Imagine you're at a bar. Which of these 4 options represents the best sequence of emotions to create in a girl?

Imagine you're at a bar, and you spot a man and a woman together. If you want to find out if she's single or if they're a couple, which is best:

Imagine you use a cheesey pickup line on a girl and she replies, "So do you say that line to ALL the girls you meet??" What's the best way to answer her:

Imagine you spot a pretty girl at the bookstore with her nose in a book. Which of these opening lines would most likely get you the BEST results with her:

You hit it off with a girl at a bar, and you jump into a taxi/Uber together to go back to your place. While inside the car you should:

What mindset will generally get you the BEST results with girls:

To build sexual tension with a girl, which of these are your BEST option:

Imagine you're at a bar talking to a hot girl. She says nothing back and just looks at you with a flat "too cool for school" expression. What should you do next:

The BEST place to take a girl on a first date is:

When you go up to a girl to say hello, in those first three seconds you should:

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