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How to Quickly Date Younger, Hotter Girls

…Even If You Suffer from The Nice Guy Syndrome

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What You Will Discover:

  • How to turn your career and experience into a younger woman’s ultimate “turn on”
  • The 3 traits about “older guys” that women secretly desire (and how to make her feel you have them)
  • The 5 places to meet younger women where your older age works in YOUR favor.
  • How to avoid the “friend zone”, and yet still be her mentor.
  • How to avoid the 3 big mistakes 99% of older guys make that scare younger women away.
  • What to say to become her “older guy fantasy” she’s always imagined meeting.
  • The 10 effective ways to get a younger woman chasing your approval, and your wisdom and experience.
  • 4 simple ways to make a younger woman laugh – disarming her, and putting her at ease
  • How to subtly communicate to her that dating you can bring her a far better life
  • How to create sexual sparks and give her “the tingles” without ever being overtly sexual… in a way that she’s turned on and not “Creeped out”
  • How to blow a younger woman’s mind with just a few simple phrases

About Coach Jesse

Coach Jesse’s advice reaches tens of thousands of men, all over the world.

For over 20 years (since 2002), Jesse has personally coached thousands of students in seminars and bootcamps in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Colombia, Brazil, and the list goes on- demonstrating how to make a beautiful, younger woman fall head-over-heels in love with an older man, in just a simple, single conversation.

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