confident Men EXPRESS

…Principle Mullins. But you won’t get laid if you’re like that inside. Now take a look at Jack Black. The guy is freely expressive and in the moment, almost to the point of self-delusion. He does a cool conversation “routine” but it’s spontaneous and in the moment so it comes off as genuine and authentic. He’s not after the children’s…

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Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’ – 7 Point Formula

…hanging off of our arms. How? I gave the 10 a finger and this baited her to open me. See this type of stuff immediately conveys that you must be getting laid because who disqualifies themselves like this. NO one!!! Only a real alpha male who is already getting girls, socially proofed through the roof. That’s how you quickly attract…

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10 Night Club Game Tips To Sleep With The Snotty Hotties

…exciting than what the women are stimulated by currently. You need to be more sexual than the next man. Own the place. Talk to everyone: big mafia guys, corporate guys, wannabe playa’s, fat chicks, ugly chicks, hotties, models, etc. Merge them, split them, play with them. Just be a fun, playful social guy who doesn’t need to get laid. Imagine…

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Advanced Qualifying Girls – A New Way To Get Hot Girls Chasing You

…Reason #2 And number two, you’re giving the girl reasons that you like her for more than just wanting sex. Like if you can get her to qualify to you that she’s a good cook, then she’ll think that you like her for more reasons than just that you want to get laid with her. Which is good. The problem:…

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